Simantics: New and More Effective

It’s been entirely too long since we’ve had some Simantics. Mostly that’s because because I *really* want to pass the torch by the end of the year.

But, they’re stacking up, so here we go!

Victoria discovers a new, more effective way to work out, i.e. a glitch.


It’s good to know how to use store content I haven’t tried to place anywhere in this world.


Sawyer spent the interview with Emit Relevart trying to talk to him and route-failing.

For absolutely no apparent reason.

But it’s OK. Emit knows how to break the ice.

And then there’s this, which I will leave without caption because I can’t think of anything to say.

Edmund, being a Proper sim, takes protocol very seriously. Here he begins his date with Belle Girard with a military salute.

The best elixir moodlet EVAR


Everyone takes a break from the big protest to watch January Callender pass out from sun exposure.

Gamora and Whitney Ursine-Sample bond of the fact that they’re both Hot-Headed. This explains a lot.

After beating Whitney up at the salon, Gamora passes out.

Then Whitney passes out. It was another chance at bonding.

Avalon Gossip Column

Random pictures of Dragonwife’s son with Jian Wu so we can all drool for a little while.

I forgot his name. It begins with a B. Argh.

And, oh hey, here’s Sam Pistachio all old and wrinkly.

Last I checked on her, she was pregnant by Asriel Bookabet before he finally left the mortal coil. I don’t recall seeing the birth announcement. What happened with that?



Oh, just twins.


Have a nice time, Elder Sam.

In major character news, Forest is now a partner in his own smuggling operation.



And Chaim got promoted! What a great randomly-generated police officer!


After breaking up with his young girlfriend Devon Marmalade, Jasper has now hooked up with Dylan’s old friend Fawn Rockwell.

If they make any babies, he’ll have to carry them.


Gina Sample-Baerwyn had a kid named Leona by an Elder who died shortly after. I’ll have to look up who. Gina, who is actually Evil, never managed to sustain a romantic relationship, so it’s probably better this way.


Justin Mai the douchebag spends another night in jail for treating his baby-daddy Dion Callender and their three kids like crap.


Hello, what’s this?




I’ve never gotten a prompt like this for an inactive.

I guess Shannon really hated being a bedpan cleaner, not that I blame her. I hope she likes showbusiness better. It’s a good thing her husband Jean is keeping his day job in the food industry.

Since Winston is pretty much destined to be an Acrobat, this may push her into a story role at some point.

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