needs Sims3 fans!

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EDIT: This site has closed down. Too bad :(.

Hey there. A couple of simmers have created a community for narrative Sims stories that I think has promise. What does it need most? Some more Sims 3 players!

By “narrative story,” I mean Sims stories with plots rather than observational ones where you as the player talk about what’s happening the game. This blog is a narrative sims story.

There are some really impressive Sims 4 stories posted there — and I do mean impressive. The only Sims 3 story that is being actively updated is by yours truly.

This place formally launched February 1 of this year, and it’s still growing. If you like to write or read narrative Sims stories, I recommend you check it out. If you like to read or write Sims *3* I doubly recommend it :).

Here it is:

I’m Echoweaver there, same as every place else. (Except EA, where I’m Echowever because they won’t like me fix the typo.)

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