6.25 Three’s Company

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Spring came to the Samples. The snow melted. Flowers bloomed. Andria’s plants were growing again.

The Samples were healing.

They hired a handywoman to come replace that terrible dishwasher.

There was a sense that their lost loved ones were looking over them.

Life started to be fun again.

Victoria helped. She was a sunny child who brightened everything around her.

Her laughter was addictive. 

Like Edmund, she also seemed to have inherited some mysterious qualities from her mother’s side of the family.

Edmund, on the other hand, seemed to have taken a permanent, darker turn. 
He spent long hours staring out the window, lost in his own thoughts.

He had also developed an interest in fae magic that bordered on obsession, though he could do very little of his own.

His schoolmates found him strange and morbid.

He tried to play with them sometimes, but usually he ended up alone.

Sawyer was spending more time in the stacks outside of his irregular work hours, reading through research papers in order to craft his next experiment. If his hypothesis were correct, he could change the classification of life itself. His citations would be amazing.

It turned out to be very fortunate that he was at the library one evening.

If he hadn’t been about to leave anyway, he might not have even bothered to respond when he heard the woman cry out on the front walk of Monmouth Archives. So she was doubly lucky.

Diagnostic apparatus have become very portable.

Appendicitis, which was curable by an experimental pill he just happened to be carrying with him.

“Sure you can fit it in your mouth. It’s not as bad as it looks. Just swallow it down, and the pain will go away.”

Sawyer was confounded by her gratitude. He told her to get a check up at the hospital immediately and the escaped.

Andria started feeling terrible.

She’d been through this before, so it wasn’t hard to guess what was wrong. Indeed, the test was positive. She hurried to tell Dylan that they were going to be parents one more time.

He was delighted.

It was good that Andria had Dylan’s unrestrained support, since this would turn out to be her roughest pregnancy so far.

The mood swings were sudden and extreme.

She was exhausted all the time.

But Andria loved motherhood. She never lost sight of the goal.

It wasn’t clear that Sawyer even noticed all the preparations for a new baby.

He spent a lot of time holed up in his science cave or the technology den with Manisha.

When he wasn’t with Manisha, at work, or studying medical journals, he started spending time with Andria’s plants.

Filming wrapped up on My Doctor Made Me Do It. Dragonwife said that she had a good feeling about this one, but they wouldn’t really know how it would go until they saw the first box office returns.

Abby had gone out for drinks several times with Justin Mai after filming, and they now had an active email correspondence that was getting more and more suggestive.

Dragonwife threw a cast party to celebrate the end of filming at her house.

During the long hours of rehearsal, makeup, and filming, these people had started to feel like family. Abby couldn’t help but feel sad that it was all going to end.

She and Dragonwife traded jokes.

She signed the intern’s photo album. “I want to be just like you!” he exclaimed. “Tell me how you got this far!”
“You don’t need any kind of advice I would give,” Abby said.

And she was actually kind of serious. He he was a funny guy.

He had the room rolling in the aisles as he mocked the movie running on the television.

Justin showed up late. He did that a lot with parties, but he never missed his casting call.

Abby walked out to meet him when he arrived.

They teased each other about the movie.

“I’m going to miss all the sloppy kisses,” Abby said, mock-puncing him in the ribs.

“Ha! Well, if you’re going to miss them that much, maybe we should schedule a practice session,” Justin suggested with a wink.
Abby’s heart beat faster. They’d been flirting for so long, so intensely, but they’d never done more than go out for drinks. Maybe this was time. “What about now?” she asked. “I could use some practice. If you’re done with the party, we could go back to your place.”

Justin gave her an apologetic smile. “My place isn’t so good right now. My roommate is kind of a pain. What about your place?”

Abby thought about the chaos that was the Sample Estate these days, with weird Edmund running around, Victoria playing, and Andria’s uncomfortable pregnancy. “I probably shouldn’t bring anyone home without warning right now.”

