6.34 Open Water

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Now that Winston was out of his crib, Victoria and Edmund finally had a good reason to get out of the same room. Winston took over Victoria’s place.

His sense of style didn’t match Edmund’s either, but they seemed to reach an uneasy truce all the same.

Victoria moved into the nursery with little Gamora.

She didn’t mind being in the nursery. After spending so much time in Edmund’s “lair,” as she called it, the bright colors cheered her up immediately.

To sweeten the pot, her parents let her pick a new bed.

Edmund took his role as responsible big brother very seriously.

Of course, he took everything very seriously.

He and Victoria had never gotten along better. Now that they didn’t have to reconcile their sense of style anymore, they were great friends.

Winston spent most of his free time in front of the television: sometimes watching, sometimes playing video games, and sometimes working out. He claimed it was a good life balance. Dylan and Andria were more skeptical.

Gamora never had trouble finding ways to play by herself. And she did it quietly — with some notable exceptions.

Bonehilda started training Connery to play dead.

She was uniquely qualified.

Victoria had big plans for Leisure Day.

It was the perfect day for the beach. She invited a half-dozen of her best friends to join her.

She also managed to drag along her entire family — including Sawyer, who usually just viewed the great outdoors as a source of dirt and microbes.

Morgana Beach had been build up quite a bit in the last generation. When the Samples of old moved to Avalon, it was just a stretch of shoreline. Now it was a a beach park with a clubhouse.

Angelina Winter came with her brother Roderick.

Also Cortney Pierce-Hodgins.

Winston, who was just starting at Chivalrous Preparatory School, did his best to get to know his new classmates.

But then the heat of the sun and the uncomfortable grit of the sand drove him into the nice, air-conditioned clubhouse, where he played with the karaoke machine.

Dylan found a nice place in the sun to relax with a book.

Sawyer found a place in the shade to play with Gamora.

Wherever her feet touched the ground, she left a trail of flowers behind her — quick explosions of spontaneous vegetation generated by some side effect of her sim/plant biology.

Sawyer thought she was magnificent. Truly a higher order life form. And he had created her.

Victoria took to the water.

She rented a board from the clubhouse and tried out windsurfing for the first time.

It was as if she had always known how.

As if the sea were in her blood.

Chaim met Abby at the beach. They greeted each other enthusiastically.

“I can’t believe I only saw you yesterday!” Abby said, flushing. “It seems like we’ve been apart so long.”

“I know what you mean,” Chaim said. “A whole day seems too long.”

“We… wouldn’t have to wait that long,” he suggested awkwardly. “We could get a place together.”

Abby stared at him for a moment in shock. “You want to move in together?” she asked. “That’s really serious! Do you think we’ve been dating long enough?”

Chaim shrugged. “I know who I want to wake up to every morning,” he said.

Abby laughed out loud. Then she grabbed him.

“I’ll think about it,” she murmured into his ear.

“Mmmmph,” Chaim said.

Meanwhile, Edmund sought out Dylan. “I think it’s about time that I learned to drive a car,” he said. “I was hoping you could be the one to teach me.”

“You want to drive?” Dylan said. “That’s a serious responsibility. Do you think you are ready to take it on?”

“You won’t be disappointed,” Edmund said.

Dylan nodded. “All right then. Let’s go get the van.”

“Wait,” Edmund said. “I have a better idea.” He led his father out to the parking lot.

“You want to learn to drive in Abby’s sports car?” Dylan asked. “How is that responsible?”

Edmund smirked. “I might never get another chance,” he said. “She’s busy. She’ll never notice.”

“She’ll never notice if you return the car in the same state you found it,” Dylan said severely, “and this is not a good start.”

“Relax, Dad,” Edmund said. “We haven’t picked up any speed yet.”

“Yet?” Dylan said.

“You’ve spent the entire party in the clubhouse!” Victoria complained to Winston.

“I like it in there,” Winston said. “Out here, you can get stand stuck in your clothes or sunburned.”

“It’s cooler if you get in the ocean,” Victoria said. “It’s so much fun!”

“Then you end up with salt dried in your hair,” Winston replied.

“Give it a try?” Victoria pleaded.

It was impossible to say no to Victoria when she decided to be persuasive.

Winston tried out paddleboating, but he couldn’t see a lot of point to it.

In spite of himself, though, he had a pretty good time.

“Time to celebrate a successful driving lesson,” Dylan said.

He had a strawberry ice cream cone.

That almost immediately fell on the ground.

“I’m glad you’re better with the car than I am with my ice cream,” he told Edmund ruefully.

“Too bad, Dad,” Edmund said.

“I’d share, but that would just be gross.”

Eventually, Chaim and Abby unlocked from each other and played in the ocean.

Abby turned out to have a pretty good knack for catching waves.

“What’s that?”

The gray creature slipped under the water and was gone.

“Hey, what’s that? A kid?”

The voice was like an ugly grating sound from the childhood he’d tried to forget.

Sawyer turned around to see Whitney Ursine-Wu, the chief bully who had tormented him in grade school.

“You stuffed me in my locker fourteen times and stole my lunch money every day for a month,” he snarled. “Why would you ever say a word to me now that we’ve graduated?”

“Hey, hey,” Whitney said. “I was just curious about the kid. Besides, I’m sure it wasn’t fourteen times.”

