6.41 Steam

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The Sample children now spent more time in their natural form.

Andria encouraged it. She wanted her children to feel comfortable in their bodies and not be ashamed of being different.

Edmund spent hours staring into his own button eyes, trying to find meaning in their apparent emptiness.

Andria continued with her own experiments, now with some side projects on request by the Fae Council.

This looked promising.

One afternoon, she received a phone call that made her face light up.

“Are you kidding?” she exclaimed to the voice on the other end. “Of course I will! It will be special. Just you wait!”

She ran to the kitchen and began mixing.

It was the largest single cake she had ever baked, and a masterwork if she did say so herself.

Abby and Chaim picked a venue for their wedding to suit their own unique style — Steamshock, the local Steampunk-themed nightclub.

Abby, in typical celebrity form, wanted to do things a bit differently from everyone else.

Chaim just liked dressing up like an anachronistic lawman.

Victoria squealed when Abby made her entrance. “This is going to be so awesome!”

“I know, right!” Abby shot back.

The techno music crescendoed, and all eyes turned to the bride and groom as they stepped together under the lights.

“Chaim, my love, I was truly half a woman before you walked into my life. You helped me look past my ambition to find the happiness I had lost. I know that together, we can be even more than whole. I want to spend my life discovering what we can be together.”

“Abby, you lift me up to see things bigger than myself. With you, I’m a better person. I promise to walk by your side to the ends of the earth. I give you my love, support, and encouragement in your every endeavor.”

“From this day forward, and for the rest of our lives.”

With that kiss, they became Mr. and Mrs. Sample-Erickson.

The photographer got close enough to elbow the groom during the final kiss. Hopefully her pictures were worth it.

Then for the moment Andria that had Andria holding her breath.

The cutting of the cake.

“You really surprised me,” Abby’s best friend Aminali admitted, “but you did good. Chaim’s a catch.”

“I’m so glad you came,” Abby said.

“Are you kidding?” Aminali replied. “I would never miss a chance to see you tie yourself to a ball and chain.”

Abby didn’t see Aminali nearly as much as she wanted to. Aminali had taken a different path in life. She lived in a raucous blended household with the controversial police chief William Pierce, her son from her first marriage, his daughter with a previous girlfriend, and their daughter together. The whole clan was featured in the tabloids at least once a week. Aminali wouldn’t have it any other way. The free publicity kept her on the short list for choice movie parts.

“Tasty,” Aminali said to Sawyer as they ate their cake.

“Andria is a professionally skilled baker,” Sawyer said. “I have never tasted anything of hers that wasn’t delicious.”
“I didn’t mean the cake,” Aminali said.
Sawyer gave her a perplexed look but was interrupted by the chiming of a fork against a wine glass.

“Let’s raise a glass to my sister-in-law, Abby Sample-Erickson!” Andria said. “It was my privilege to live alongside her for most of my marriage. She is the most focused and talented woman I have ever met. I wasn’t sure she would ever surrender to the love of a man, but it turned out she just needed a very special kind of man. Here’s too a long happy life together!”

“To Abby and Chaim!” Dylan echoed.

“The nectar tasted amazing,” Abby whispered to Andria later. “Did Dylan make it?”

“Are you kidding?,” Andria hissed back. “I bought that stuff. Don’t tell him I said this, but Dylan’s nectar still tastes like watered-down grape juice — and that’s the good stuff.”

The music changed to a techno-waltz, and Chaim escorted Abby to the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple.

It turned out he had quite the moves.

Sawyer decided to try something else that he had never experienced before.

“I do seem to be feeling a bit light-headed,” he observed to himself.

Dylan threw a fit about the state of the bathrooms.

Winston managed to get the attention of Cortney Pierce-Hodgins, Aminali’s (sort-of) step-daughter. He’d been throwing paper planes at the back of her head during history class, but she would never even do him the favor of being offended.
He started out by bragging to her about his mad video game skillz, but that didn’t seem to go over very well.

Then he made jokes about the wedding, which bored her.

Then he got her talking about herself, and it was smooth sailing.

Andria grabbed Dylan’s hand. “Did you know that this venue has a hot tub,” she asked.

“I haven’t gone exploring,” Dylan said.

Andria giggled wickedly. “Neither has anyone else. Come on! We can have it to ourselves.”

“This room was decorated by someone with impeccable taste,” Dylan observed.

