Simantics: Inappropriate Placemats

After all that bleakness, we need some Simantics!

Here Andria is sabotaging the massage chair. I play her Technophobe trait as an extension of the old fae being vulnerable by cold iron myth. You’d think that she’d stay away from technology. But no. In reality, when left on autonomy, she goes around breaking things.

What is it about Plum??

At least Leah was happy with her.

Here I discover why you must raise the ceiling for a basketball hoop. This is a bad picture, the ceiling is exactly at the top of the shot.

At least Rosie landed with style.

The other sim playing basketball is Hunter’s daughter Gina.
Here is Abby. Where is Abby? Your guess is as good as mine. After she glitched this way twice, I did Reset Everything, and that stopped it.

Here the two resident paparazzi have a water balloon fight.

In the rain.

I can’t find this broken object to remove it. It looks like two placemats, one on front and one on back.

I was nearly through the wake before I realized that Abby’s dress was also broken. Transparent formalwear FTW. Ewww.

Goddamn dating system.


I once used NRaas MasterController to give a sim a job, level her up, and retire her, all while the game was on pause. (I was annoyed because NRaas had her quit her job rather than retiring.) Don’t do this. It resulted in a pension of several million simoleons. 
Turns out there’s even a totally logical reason — Pension is calculated by dividing your lifetime earnings by the amount of time you worked. The sim had gotten bonuses from promotions while only having worked a fraction of a second.
But a NEGATIVE pension? I can’t even. I. Can’t. Even.
Sky had a totally normal career as far as I know. I didn’t fiddle anything. She didn’t do a whole lot of Singer work in her final week because I was having so much fun with the Ghostwriter comeback. But still.
I used MC to cancel her pension.

And the Avalon Gossip Column:

Nemo took up inventing in his final weeks in addition to driving around on his monster motorcycle. Then he finally passed on, and he seemed to have an impressive opinion of his next of kin:

He’s actually related to Andria — she’s Sebastian Hodgins’ daughter and thus Nemo’s niece. You notice she didn’t get anything, but Sky, Hunter, and Abby did.

When Hunter passed on, he and Meteor were regularly winning horse races. His daughter Gina Gina Sample-Baerwyn took up the tradition after him, though she’s not quite first prize material yet.

In the long time tradition of tender young things pairing up with doddering Elders, Gina and Hector Sword (Andria’s uncle) are a serious couple. I doubt he’ll live long enough for them to get married.

I already mentioned that Dragonwife Bard Wu and Tomas Sample-Royale are happily engaged. I’m not sure either of them has enough lifespan left to consider marriage.

Manisha, who I moved into town, cannot manage her money.

Matt and January Callender-Doctor, our resident vampiric lovebirds, are still in love.

Asriel Bookabet, Forest’s apprentice of Evil, excels at being Evil. He was recently promoted to Con Artist.

Just included because I love the game’s book titles. Dragonwife, in addition to being Abby’s boss, is a successful science fiction author.

8 thoughts on “Simantics: Inappropriate Placemats

  1. Many glitches I've never seen before, including Abby in the sky (but no diamonds). I love how you gave Andria the Technophobe trait as an extension of fae lore, but the "irony," she fiddles with it on auto-pilot, ha.

    The negative pension is just so weird.

    By the way, reading your legacy inspired me to re-load the Sims 3 games and play one just for fun (because I can't see myself successfully blogging more than one legacy and I love my Sims 4 family). Anyway, I am really enjoying Sims 3 and I have Nraas SP etc but this post has solidified my determination to not use any cheats! It's just for me anyway, and I am playing it to see what happens if I play by my sims wishes without cheats. I'm playing Sims Realty's Ann Arbor world which is so beautiful.

  2. Haha! But there weren't any cheats associated with these glitches. The bizarre placemat is some kind of CC. I have a moderate amount of CC in my game, but not nearly as much as a lot of blogs I see.

    I love Sims 3, obviously. I hope you have a good time with it :).

    I didn't actually give Andria Technophobe. Dylan is the patron of the legacy. Andria is his wife. She joined the household with that trait. It's the first time I've had a Techophobe sim. It hasn't been super relevant to the story, but it makes for some entertaining gameplay.

  3. Oh, and about the Gossip Column:

    Avalon, the world I'm playing in, is Bakafox's DIY Avalon from MTS, which I edited in CAW to add empty lots and then downloaded lots for. A lot of the townies are either the simselves of my friends or sims from their challenges. I periodically report on the lives of these cross-pollination sims in the "Avalon Gossip Column."

    Most of my Sims of Interest have now died of old age, so if you have a Sims 3 sim to contribute, let me know! I'll load the sim in when I play next.

  4. Oh, my bad, (about the cheats). Thanks for telling me about the Gossip Column! Right now I have only one, three-day old Sim, but when I get a sim to contribute, that would be fun, I'll let you know!

    I'm going to look up Avalon because that sounds really fun, a DIY. And now that I know that, it will be fun to see what you did with it as I read the legacy. What generation were you at when they moved to that world?

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