“I remember every one,” Sawyer retorted. “You also ground gum into my gym shorts twice, knocked my school books off my desk seventeen times, and knocked me into the doorframe while you were running in gym class.”

“I wouldn’t have done all that if you weren’t asking for it!” Whitney said. It was either a plea or a taunt, but it wasn’t clear which.

“Don’t pretend you have the right to talk to me,” Sawyer shrieked. “You bottom-dwelling microcephalic sea slug!”

Then he did what he’d imagined every night in grade school.

He struck back.

That attacked the lifeguard. “Is there a problem here?” he asked. 

Sawyer was not to be contained. “You stay away from my daughter!” he shouted. “If I see you come close to her again, I’ll slap you with a retraining order!”

Whitney stared at him, slack jawed. His face was turning red from where Sawyer had hit him.

Then he turned and ran away.

Emily Doctor, a resident who worked at the hospital with Sawyer, watched the old bully run away.

“I saw it all from the clubhouse,” she said. “Way to go, Dr. Sample. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Sawyer was breathing too hard to answer, so he just watched her as she walked away.

Victoria’s party continued until the sun began to set and everyone had to go home for dinner.

Not a bad Leisure Day, all told.



I had to write this post !@#$ two times because I rebooted my computer with the *saved* draft still open, and Chrome restored it from some previous cache and saved it over the original. Imagine a whole lot more profanity here. This wasn’t an emotionally draining post, but I had to do a lot of image organizing to get the various threads into something readable.

I have to say that I’m not super-thrilled with the way a lot of the water activities work. Windsurfing, paddleboats, etc. are treated like cars — you pick some place you want to go in the water, and the vehicle appears while you’re moving and then disappears when you get there, leaving you suddenly swimming in the water. Who goes windsurfing or paddleboating to GO PLACES anyway?

A whole lot of the action here was autonomous. I left Abby and Chaim on autonomy almost all the time. They spent almost the whole day standing by the water, making out. It was adorable. I thought they might try to woohoo in the showers, but they never did.

Sawyer’s confrontation with Whitney Ursine-Wu was also autonomous. The two are “Old Enemies.” Whitney isn’t in the medical profession, so their relationship must date from school. I kept waiting for a full-on fight to break out, which I’m sure Sawyer would loose. But Sawyer hit Whitney twice. Whitney fired back a lot of insults, but he never got physical. Then he ran away. I guess Sawyer won just from sheer intensity.

Dylan and Edmund autonomously picked Abby’s car to teach Edmund to drive. I wouldn’t have thought of Edmund as the sports car type, but perhaps he was drawn to the dangerous black styling.

It was a fun, very busy Leisure Day, where I got to try out a whole bunch of bits from Island Paradise.

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  1. Well, the final product was absolutely delightful for readers, I'm sure not so much for you right now after all the trouble it gave you. The whole Leisure Day was so full of the feel of summer, and being at the beach. Sims 3 has such beautifully detailed graphics!!!

    I laughed out loud at Bonehilda with her unique qualifications to teach the dog to play dead, very, very funny.

    And you got so much mileage out of this post for developing the kids' characters! Winston got to meet his future classmates, and we got to see him enjoying the indoors and his attitude towards sand and salt, and I love the part about Dylan and Edmund taking the batmobile.

    Oh yes, and romance! This was a great post, I'm glad you stuck it out through the organization and profanity!

  2. I am batting a thousand. I managed to screw up and erase my own reply to your comment. I don't know whether to blame Blogspot or my own fat fingers.

    At any rate, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It did turn out rather long, but I couldn't imagine dividing a single day at the beach into two posts. And I *did* actually cut stuff. I had so much fun playing this day. I got to try out all these bits from Island Paradise, plus I got to just let all my sims be themselves and see what happened. They just simmed their little sim hearts out.

    As you might guess, Winston Hates the Outdoors. He's also Athletic, which is an interesting combination, and Natural Cook. Victoria is a Sailor, which I think I'm going to play as Loves the Ocean. If I understand the description, Sailor is a pretty limited trait. She only gets bonuses if she's on a boat. She's also Perfectionist and Irresistible, which I've already had fun with.

    Totally tangentially, looking at all these screenshots of my shirtless men is making me consider changing the default skin I'm using. In my other games, I use HystericalParoxysm's original default skin replacement, which I think is pleasantly realistic without going overboard. Here, I use a different one that has shinier texture, since I wanted my characters to look more elfin, plus I thought the extra shine might get more mileage out of the metallic skintones. But sheesh — that skin makes all the men look like they have a six pack. Sawyer's body fat slider is all the way skinny, and he has very little muscle tone, and he looks like an underwear model. Dylan too. Ha!

    Then again, maybe I should just shut up and enjoy the view.

  3. Ok here's my third attempt to reply. I am at a conference at the beach, hard life, right, but not much time or ability to get on the internet. Playing sailor as loves the ocean sounds like a great way to expand the trait. Also enjoying the view us one way to go, ha

  4. I think Winston has the BEST beachwear I have ever seen, haha 😀 It's always great to see the family have a relaxing and enjoyable day together. The kids are all so adorable, I could watch them all day 🙂

  5. Leisure Day is so much fun! Now I want to start a game in Isla Paradiso (no, I can’t, have a legacy to finish first, LOL)

    Winston’s swim suit is very cute, I wonder who picked it for him. I’m happy everybody had a great time! 🙂

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