“Hush you,” Andria said. “Just feel the bubbles.”

“I can’t believe we actually did it!” Abby breathed.

“Doesn’t Aunt Abby look amazing?” Victoria said to Gamora. “I hope someday I fall in love like that.”

Gamora wasn’t even looking at Abby and Chaim. “Right,” she said coldly. “I bet you do.”

She immediately marched over to her father, grabbed his arm, and pulled him out of his seat. “Would you quit embarrassing me?” she hissed.

“How can I possibly be embarrassing you?” Sawyer demanded. “Who is the parent in this relationship?”

“You’re going to sit there puffing on the bubble blower until you pass out, and then I’m going to have to get you home,” Gamora said.

“If it bothers you that much,” Sawyer said, “I’ll do something else.” He cast about the room until his eyes fell on Aminali Ibari.

“Would you like to dance, Ms. Ibari?” he asked.

Aminali laughed. “Are you kidding? I thought you’d never ask.”

Gamora scowled at him, but Sawyer could remember when he’d last felt this relaxed. “All right then,” he said. “Show me how you dance, and I’ll copy your motions.”

“You tiger,” Aminali said.

And the music played late into the night.


Here is a good example of how Shannon Simsfan has changed my play style. I added Abby back to the household for this party. There was no other way to cut the cake. I left her on autonomy most of the time, though I did direct her to dance with Chaim.

I had Andria bake a cake and call a party as soon as I got the NRaas notification that Abby and Chaim had gotten married. As inactive sims go, it didn’t take them long! I intended this to just be the reception, but then the two lovers had that adorable, earnest conversation alone under the lights of the dance floor. (I believe Abby was actually asking Chaim to dance.) It looked so much like vows that I decided they would be :).

I had SO much fun following my sims around and watching what they did :). I just love parties like these. I was really pleased that I managed to throw the party while Abby and Chaim still had their, “Just Married” moodlets!

Sawyer hit the bubble blower all on his own. I’m not entirely clear what the moodlets from that thing are supposed to do. It’s a very entertaining animation, at least.

Winston has a crazy crush on Cortney Pierce-Hodgins. He has rolled a good four or five wishes to do things with her.

Sorry there’s no Edmund. He was there for about half the party. Then he had to go to work. I don’t seem to have a single screenshot of him.

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  1. Oh, there were so many great moments in this! I love Andria's face when Abby cut the cake, she is so excited. That cake was gorgeous! And Aminali's flirty comment to Sawyer was very funny as was his confusion.

    It was really fun to see that you decided to move Abby in for this, so she could cut the cake. I'm glad it worked out well; you did do really well to get the party lined up in time for the moodlets to still be in effect. And I love what you did with the vows. They do look very earnest, and those are beautiful vows they took. I felt bad for Sawyer, though, that Gamora was embarrassed by him. Nothing comes easily for him, it seems.

  2. The last couple of parties have been so much fun! It seems like I should get parties like this when I have an actual Party Animal in the household. Xia was a Party Animal, and she didn't have such great parties during her tenure.

    It never before occurred to me that I could just add a sim to the household for an afternoon in order to perform a couple of actions, then send them back to their home household without screwing everything up. Sims 3 isn't designed for switching back and forth between households. Even with NRaas mods to catch wishes and whatnot, I managed to wipe out my legacy family inventory when I tried. But adding an inactive to the active household and the sending her back works like a charm!

    Sawyer and Gamora love each other, but they are always picking fights and making up. They're a really tough pair. I keep an eye on them to see that they don't fall below friends.

  3. Huh, Sawyer is making a new acquaintance? Maybe even a potential romantic interest? Aminali seems to be a very honest sim, something that Sawyer might need….we'll keep an eye on this.

    Lovely wedding? I am so glad that Abby finally found the one sim who will (hopefully) make her happy. She deserves it, after all that trouble she has been through in the past 🙂

  4. Ha ha! I think Aminali would be too much for Sawyer to handle. She was certainly flirting with him, but nothing came of it.

    I had so much fun with the wedding. As you know, I love weddings!

    It seems like after like five years of playing this game, I've finally figured out how to have parties that are fun to play :).

  5. At some point you'll have to tell me the secret to a fun party 😉 And yep, your love for weddings also shows in the way you depict them! This could be handled in a short, cold manner, too, but you really make the sims shine on their most important day 🙂

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