6.24 Coda

Sky and Aminali started spending a lot of time together. There was even a spread about them in the gossip magazines.

Wherever they went someone seemed to recognize them and snap a picture.

Sky couldn’t remember when she’d felt so young and carefree.

She still missed Xia every day, but it was so much fun being a couple again.

Even if her moves were a little bit rusty.

Sawyer, meanwhile, had a major breakthrough in his research.

“Eureka!” he shouted to no one in particular. “That’s what I’m obligated to say at this moment, isn’t it?”

Dylan had a different celebration.

He kept his birthday quiet.

But Andria knew, and she made sure he felt appreciated.

Dylan realized as he wandered into middle age that he felt truly content. He was an accomplished photographer with an amazing wife and two beautiful children. What more could he want?

One morning, Sky woke up feeling particularly cheerful and carefree. Today was different, and she knew it.

When Victoria woke up, Sky snatched her out of the crib before she could cry. That gave Andria and Dylan another hour to sleep in before Edmund woke up.

Once Edmund was fed, Sky switched her attention to Edmund.

Andria took some time to play educational games with Victoria. Victoria’s first word was, “Sing.”

When Andria came in to make breakfast, Sky took Victoria too. “I’ll watch the kids,” she said. “You two don’t get to have a peaceful adult breakfast nearly enough.”
Andria didn’t protest. Sky was right.

Sky put Victoria down for a nap. Edmund was restless, so she bundled him up and took him outside to play.

She played music for him. Edmund didn’t laugh. He was always such a solemn child. But he did sway to the music.

Then the moment came. Sky had known it was coming since she woke up. There was no reason to complain. She was completely content.

When the Netherworld called, she was ready to go.

Edmund started to howl at his dirty diaper. Abby came out to get him.

Then she realized what had happened.

She called to Dylan and Sawyer, but it was Andria who was outside first.

When they brought Edmund inside, the phone started ringing.

Hunter had passed. And Leah. All within hours of each other.

Dylan was devastated. He’d lost both his parents in one morning.

They threw a joint wake for brother and sister. The house was overflowing with people.

Sky had been known to so many. Hunter was quieter, more private, but loved just as fiercely by those near him.

Andria was the consummate hostess.

She made sure everyone was fed and kept the conversation moving.

Which was useful, since not everyone in the family even wanted to participate.

Abby picked out a selection of Sky solo and Ghostwriter greatest hits.

It was just the way Sky would want her tribute — loved ones, music, and dancing.

When the guests had left, Dylan and Andria realized they had forgotten something else important about the day.

Edmund had always been a somber toddler, but losing his beloved grandmother on his birthday seemed to turn him even more inward.

Dylan and Andria worried about him.


AAAAUGH. OK, please let all the deaths be done for a while. This is what happens when you have a sim with so many important relationships. Sky maintained the most close relationships outside the family as any sim I’ve ever played. So, of course, they all had to DIE.

I saved right after Sky passed to the Netherworld. On the first play through, Hunter arrived for the wake.

Then immediately passed on.

And my system crashed. 
The second time, I received the death notification right before throwing the party. 

Then this was waiting in the mailbox after the funeral, after both of them had passed:

Seems like a nice tribute that Sky, Hunter, and Leah all passed within hours of each other.
This was the first time I’d ever thrown a Funeral party. I guess sims are pushed to grieve at a recent gravestone. It was very touching.

I did forget Edmund’s birthday. Very unlike me. As a fitting testament to growing up after a funeral, he rolled the trait Brooding to go with Artistic and Proper.

9 thoughts on “6.24 Coda

  1. The picture of Andria and Abby is so poignant. I didn't know you could have wakes in Sims 3, that is really cool. But this would be really sad, to have three sims die in one day who are close to your sims. You probably had to really watch their moodlets, and poor Edmund, it is not surprising at all he grew up with Brooding. Should go well with Artistic and Proper.

  2. It was a rough several days of gameplay, watching the entire 6th generation supporting cast die. Sky was a very social sim, and she had the most close relationships outside of the active household as anyone I've played.

  3. It's sad to see Sky go, but at least she was happy and ready to go. It's good that her closest brother was there to accompany her on her final journey. With the deaths of Sky and Leah, all of the Sample kids are orphans now. At least they have each other.

    Edmund and Victoria couldn't be more different in terms of personality! He's definitely the reclusive artist/author type. I have the feeling that he'll grow up feeling overshadowed by his sunny-natured, vibrant little sister. I do love his genetics by the way.

  4. Good grief! That's a lot of death in a short amount of time. I'm glad that Sky was happy and true to herself to the end. Sounds like she and Leah might start over in the afterlife!

  5. (I totally thought Abby was not wearing any clothes in the picture of all of them on the table)

    Rest in peace, Sky! You touched so many lives, and founded this very special family. And it's sad that Hunter and Leah passed away,too. 🙁

  6. I’m so happy that Sky enjoyed the last moments of her life on maximum. She left behind a legacy she can be proud of. I wish for her and Leah’s reunion in the afterlife. Rest in peace, beloved Sky, Hunter and Leah.


    “Happy” birthday, Edmumd. It must be so hard on him to have witnessed his grandmother’s death on his day. I hope he won’t get too affected by it.

  7. Aaw, everyone died so soon after one another. Your poor family. Sky did have a pretty nice and eventful life.

    Edmund and Victoria seem pretty interesting. They look great and their trait combinations are interesting!

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