Simantics: Wet Dog

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Welcome to the behind-the-scenes peek at the Sample Legacy.

We open with a random townie: Shannon Leonard, daughter of Spock Leonard, as an adult. She got a lot of her face from daddy.

I really hope she has kids. If not, I will help her.



Connery was wet for most of Springtime.

This one is my fault. I used NRaas Retuner to turn on beekeeping for children. It bugs me to no end how many interactions are set for teen and up. Kids can’t even get in the hot tub fer heaven’s sake. Usually the kids will be a bit stretched during some part of the animation, but otherwise it goes all right, and I just don’t screenshot the stretch.

Beekeeping, however, is pretty horrifying.

It appears the hat is part of the animation? Huh?

(BTW: If you want some awesome things to do with Retuner, turn on a bunch of actions between toddlers. They can talk to each other! They can hug each other! And all the animations appear to be there, so it looks fine.)

Here we have the paparazzi giving yet another hayride.

To Sky’s dear departed soul. At least she’s having fun :).

After that, I turned this interaction off for ungreeted sims. Enough paparazzi hayrides is enough.

Another night, Sky put the charm on a different paparazzi. They’ve had so much more to do since she died.

Here, Layla and Cycl0n3 play video games

To a blank screen. I guess it helps if you’re a ghost.

Andria eats leftover baby food.

Which afflicts her with the dreaded hand-through-plate disease.

Even putting it in the dishwasher didn’t help. I think I had to reset her.

Avalon Gossip Column:

The Bookabet clan is reaching the end of the line. We’ve lost Adam. His wife Ali Bookabet-Mentary also passed on. Arya Bookabet Crumplebottom spent a bunch of time hanging out with her sister Alice Bookabet before Arya, too, joined her dear departed husband Garry Crumplebottom.

We have also lost DragonWife Wu. She didn’t get to marry Tomas Sample-Royale, but they had a great time being engaged. I’m down to very few Sims of Interest.

Jasper Crumplebottom had a rough time with the loss of his parents, including, apparently, losing track of whether his horse was a horse or a child.

I want to point out that this is not Jasper’s horse either. I *think* he inherited it from Dragonwife Wu when she died. I’m not sure why, though, since I would have expected Dragonwife’s son Bryant to inherit the horse. It’s possible the horse was inherited from a different Wu. My town is filled with Wus and Marmalades.

Asriel Bookabet-Weaver, OTOH, is back in the dating game. He and Eliana Sample-Baerwyn were an item until Eliana passed on. I hope he gave her a good time after she lost Hunter.

Hector Sw0rd and Gina Sample-Baerwyn haven’t turned out to be a match made in heaven.

And here we have a whirlwind of the younger generation. This is Janice Bookabet, daughter of Joanne Bookabet and Tomas Sample-Royale, and Rosalie Weaver, my (Echo’s) daughter from her unfortunate late-in-life affair with Forest Sample.

At the time I recorded these messages, I thought this was adorable. Then, a few game-days after the last post, Rosalie Weaver came home from school to hang out with teen Edmund. These girls are BOTH TEENS.

I do NOT have teen pregnancy turned on. My sims live in a more idealized world. I prefer it that way.

I haven’t actually checked to see if there really was a baby. If so, I think it will move in with Rosalie to be raised by her adult cousins. And I will try to figure out how my settings go flubbed.

And the town playboy Mulberry Marmalade settled down! With Sasha Saunders, the only daughter of Beatrice Saunders (Buffy Summers) and William Pierce (Spike).

I changed their name to Saunders, though. The Marmalade surname is taking over my town.

I’m adding new Sims of Interest! I’ll post introductions in the next Simantics post.

If anyone wants to provide me a with a simself or a sim from your game to populate your town, please let me know where to download it!

0 thoughts on “Simantics: Wet Dog

  1. Sims of interest, what a fun thing to keep up with! I wonder what happened, whether your settings got messed up, or if you don't really have a new teen mother. Sounds like the infamous Forest Sample (evil uncle, right?) caused some trouble for your simself a while back?

    Who knew Paparazzi hay rides were a thing?! Evidently they are such a common occurrence as to get annoying!

    The retuner settings for toddlers does sound fun. In Sims 2, they could huggle (hug each other) after Freetime, was which was really cute.

    The wet dog was hilarious.

  2. Not only did Rosalie and Janice have a baby, they had TWINS. I'm not clear what happened here. StoryProgression is supposed to have teen pregnancy off by default. I dug through the settings in the teen caste and discovered that it was possible for a teen to become pregnant, but not to father a pregnancy. Since they're both teens, that's still a problem. I'm really not clear on what happened here. I set the no-teen-pregnancy settings more emphatically. They should be off by default, and I've never knowingly touched them.

    I downloaded the Simsfan household from the Exchange, and I'm planning to add them as SoI, well, approximately right now. I believe you said you were interested. I'm holding Emily Reacher for a bit.

    Ah yes, my simself marred Forest late in life and joined that frightening vampire household. Then she died, and I moved their baby girl Rosalie in with her cousins quick.

  3. Firstly, I live in Wales and it rains ALL THE TIME, so I can sympathise with the Samples over the wet dog shenanigans.

    Secondly, look who Jaspers mother is. I'm not surprised that he's adopted/stolen a horse and is raising it as a human. In fact, I'm happy that the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree.

    Thirdly, it looks like we're sim-in-laws! I love the fact that my simself's daughter and your simself's daughter are dating. Although I agree that they are far too young. Clearly, the power of love is no match for programme settings and Nraas.

    I hope Asriel procreates as he is the last of the Bookabets in your game 🙁

  4. Hee! Asriel has procreated. He had a baby with elderly Zuzu Weaver named Timothy. I need to check up on what happened to him. I don't recall any notifications that were interesting. He got the bronze skin from Asriel's mum and Zuzu's strawberry blonde hair. He's at least a teen by now.

    Haha! I hadn't thought about being sim-in-laws. That's great :).

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