6.45 Rendezvous

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Sawyer had just finished mooching dinner from Andria’s fridge when his phone ran. Emily was in the middle of a rant on the other end of the line. “Did you know? Did you tell them bad things about me?”

Sawyer didn’t even need to ask her what she was upset about. He’d seen the

“I don’t make personnel decisions, Emily,” he said. “I think everyone at the hospital knows that would be a bad idea.”

“How could they demote me! Me! I told you that they’re out to get me–“

“Let’s get together and talk this over,” Sawyer said quickly. He was getting concerned about what she might do if she didn’t calm down.

Emily picked the place. It was a secluded fishing beach behind the guard house at Tintagel Keep.

Emily insisted that she wanted to meet some place where their coworkers wouldn’t overhear them. She clearly was so upset she wasn’t thinking straight.

Sawyer let her yell for a while. She clearly needed to get it out of her system.

When she seemed to be winding down, he decided what he would say. “Look, I know you’re a medical genius. The other doctors are clearly jealous of your expertise. I support you if you want to leave St. James Simmetarium and go into private practice. We both know what it’s like to have jealous colleagues tear us down.”

Emily took a deep breath. “Thank you. I needed to hear that.”

Now she was eyeing him unnervingly. “What are you going to do now?” Sawyer asked.

“Something crazy and spontaneous to remind me of everything else there is in life.”

“This idea makes me nervous,” Sawyer said.

Emily grinned. “Come with me, then.”

She led him to the Sufficiently Advanced Tech Center Observatory.

Past the busy researchers who were getting their time on the group device after midnight.

Most of them didn’t look up.

“Gentlmen first,” Emily said.

“I think I’m getting an idea of what you have in mind,” Sawyer said. “This might not end well.”

“Who cares?” Emily asked. “Do you think it will damage our careers?”

Sawyer thought about it. “No,” he said.

She pulled him into a dark lab space and kissed him, and Sawyer stopped worrying.

He was right about how it would end, though.

But it turned out he didn’t care. In fact, he rather liked being caught. He pulled on his clothes in full view of local news and did a little parade for them.

“OK,” Emily said. “My power is proved. Let’s get out of here!”

The following day was a Saturday. Edmund was finally able to make good on his his promised date with Joy.

The day dawned rainy and dreary, which didn’t make outdoor activities very appealing. Edmund called Joy and suggested high tea at The Old Mill, a historic mill outside of town that had been converted into a bakery.

Joy was delighted with the idea.

Edmund hadn’t realized how complicated high tea was going to be. He should have studied.

“Would you like some sugar in your tea?” he asked Joy. “And maybe some…. cream?”

Joy chucked. “I think that’s clotted cream. It goes on scones, not in tea.”

“Oh. What about this one?”

“Marmalade, maybe?”

At least the complicated tea assembly broke the ice.

“Mmmm. This is is pretty good,” Joy said. “What kind of tea is this?”

“I’m not sure,” Edmund admitted. “I picked the first one on the menu.”

They sipped their tea, nibbled their scones, and talked about art and literature.

“Hey, I hate to say it, but I have to go to work,” Edmund said at last.

“You work in the evening?” Joy asked.

“Yeah. At Avalon Memorial Gardens,” Edmund said.

“Wow,” Joy said. “You work at the cemetery? That’s, well, that’s pretty creepy.” But she seemed intrigued.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s best friend showed up at the Sample Estate, dressed to the nines and soaking wet.

Victoria ran out to pull her inside. “Judy! What are you doing out in the rain?”

Judith let Victoria lead her into the kitchen, where they both dried off from the downpour.

“What happened?” Victoria asked.

“That scumbag stood me up!” Judith yelled.

“Wow. Tell me about it!” Victoria said. Then she stood back and listened to Judith’s angry story of her fight and breakdup with her now ex-boyfriend. He’d left her standing in the rain outside of The Round Table, and she had to walk home.

“Wow! Leave him at the curb with the rest of the garbage! You can do so much better Judy.”

“Thanks for cheering me up, Judy.”

“Let’s do something to take your mind off of loser boys,” Victoria said. “A little mindless fun ought to do the trick.

So they went to the tech den and spent the rest of the afternoon beating levels of Skate or Expire.

Winston took a shower and made sure he looked his best, then he called his favorite person in the world.

“Hey Courtney! Are you doing anything today? Want to come over to my house?”

Courtney seemed dubious, but he convinced her they could have a good time. When he hung up, he could only hope had hadn’t promised more than he could deliver.

When she rang the doorbell, Dylan answered the door before Winston could get there. “Hi, Mr. Sample. I’m Courtney Pierce-Hodgins. I came over to see Winston.”

Dylan smiled indulgently. “Oh, so you’re Winston’s little friend? He told me he invited someone to play. Don’t get into any trouble!”

