6.43 Potions

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Dylan was starting to feel limited by his own nectar-making equipment. Nectaring took a lot of time, and he could only work with one fruit combination at a time.

Eventually, he decided to approach Fawn Rockwell, the proprietress of the local nectary, to see if he could make use of some of their on-site equipment.

Fawn was a shrewd businesswoman, and she didn’t let him make use of her nectar makers for free. But she did quote him a more than fair price to use the things when they weren’t committed elsewhere.

Nectaring requires hours of work and patience. He and Fawn struck up conversation in the downtime. Their common interest in nectaring was a starting point, but it turned out they had a whole lot more to talk about.

Meanwhile, Andria was also letting the lines blur between her career and personal life.

Now that the cold weather had left most her garden dormant, she spent more time at the Curiosity Shop. It had a new proprietor, Manu, who quickly became a good friend.

Connery still went out hunting and brought back all sorts of strange things. The question of where he found the concrete fire hydrant was second only to how he managed to get it home.

Judith Culp was the first of Victoria’s school friends to have a birthday.

She held it at the beach clubhouse, despite the cold. Vickie couldn’t have been happier.

They spent the entire party hogging the karaoke machine until they drove everyone else away.

This was a new chapter in a beautiful friendship.

Gamora suddenly had a world of space to use for her own purposes. She had plenty of schemes to fill it.

Since her father had set up a lab on the third floor, she grabbed the second floor office next to her bedroom and took it as her own lab.

Her chemistry experiments looked promising.

Though every experiment had a certain chance of failure.

Fortunately, she had a great way to work off the tension.

And a father who helped her do it.

Actually, the video game system was one of the biggest sources of strife in their new household.

When he wasn’t working, Sawyer often wanted to kick her out of the living room so that he could play video games that he didn’t consider “child appropriate.” 

Gamora thought that was absurd, and she didn’t keep it a secret.

To get private revenge, she downloaded pirated versions of her dad’s games to the office computer and beat them before he did.

Sometimes, on her way to bed, she’d find that Sawyer had gamed himself to sleep.

Being that there was no one else, it was her job to pull him off the sofa, dust him off, and send him to bed.

It wasn’t always clear who was the parent in this relationship.

Sawyer was feeling younger in more obvious ways.

That evening at the Faux Paw Dog Park started something intense with Dr. Emily Doctor. The two of them went out several times a week. Sawyer found himself visiting places in Avalon he had never known, or cared, existed before — like the bowling alley.

They met at the bowling alley one evening. It was Emily’s idea, of course.

They began the evening with a rousing game of Synesthesia. It was immediately clear why Emily wanted to come here. She was an old pro at this game, and she stomped Sawyer in no time.

“I’ve never met a woman with such amazing eye-hand coordination,” Sawyer said afterward.

Emily laughed. “You say the sweetest things.”

Abby was incredibly curious about Sawyer’s new gal. When he told her he was going to a date to the bowling alley, she just couldn’t resist making an excuse to be there herself.

She did her best to be inconspicuous. It wasn’t too hard, at least until the paparazzi invaded, and she had to leave.

After that, they tried their hand on a different kind of hand-eye coordination.

Sawyer was pretty disgusted by his performance.

But not half as disgusted as Emily.

“All right,” Emily said. “Let me show you how it’s done!”

Sawyer couldn’t stop laughing.

“All right. All right,” Emily conceded. “I deserved that.”

Under the black lights of the bowling alley, Emily looked into Sawyer’s eyes and reached out to take his hands. It was the first time they touched. Sawyer was suddenly terrified. He had to force himself not to pull away.

“Sawyer Sample,” Emily said. “Where have you been all my life?”

“Making some very big romantic mistakes, apparently,” Sawyer said.

Emily raised an eyebrow. “Do you think this is another mistake?” she asked.

“It feels great,” Sawyer said, “but I’m a very poor judge of character.”

“We can take it slow,” Emily said. She squeezed his hand.

Sawyer squeezed back and smiled nervously at her.


Judith Culp is a former papergirl. I turned off Homeless Management in NRaas
StoryProgression, and I couldn’t be happier. Either EA fixed most of the bugs that generate extra homeless to stuff your town, or something else is keeping them from happening. I’m using settings on Register (I think) that generate service and role sims from genetics in the town and the sim bin, so they’re a nice source of extra genetics. When one of my actives develops a relationship with one, I usually move them into town. Judith is now the ward of Patrick Watchmaker, schoolteacher and formerly the Second Doctor. (See, I’m never going to use Doctor as a surname again ;-).)

I just love Emily’s face. She kind of looks like the Wicked Witch of the West, but in a good way. My hand-picked gene pool is producing some great faces. I highly recommend seeding the population with celebrity simselves — sims designed to look like an existing person have the most unusual genetics. All sims don’t have to look alike!

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  1. It will be fun to see what success Dylan might have now with his new nectary use. It sounds like you need to be able to mix multiple kinds to get the best results?

    Abby is just so glamorous all the time. It was fun seeing her pop up at the bowling alley. And I'm so happy for Sawyer, finding Emily Doctor! They sure seem to be getting along great. And I agree, she has a really cool face, not just like the usual game-generated Sims 3 faces.

    The pictures of Victoria and Judith are so much fun; karaoke was always one of my favorite things to watch in Sims 2.

  2. I think the Nectar Making skill is too complex to be practical. You input your skill level + the quality of the produce + the hidden values of the produce you choose. The output is a single quality value (Good, Excellent, Perfect) and a price. You're also told when the nectar is complete a *different* quality value — Pretty Good, Amazing, etc., but if you don't record that separately, the information is lost, because you don't see it if you roll over the nectar bottle later. PLUS, the hidden values of the produce are calculated by some mystery equation such that if 2 apples + 8 plums yields an Excellent nectar, 3 apples + 7 plums might yield a Terrible one. 10 produce items make one batch of nectar, and no recipe values tells you anything about what another recipe value might yield.

    No wonder Dylan was still producing nauseating nectar at Nectar Making 7 with all-perfect produce.

    I finally gave up and downloaded a mod that calculates the best nectar combination from the produce you have in inventory. This is not entirely satisfactory, and it's cheaty. But sheesh!

    Abby has been showing up everywhere. I love it! And I had no idea how awesome the karaoke machine until Vickie rolled that wish to sing with Judith.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Huh, interesting -Sawyer has already met another woman. (Since I just read the chapter in which he met Aminali, this was very sudden for me 😉 ) I'm not sure what to make of her, so I'm going to hold back with any further comments, but she may turn out interesting. Her facial features definitely are!

  4. Sawyer had his first date with Emily Doctor in chapter 6.37, Forever Yours (http://sims3sample.blogspot.com/2015/06/637-eternally-faithful.html). She asked him out on a date, but she was his best friend from their work interactions before I ever played him talking to her. She's a weird sim, but so is Sawyer. I think they are soulmates.

    Emily was at Abby's wedding, but she only stayed long enough to cut the cake, so Sawyer couldn't interact with her.

  5. Oh, really? I must have forgotten about that, sorry. Will go and re-read that particular chapter now 😉 That are the perks of catching up after having taken a break of reading for a while…I forget characters.^^ Thanks for reminding me that they had known each other before! 🙂

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