6.44 Tricks and Sweeties

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It was that time of year again. Dylan was filling up the yard with jack-o-lanterns.

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At Sawyer and Gamora’s house, it was just another day. If Sawyer even knew it was a holiday, he never mentioned it.

It was a day off school and work, though, and they had a very productive morning together.

Now that Sawyer and Gamora had moved out, all of Dylan and Andria’s kids could have their own room. Winston took over Abby’s old room, which Sawyer had been sleeping in before he left.

Spooky Day was a day for stuffing yourself with sweets, wasn’t it? Winston was prepared!

When she went outside to photosynthesize, Gamora got a call from Vickie, inviting her to join her cousins at the Autumn Fair. She decided to give it a try.

She told Sawyer about the invitation and invited him to join her. He grunted.

At the festival, Winston set up his bake sale.

Andria let Dylan’s half-brother Stephan pretend to tell her fortune. She didn’t have the heart to tell him that she knew some real divination.

Abby tried out some roller skates.

While Chaim was scared ghostly in the haunted house.

Gamora decided to try bobbing for apples.

It turned out to be a lot of fun.

She didn’t need to breathe the same as an ordinary human, so winning turned out to be easy.

Victoria bought a snack from the treat vendor.

Glazed doughnut. Yum.

After lunch, Gamora got a surprising call from her father.

“Did you know today is Spooky Day?” he demanded.

“I told you before I left,” Gamora said.

“Emily Doctor is throwing a costume party. I’ll be at her house.”

“Oh!” Gamora said. “The Autumn Festival is kind of childish. I’ll find a costume and join you.”

Sawyer didn’t have any idea for a costume, so he grabbed an old EMT uniform from the hospital.

He made a beeline to the back yard, where Emily was entertaining her guests.

Gamora found a very interesting fellow passed out on the porch.

He seemed to radiate a wicked glow. Gamora had never felt so drawn to someone in her life.

“Hello,” she said. “My name is Gamora Sample. Who are you?”

The figure chuckled, revealing viciously sharp canines. “Believe it or not, I know who you are,” he said.

“Really?” Gamora asked. “I know I’m a scientific phenomenon. Are you into stuff like that?”

“Actually, it’s much more personal than that,” said the menacing figure. “You see, my name is Forest Sample.”

She looked at him with widening eyes.

In the back yard, Sawyer and Emily were gazing helplessly into each other’s eyes.

“I thought you’d never get here,” Emily crooned.

“I came as fast as possible for an unaugmented human,” Sawyer said.

“Wait, I thought she was here with me!” Gerard Ursine-Sample and Corina Shepherd exclaimed together.

“I can’t bear to watch this. Can’t you two get a room?”

Forest and Gamora, already fast friends, commented on the drama from the safety of the porch.

“This is so much more fun than bobbing for apples,” Gamora confided.

Back at the Autumn Festival, the pies were out, and the contestants were in place.

“Ready!” shouted the ref.

“I already think I’m going to be sick,” Judith whispered to Victoria.


“Too late now!” Victoria chirped, grinning wickedly at her best friend.

“How did I let you talk me into this?” Judith groaned.


Sawyer worked up his nerve and stole a kiss.

Emily was delighted.

“I bet you a hundred simoleons that he asks her to be his girl,” Gamora said.

“No bet,” Forest said.

“Emily, I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel as comfortable as you do,” Sawyer said.  “Would you consider a long-term commitment?”

“I would love to be your girlfriend!” Emily said.

Gamora couldn’t stop laughing.

Andria surfaced for air.

“I can’t see!” Dylan said.

“My face is stuck in this pie!” Victoria slurred.

“I surrender,” Andria said. “If I eat another bite, I am going to be sick.”

“And the winner is, Judith Culp!”

“Take that, Vickie,” Judith said triumphantly.
“I’m still stuck in this pie!” Victoria protested.
Andria and Dylan just groaned.

Afterward, they all cleaned up for their family picture. Well, almost everyone cleaned up.

After dusk, Forest became more comfortable leaving the porch. Gamora was much more comfortable around adults than childish children. Everyone appreciated her intellect.

She told a scary story she read once about the ghost of a vengeful pharaoh. All the adults were riveted.

Afterward, they couldn’t stop telling her how cute she was. It wasn’t the reaction she was going for, but she’d take it.

“Come here, sis!” Edmund said. “I’ve been practicing something, and I want to try it out!”

“Wait!” Victoria cried. “What are you –“


“Hey, wait!”

“That felt pretty good!”

“It ought to,” Edmund said. “It’s a good luck charm. You ought to study some magic yourself.”

Winston finally abandoned his bake sale — profit was reasonable, though not great — and bobbed for apples with Aunt Abby.

It was worth being outside for a little while to spend time with family, or so he told himself.

