6.23 Early Thaw

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It was Snowflake Day. Sky was determined to throw the kind of party Xia would have shown.

She invited everyone they knew — friends, family, coworkers, people she met walking down the street. It was quite a turnout.

Xia’s son Stanley Marmalade was the first to arrive. Abby enjoyed catching up with her half-brother.

“Is that Aminali Ibari?” he gasped when Abby’s best friend showed up. “The star of The Back End of the Black Hole? Please introduce us!”

Aminali was a film superstar now.

Andria cooked all morning. The room was filled with the smell of cheery pies.

Mysterious Uncle Forest claimed pressing business overeseas, but he sent his apprentice Asrial Bookabet in his place.

Uncle Hunter.

Sawyer’s sister, Rosie Winter.

Abby’s director, Dragonwife Wu, and Dragonwife’s new fiancé, Tomas Sample-Royale.

Manisha, of course.

Last to arrive was Abby’s costar, Justin Mai. Abby’s heart skipped a beat when she saw that he’d decided to come, but she hid it well.

Everyone was delighted by Andria’s cherry pie.

“Time for packages!” Sky called while Dylan and Andria were clearing the table.

Sawyer pulled Manisha aside while everyone else headed to the living room.

Almost everyone was delighted by their gifts.

Those who didn’t tried to keep up a good face.

Except Sawyer.

With the packages unwrapped, the room filled with laughter and good conversation.

Rosie played with Victoria.

Dylan caught up with Uncle Hunter.

Tomas romanced his new fiancée.

Stanley went out to talk to the chickens.

Yes, the chickens.

“Where’s Justin?” Abby asked Dragonwife, hoping she sounded casual.

“Oh, he headed home,” Dragonwife said. “He said he was tired, but I don’t think house parties are really his thing.”

“Oh,” Abby said.

Sawyer nerved himself up and went to talk to his half-sister Rosie. Now that their shared parent was dead, Rosie felt like the last tie to the other half of his life. He wanted to know her better.

She turned out to be surprisingly easy to talk to, even for Sawyer.

They were distracted by a poof sound my the fireplace.

“Did you just see what I just saw?” Sawyer asked.

“I’m just going to assume that never happened,” Rosie said.

Sky got out her vinyl collection, and there was dancing.

Dylan caught Andria under the mistletoe as she cleaned up the kitchen.

The party finally wound down. Sawyer and Manisha slipped away to his science cave for their own private gift exchange.

“Are you ready?” Sawyer asked.

“Absolutely,” Manisha replied, standing up a little taller. She leaned away reflexively when he pushed the button.

“That was it?” she asked when it was done.

“Sure! We got a great DNA sample.”

“That didn’t hurt at all,” Manisha said, sounding surprised.

“Of course it didn’t,” Sawyer said. He gave her his, Don’t be stupid, look. “It’s a noninvasive process.”

“Well sorry,” Manisha said. “I’ve never had my DNA sequenced before.”

After the rest of the guests left, Aminali stayed behind. She insisted on helping the Samples clean up. That’s how she and Sky found themselves alone in the darkened kitchen.

“I hope you don’t think it’s too forward,” Aminali said. “I’m a huge fan, and I wanted to give you a personal gift. Something from me to you.”

“Wow!” Sky said. “What a surprise! Thank you!”

They stood there for a moment, then, staring silently into each other’s eyes.
Then Sky, on impulse, pointed to the mistletoe hanging above them.

Aminali’s face lit up, and she stepped close.

“Wow,” Sky said.


Well, Dragonwife didn’t mourn her late husband very long. She and Tomas Sample-Royale had one of those whirlwind NRaas relationships where they dated, committed, and announced engagement in under one day.

Sky and Aminali really hit it off, and Sky started rolling a lot of wishes for her. It was adorable to see her imagining a life after Xia.

This was probably my most successful party in a long time. Lots of autonomous cuteness. Comparatively few route-fails.

Asrial Bookabet crashed the party. He sure did grow up into a hottie!

11 thoughts on “6.23 Early Thaw

  1. Ok, I totally don't know these characters yet, but eventually I will! The toddler with the holiday cracker was so funny. (We'll just pretend it never happened, lol). I love Sims 3 Seasons more than any other pack, the holidays are so much fun and this was a really lovely Snowflake Day party! So happy for Aminali and Sky. (Who has a fascinating skintone, by the way).

  2. Thanks so much for reading!

    The short(ish) version is that Sky is the Generation 5 Patroness, and she is a playable ghost — she is Cycl0n3 Sw0rd's granddaughter. Her children are Dylan, Abby, and Sawyer. Dylan is her heir, i.e. the current patron. His wife is Andria.

    That bit with toddler Edmund is actually a big plot point for the next generation. The flashing toy is a thing from the Supernatural expansion. Witch toddlers can toss up their toys, make them disappear, and then make them appear again. There's a bunch of storyline leading up to it, but nobody in the family knows what the disappearing toy means.

  3. What is a legacy Patroness? I haven't heard of that before. Thanks for explaining! The magical plot line sounds like it is going to be really fun! I haven't explored the supernatural parts of Sims 3 at all yet!

  4. Oh, I just mean the heir. I figure you're the heir to the legacy until you inherit, and then you're the patron of the legacy.

    BTW: I think I have gotten the most fun out of the Seasons expansion pack. I love the weather, the sense of time, and the holidays.

  5. Oh yes, and it's probably worth mentioning that Sky has Commitment Issues, and her three children are all with different people. The family relationships in Generation 6 are a labyrinth. Dylan is an upstanding monogamous fellow. The Generation 7 relationships will be much simpler :).

  6. I thought Patroness might be the former heir, but I hadn't heard that term. It is a useful term!

    So Gen 6 has lots of drama, or at least complexity in the family tree. Sounds like lots of potential for family dynamics and possibly drama 🙂

  7. Gen 5 had lots of drama. Sky was married, unfaithful, and divorced. Dylan, Abby, and Sawyer are are half-siblings, and they all have half-siblings — and the corresponding complicated feelings about it.

    Dylan rolled Proper, and story-wise I decided that he was determined not to make the mistakes his mother made. He would never cheat on Andria, no matter how miserable he got. And, fortunately, he and Andria are a good match.

    Game-wise, Sky was a good excuse to do some fun genetic mixing :).

  8. Why am I not surprised at Asriel's antics?! Considering their relationship in my game, it's amusing that he's working for Forrest in yours! The Bookabets and Samples have a long history of getting on in both our legacies.

    Sky has still got it then. I'm glad that she's moving on with her life. Xia wouldn't have wanted her to be lonely, and Aminali seems like god choice. Not that Sky needs it, but Aminali will keep her young. I wonder what Abby will think of her mum and her best friend? Awkward!! Abby has it bad for Justin and she should just tell him how she feels.

  9. Haha! Yeah, I wonder if Asriel is also Forest's "apprentice." Forest and Flynn already have amazingly messed-up love lives.

    Yeah, Justin is giving off a mysterious vibe, in game too. Here, he showed up and then left within minutes.

  10. Woot! Working my way through the Sample family!

    That was a really great party. Lots of good interaction and everyone had some nice time. It's nice to see Sky enjoying life after so much loss in such a short time.

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