Generation 5 Legacy Accounting

Here we are for more post-generation accounting.

Generation 5: 1 point

Lifetime Wishes: 5 Points
Master Romancer – Sky
Emperor of Evil – Forest
Fairytale Finder – Hunter
Become an Astronaut – Xia
Presenting the Perfect Aquarium – Eliana

Careers Maxed:
Singer – Sky
Military – Xia
Criminal: Evil – Forest

Portraits: 6 points
Sky Sample
Leah Mai Marmalade

Xia Wu

Forest Sample

Hunter Sample-Baerwyn
Eliana Sample-Baerwyn
Sims Reaching 100k Happiness: 2 points
Forest (150k)
Xia (125k)
Sims Reaching 200 Happiness: 2 points
Total: 16

That doesn’t include the household value points, which I keep failing to calculate. I should just remove them from the other accounting posts and calculate at the end.

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