Simantics: All Around the Town

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I really don’t know where to begin with this picture, so I’ll just leave it as it is.

I think the guy in fuzzy slippers complaining about the dog is a paparazzi.

Andria proves she’s a nature fae yet again when she reaches through a stone wall to capture a light beetle outside the alchemy store.

Yup. Edmund tried to fix the stereo.

Abby can’t reach Winston’s bake stand in the theater because of a bar stool in the bookstore.

(Actually, there was a problem with the placement of the bookstore rabbithole rug that seemed to affect routing on the entire lot. I did eventually figure it out, and things got much nicer.)

This is what the smartphones from University look like in my game. Does this happen to anyone else?

Stray dog follows Abby to her wedding, but has some problems getting there.

Edmund decides to have a slice of Dad for Victoria’s birthday.

Gamora has trouble with a local LLAMA.

Random picture of Sasha Saunders, daughter of Beatrice Saunders and William Pierce (read: Buffy Summers and Spike). As far as I can tell, she’s a complete clone of Bea.

Here are Tomas Sample-Royale’s sort-of twins with Joanne Bookabet. I believe the one right is Janice, Rosalie Weaver’s girlfriend. The other one is Kari. They’re both teens in this picture, and they’re taking Janice and Rosalie’s never-should-have-existed twins to the park.

And we close with Sharon Leonard (daughter of Spock) and her husband, Dexter — My simself’s son! They have almost identical coloring, but thank goodness are not related.

Oh, wait what went wrong here?

Sharon’s getting out of here.

Avalon Gossip Column:

Jean Reacher has been promoted to Spice Runner!

Aminali Ibari’s son Danial graduated high school and followed in her footsteps as an actor. She’s making sure he gets some pretty good parts.

Chaim has been promoted to Desk Jockey! For a randomly-generated service sim, he seems to be well suited as a police officer.

I should have used this one in the story someplace. Chaim knows how to party.

Abby should have had one too. In the future, now that I’m comfortable with temporarily adding sims into my household, I may add do that to throw someone close to the family a bachelor(ette) party.

Chaim and Abby also adopted a little furry companion.

I think that’s a small dog, but it could be a cat. I hope Connery isn’t too jealous.

Asriel Bookabet is a grandfather! His son Timothy and Timothy’s husband, Sherman Ursine-Bookabet, had a baby girl named Priscilla.

Here she is!

Actually, I think that’s a picture of a boy, but I know it’s a kid of Timothy and Sherman’s. So I guess they have two kids.

Sherman apparently never gave his whole heart to Timothy, though. He never got over that one time in high school when Dion Callender dumped him for Abby Sample. He still stalks Dion in secret.

Asriel Bookabet’s still kicking, though. He has a torrid affair going on with Sam Pistachio. He has to be over 90 at this point.

Xia’s son Stanley Marmalade found true love with Jody Ursine-Sample (who is, I’m pretty sure, Adjo Sample’s grandson). Within days of confessing their love to each other, they went and made a baby — a little boy unfortunately named Chauncey.

Things didn’t go so well with Manisha and her roommate Eloy.

When she found herself homeless, Manisha conveniently fell in love with the elderly widow Charlotte Stemple and moved in with her. If you’re not playing the home game, then it’s worth knowing that Charlotte in the immaculately conceived Chinese love child of my flagship sim, Charles Sample. (i.e. StoryProgression auto-generated a Chinese citizen by mixing Charles’s genes with a local.)

Sean Flynn’s husband Lionel was fired from organized crime. It’s not clear whether Forest or Sean did the firing, but his “performance” (hur hur) was clearly insufficient.

I’m going to guess it was Sean who fired him.

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  1. Yeah, there is a LOT of strangeness going on in that first sleeping bag picture. Sims! I see that Manisha is just as personable when interacting on SP as when in person with Sawyer!

  2. Manisha's traits are not terribly offensive, but she certainly seems to be a selfish jerk in my game. Sawyer's good to be rid of her. He and Emily are adorable.

    I love my town. These posts are a fun way to share it :).

  3. I'm glad you laughed! 🙂

    For whatever reason, I think my favorite is Gamora the sad clown. It's just so out-of-character for her. I laughed when it happened in game.

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