6.22 Big Break

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Abby got the part!

She was now playing Dr. Esmerelda Goodbaum in Dragonwife Wu’s new film, My Doctor Made Me Do It.

Sawyer was incredibly amused that she was playing a doctor. He jeered at the way doctors were portrayed in the movies while also giving her some very useful pointers to hone her character.

Right before filming began in earnest, Dragonwife Wu threw a cast mixer at the Fiddler’s Green pub.

“First round of drinks is on me!” she announced. “After that, you’re on your own tab.”

Dragonwife seemed to be struggling to keep her smile in place. Abby heard a muffled sound and found the director sobbing quietly in a corner.

“This is so embarrassing,” she admitted. “It’s just my husband Jian was such a good man.”

“He was my uncle, remember?” Abby said. “I miss him too. And mum as well.”

“Thanks,” Dragonwife said. “I really needed a chance to let it out.” She did seem more relaxed.

Abby returned to the bar to order another drink. She caught her costar, Justin Mai, looking at her.

“So,” Abby began. “I guess we’re going to fall in love on screen. I’ve never done that before, so I hope you have some advice!”

Justin chuckled. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. I saw your audition. You have your character down already.”

“You know just what to say!” Abby cried. “We’re going to have a wonderful working relationship.”

“I think we’re going to have a good time,” Justin agreed.

Then silence fell as he caught her eye. Abby was completely caught off guard by his magnetism.

“Would you like to go get a drink sometime,” Justin asked.

“A-a drink?” Abby stammered, unable to take her eyes away, “Of course!”

“Then it’s a date!

At home, two kids were three times as much work as one. Sky was home most of the time, but Abby had a dawn casting call and often wasn’t home until late. And Xia was gone. 

Everyone pitched in to help in their own way.

Victoria spent a lot of time on her play mat in the den, but she was a sweet-tempered baby who didn’t seem to mind.

Sky returned to painting, a passion she had left behind long ago.

Andria still had to focus on keeping the farm going through the winter.

Most of the plants were dormant for the winter, which was a blessing. 

Still, she added a bit of her own talent to make them hardier.

Her most exotic plants were in the greenhouse, producing all winter.

Sawyer had a sudden desire to build an igloo.

When he went off to work, Andria dragged Dylan out to have a bit of fun.

Sawyer ran his first vaccination clinic. He wasn’t the most reassuring doctor to do this job, but he was efficient.

He also had a great chance to humiliate a vaccine skeptic.

And then there was Edmund.

Dylan caught Andria alone one afternoon. “About Edmund,” he said scuffing his shoe agains the floor. “Would his fae half lead him to be able to do anything unusual?”
Andria gave her husband a hard look. “What do you mean by unusual?”

Dylan flinched. “I could have sworn I saw….”

Andria’s eyes widened. “Maybe it was a trick of the light. Maybe not.”

“I’ll keep a better eye on him.”

Then Victoria’s birthday was upon them.


It took me forever to figure out what the red marks were on the last two portraits. They’re the red Christmas lights. They certainly look weird, but the portraits look great, and I tried too many times to get a well-lit portrait with no thought bubbles. It will have to serve.

Victoria has Sky’s skin, Sky/Dylan’s brown eyes, and Andria’s hair. It makes her coloration look a lot like Abby’s. OTOH, she’s an Irresistible Sailor, which sounds interesting!

6 thoughts on “6.22 Big Break

  1. If Victoria wins the next heir poll, you'll have to move the family to a houseboat! She'll be that tomboy girl next door that the boys go nuts over! She is adorable with the massive brown eyes, but I can't tell what her face looks like. I'm leaning more towards sky.

    Where did Edmund get his witchiness from? As far as I'm aware, there's none in the family right?

    The picture of Sawyer and Forest amused me greatly. Sawyer is definitely brave, and lucky that Forest is his uncle! That could have gone really badly!

  2. I guess I should come clean with what I'm doing with the Gen 7 kids.

    Andria is fae, and her LTW is Alchemical Artisan — use 50 potions. I've decided that Andria's fae blood and Dylan's ghost blood (he's not a ghost, but the genes are in the mix) are producing kids that are magically stronger than either parent.

    Mechanically, Andria is hitting the kids with Bottled Witches Brew potions. You can actually only do that when they're kids, so I staged a couple of toddler pictures for story effect, and also because I love watching supernatural toddlers play ;-).

    I've been looking into how to build a dock so that Victoria will have options when she gets older. She'll definitely be a sim for Island Paradise content!

    I thought it was pretty hilarious that the vampire Emperor of Evil needed a vaccination. And then he was a total weenie about it.

  3. Oh, Victoria looks really interesting. 🙂 And Edmund seems to cope with his sister better than in the beginning, I think – at least he doesn't openly reject her any longer!

  4. Hey Susan! Long time no see! But I’m back on board again, ready to sail through the rest of your story 🙂

    I’m happy Abby finally got a role. It’s funny she’s playing a doctor given Sawyers University degree. I’m sure he had never thought of seeing his sister in the hospital clothes!

    Both toddlers look promising. I really like the little wizard, but it would be also great to see you elfify Isla Paradiso, LOL

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