He turned out to be pretty good at apple-bobbing.

Everyone decided to head home about the same time. Sawyer knew what would be waiting for him at the Sample Estate.

Andria was cooking again. It was salmon, not the usual Feast Party fare, but who would be complaining?

Abby brought dessert.

The extended family crowded around the table to celebrate good company and good food.

Even Uncle Stanley, Abby’s half-brother

and Cousin Gina Sample-Baerwyn came.

The adults shared family stories. Bonehilda cleaned up.

The youth got ready for the most important part of the evening.

“How do I look?” Victoria asked.

“Way too nice for a Trick-or-Treat costume,” Edmund said. “Are you sure you’re not sneaking out for a date?”

“Of course not, silly. I’m going with Judy and Winston. Aren’t you coming?”

“No,” Edmund said. “Dressing up like a monster isn’t really my thing.” He didn’t want to admit that half of his class at school were already spreading rumors that he was a monster.

“Are you ready to go?” Winston demanded.

Judith met them outside.

While the kids were out, Dylan and Sawyer handled candy duty at home.

Some of the neighbors came to the door in costume. That was a costume, wasn’t it?

Whatever the case, William Pierce’s candy was very good.

By curfew, everyone was home and stuffed with too much sweets. That’s the way the day should go.


This was the first time I actually tried trick-or-treating. It was a great big glitch fest. The kids kept forgetting they were trick-or-treating, losing the the interactions on their menu, and switching back to their everyday outfits. This was the only successful trick-or-treat action they managed.

I strongly suspect that the NRaas mods are doing something here to screw up the flow of the EA stuff. I need to get around asking on the NRaas boards about it.

I love the Seasons holidays so much. I tried to do EVERYTHING for Spooky Day this time. It was fun, but SO MUCH STUFF.

Gamora and Forest are best friends. They were best friends before Emily’s costume party, and as far as I know, this is the first time they’ve ever met. I have no idea where that relationship came from. It makes sense, though. They’re both Evil Geniuses :). Actually, Gamora does not have the Genius trait, but most of her wishes have centered around the Logic skill. It makes sense, considering her upbringing.

I’m very pleased with the way Stanley’s face turned out. He’s Xia’s son that Plum kept a secret from her. He and Jody Ursine-Sample are making babies now. His genes will continue.

The last post before the heir poll should be 6.49. The countdown has begun.

7 thoughts on “6.44 Tricks and Sweeties

  1. Aw, it's so cool to see all the family having fun together 🙂

    I love Victoria and I have so much sympathy for Edmund. That heir poll is going to be tricky…

    (Also – Sawyer! I'm so glad things are finally working out for him on the emotional side of things).

  2. It's so awesome to see a comment from you!!

    I am crazy about all of Generation 7. I could be happy with any of them as heir. It's going to be hard to move any of them out.

    Emily Doctor is a perfect mate for Sawyer. I wasn't sure he'd ever find one. Nice way to round out his arc.

  3. I was super impressed by the amount you crammed into one Spooky Day, it was fabulous! Winston looked adorable as a gnome. And I really enjoyed the pie contest interspersed with Sawyer's romance, with commentary by Forest and Gamora. Now those two seem like they'll be quite a pair.

  4. Hah. It really was too much. But I just love the festival. The holiday festivals are open a few days before the holiday, but with school and homework, it's difficult to send the kids. I sent them out to play at the festival at around 9AM, then sent them back at 2 for a Feast Party. Emily's costume party was unexpected but cute.

    I thought it was pretty funny that both of those inactive sims had a jealousy reaction to Emily flirting with Sawyer. At the same time even.

    Gerald was actually Emily's partner who Sawyer asked her break to up with — hey, SHE invited Sawyer out on their first date, so as far as the story is concerned, I consider her available. NRaas Story Progression has a tendency to pair every off, so I've forced myself to be a bit cavalier about breaking up inactive relationships. But Corina Shepherd (who is actually Dylan's high school ex-girlfriend) has three kids with someone else.

    I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with this friendship between Gamora and Forest.

  5. I had to giggle at the pie contest pictures (best feature of the autumn festival, IMHO), but laughed out loud when Victoria was stuck in the pie ^^ That was just awesome.

    And hello, Forest! It's lovely to see you again. He has been out of sight for quite some time, so I think it's exciting that he is bonding with Gamora.

  6. I LOVE the Seasons festivals. Just love them.

    It looks like we're going to see a bit more of Forest for a while, since he's Gamora's best friend. I'm almost caught up to gameplay, so I don't know much more than you do :).

  7. I love the Seasons EP. It’s my favorite right after the World Adventures! Great chapter, I really enjoyed all the activities at the festival and I had no idea Sims could get scared until the point to actually turn into ghosts! Learned something new from this update 🙂

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