Simantics: Too Many Hats

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So. Much. Trash.

This would be such a touching scene if it made any sense whatsoever that a sim with no bladder need should have to learn to use the potty.

I almost never use hats, mostly because I’m not wild about the hairstyles underneath them. So I gave up and downloaded a whole bunch of hats converted as accessories. That produced some interesting results.

I’m so looking forward to Sims 4 hats.

Every time Victoria tried to talk to Cortney Pierce-Hodgins, they picked this non-spot, as if there weren’t space for two sims to stand together any place else on the beach….

Ack! Andria is being threatened by a madman! Who threatens children!

I fixed his clothes, then discovered that he was actually trick-or-treating. I’d have thought of that, except that it’s SUMMER.

Gina Sample-Baerwyn rocking out with Meteor the family unicorn. Or maybe just glitching out.

Two burglars have gotten stuck in this corner of the yard. Here, Abby goes out autonomously to chat with one.

I leveled out the terrain in the corner in order to help with the routing.

Here we have the Sample children dutifully loading themselves on the school bus.

Would you trust THIS GUY to drive your children?

And I include this shot with no remark other than, WTF?
(That’s supposed to be Cheshire Wonderland.)

Avalon Gossip Column:

Sigh. Asriel is now the last of the original Bookabet clan still standing.

He does have an adult son named Timothy, who is married to Sherman Ursine-Doctor, and they have a baby daughter Priscilla as of this writing. So Asriel’s genes do survive to the current generation. However, the Bookabets were not much of a breeding clan. Even Adam, who married Ari Mentary, never had any children.

The Bookabet children are:
 – Asriel’s son Timothy Ursine-Doctor, married to Sherman Ursine doctor with baby daughter Priscilla
 – Arya’s son Jasper Crumplebottom, whose girlfriend is Leah/Plum’s daughter Devon Marmalade

Anita and Alice never married or had kids. Adam married but had no kids.

Asriel’s family really should have been the Weaver-Bookabets. “Doctor” was really from Zuzu Weaver-Doctor’s first marriage (to the Tenth Doctor!!). I think I’m going to have to go back and tweak the names.

Alternately, the Marmalades have overrun my game. I’m going to have to start sterilizing some of them to preserve genetic diversity.

Here we have the example of Stephan Marmalade (see Leah’s hair??) and Alexandria Marmalade making out. They are not married, but they’re also not related to each other.

(Actually, they are both married. Just not to each other. Shhhhh.)

Forest decided to turn Flynn’s human daughter Marisela. The newly-vamped Marisela couldn’t stand him and moved out of the vampire lair to her own place. Her allegiance to the underworld is unknown.

Flynn has mounted two coup attempts against Forest. Both failed. Poor Flynn — inasmuch as you can say, “Poor ruthless gangster.”

We’ve added Shannon Simsfan’s simself family and her Sims 3 legacy founder Emily Reacher!

Since I’m avoiding game-referential surnames like “Simsfan,” I did the same thing I did with Jo’s simself and the Bookabets. I renamed the Simsfan family to the Reachers and made Shannon Reacher the sister of Emily Reacher.

So, we have:
 – Shannon Reacher, who joined the medicine profession as a Bed Pan Cleaner.
 – Her husband Jean Reacher, who joined culinary culinary career.
 – Their teenage daughter Joy Reacher, who is going to high school.

More updates on these new Sims of Interest when they do something interesting!

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  1. You made my Simself a Bed Pan Cleaner?!! Oh well, maybe I'll eventually be a doctor, right?? Culinary is great for Jean, and I like the way you changed our last names. Being Emily's sister is awesome.

    That bus driver does not look like a responsible, law-abiding citizen. That mustache, and backward hat, like he is trying to be a hip hop gangsta. (My children have tried to prohibit me from saying gangsta by the way.)

    Maybe Gina could join the circus…And lately, I've been trying to remember to use the hats in Sims 4 more, they work so well with the hair. This was a fun update!

  2. I didn't choose your sims' careers. NRaas StoryProgression did, presumably based on your traits. Hopefully she'll be promoted quickly.

    That bus driver is gangsta meets Dick Dastardly. I love that mustache. It just makes the character.

  3. I am not actually miffed about my simself's career.. I just thought it was funny. But yeah, I guess in Sims 3 NRaas takes care of those choices.

    He is definitely a character! It's great that you got a picture of him.

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