They looked at each other awkwardly. “So,” Justin said. “Would a hotel be too forward?”

Abby hesitated. She wanted to say yes, and yet…. Sneaking off to a hotel seemed like the wrong way to start a relationship. “Maybe another night?” she said at last.

Justin grinned. “Sure thing,” he said. “I’ll call you.”

Andria took Sawyer aside to talk about the baby. “I just wanted to be sure you knew.”

“I guessed you were going to have another baby,” Sawyer said. “You were getting really fat. That’s a good sign.”

“Right,” Andria said with a tight smile.

“Oh, I wanted to ask you something else,” Andria said. “Have you been working with the plants in my greenhouse?”

“What’s wrong with me working in the greenhouse?” Sawyer demanded. “I’m smart enough to dig in the dirt.”

“That’s not it,” Andria said. “I’m growing some delicate alchemical ingredients there, and I want to be sure you know how to care for them.”

“Perhaps gardening is difficult for someone of your intelligence,” Sawyer snapped. “I understand it just fine.”

“I can’t talk to him,” Andria complained to Dylan that night. “I don’t want him killing my plants.”

“I’ll try to talk to him,” Dylan said. “Why don’t you let me put the kids to sleep? You look like you’re in pain.”

Andria’s back really was killing her. She offered him a relieved smile. “Thank you my love.”

So Dylan handled the bedtime routine.

While Andria booked an evening massage at the spa.

The massage was apparently just what she needed. It started here labor.

She called Dylan, who met her at the hospital, where Winston was born.

Another son. This was their third and final child.

“I want to toast our family!” Dylan declared the next morning. “Have some lemon mead! I made it myself!”

“Congratulations!” Abby said. She picked up a glass to toast little Winston a long life.

“Erm,” she coughed. “Thanks.” She went off to find a discreet place to pour it out.


At long last, I updated the Story So Far page to add Sky’s story! It didn’t take me too long — I’ve only played through most of Dylan’s generation.

I keep calling Victoria Abby and having to correct myself. Even though her coloration is so similar to Abby’s, I think she has one of the cutest toddler faces I’ve ever seen. Oh, those adorable chipmunk cheeks.

Winston just aged into a child on the last day I played, I think. I remember his child trait, but not his two baby traits. I’ll have to look them up when I open my game next.

Sawyer almost never goes anywhere off the lot except to go to work, so this is the first time he got to answer a medical emergency. Very entertaining.

I have to say that I burned out so hard after playing a good 2/3 of Dylan’s generation without blogging it. Now that I have some posting energy, it’s been a surprising amount of fun to sort through the pictures and rediscover the story.

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  1. Victoria is adorable!! And Edmund looks like a mini Darth Vader looking out the window in his long black cape. That's hilarious that Sawyer was able to whip out a portable diagnostic machine AND a pill to cure appendicitis on the sidewalk. I'm sure she was grateful! Sawyer seems a little dense, socially! It was funny how he said he noticed Andria was getting "fat.' This was a really fun update.

  2. Sawyer has the most unfortunate collection of traits I've ever rolled. He first three traits were Loser, Diva, AND Socially Awkward. Story-wise, I decided that he's on the Autism spectrum. He's very difficult to deal with, both in the story and in the game.

    I love the Ambitions medical profession. Their equipment is awesome. And that pill! It was almost half the size of her head!

    Thanks again for reading.

  3. Looks like Sawyer is up to his old tricks again. Poor Andria. He's not an easy sim to get along with!

    Victoria reminds me of Abby and Edmund reminds me of Sawyer. I wonder if Winston will remind me of Dylan 😉

    Poor Abby can't catch a break in the romance department. I can't tell if Justin is jut extremely shy or stringing her along.

  4. It sounds lame if I say that I wanted to say the exact same things as DragonWife, but it's true. 😉 I really do think Edmund is an incredibly dramatic character, even though he is only a child. His robes are special, and I can see why his classmates aren't too attached to him. We will see what happens with him!

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