Cortney gave Winston a dangerous look. “Little friend, huh?”

“I didn’t say it!” Winston protested.

They hurried in out of the rain. “So here we are,” Cortney said. “I’m not sure how long I can stay. What did you have in mind?”

Winston beamed. All he really needed was a chance to get her undivided attention to let his natural charisma take hold.

“I was thinking about an epic pillow battle. En garde!”

Cortney’s face changed. She just couldn’t help but laugh. “Just you wait!” she said and ran to grab a pillow.

“You wouldn’t hit a kid with glasses, would you?”

“Owwf! I guess you would!”

Andrea made porcini risotto. Cortney and Judith were welcome to stay for dinner of course.

Afterward, Judith insisted on cleaning up.

Then Dylan shooed both of the visitors out the door to be sure they were home by curfew.

He returned from the door to find Andria in the tech den, watching a documentary on cowplants.

“What are you doing in here?” Dylan said. “I thought electronics were bad for you.”

“I was just curious, really,” Andria said. “After all these years, I wondered if they still affect me.”


She shrugged. “It’s a little bit better, I guess. They still make my skin crawl.”

“It really has been a long time now,” Dylan mused. “I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.”

“I wouldn’t change a day,” Andria said. “Big screen TV and all.” She grabbed his arm. “Come here.”

“Yes, my lady.”

In the Sawyer Sample household, Sawyer and Gamora spent most of their Saturday doing research, followed by a rousing game of Sim Metropolis.

They played rock-paper-scissors to decide who would clean up before bed. Sawyer lost, but Gamora did half the cleaning anyway. Sawyer just wasn’t very good at it.

Then it was time for their nightly calculus review.

Gamora answered all the questions right on the first try.

Sawyer was incredibly proud of her, and he made sure she knew it.

Then she drifted off to sleep.

“Good night,” he whispered. “Sleep tight. Don’t get your differential equations confused.”


Four more posts until heir poll! This one was fluffy, but I thought all the interactions were so cute.

The purple-haired sim working on the group science project at midnight on a full moon was Sam Pistachio. I just thought Sam might appreciate seeing her simself. 😉

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  1. "Don't get your differential equations confused," ha! That's a good one. Well, I was surprised Emily got demoted, but even more surprised about Sawyer and her getting in trouble for public indiscretion! It is very funny that Sawyer reacted the way he did, instead of slinking off.

    I hope Edmund and Joy both enjoyed their date, it seemed like they did. And Winston's "little friend," didn't appreciate being called that, did she? Dylan is always so conscientious, though, making sure all the kids go home before curfew and I really like that "eternally faithful" reputation.

  2. Emily is a Diva, but the only other trait of hers I know is Dislikes Children (she doesn't get along with Gamora now, but she will once Gamora gets older, since they both have that trait). I don't know that she's actually a *competent* doctor.

    I think the tea animations are so cute! As far as I can tell, they'll drink tea and visit for HOURS. I had to end the interaction. I hope inactives don't get trapped in it. I had to add Joy to the household, though, because I had trouble getting Edmund to ask Joy to join him for tea. A whole lot of group actions seem to lack the "Do this With…" menu option. Another success for adding a sim to the household so I could direct them to do one thing. 🙂

    I love Dylan and his Proper trait. It seems like the quirky traits give me the most sense of a character.

  3. I'm pretty sure her Diva trait is why they get along so well. She's the only sim whose relationship Sawyer doesn't trash when left on autonomy. She reacts positively to his trivial complaints.

  4. Awww, Winston has a little friend *giggles* that scene is my second favourite of the chapter. The best one definitely was the "tea party" which proved to be incredibly complex 😀 poor Edmund. I think he did a good job, though.

    Judith's outfit is lovely! I have that dress in my game, too, but have not found the right sim to wear it. It fits her perfectly. *swoon*

  5. Winston has such a huge crush on Cortney! He rolls wishes for her all the time — often enough that it's hard to get them together so he can fulfill them.

    Just in case you're not playing the home game here, she's the daughter of William Pierce (Spike from Buffy) and Ariel Hodgins. How about those genes?

    I only know the one of her traits that Winston has learned. She Hates the Outdoors, and so does he. So they already share a trait. This is a pair to keep an eye on!

    I think Judith is a really lovely sim. There's a very nice pool of mate material this generation. We shall see what happens.

  6. Uuuh, those genes are interesting. I'll definitely take them into consideration 😀 There's the same old material in my towns, because I'm neither creative enough to create exciting characters, nor dedicated enough to check great legacies like yours for downloadable sims/ potential spouses 🙂

  7. 🙂 :). This world didn't come with a population, so it's all downloaded sims. A bunch of them are legacy sims and simselves. The rest of them are celebrities. I *love* celebrity sims because they have by far the best genetics.

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