6.40 Legends

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After Sawyer walked out on Manisha Kapoor for the last time, the chaos level in the Sample Estate skyrocketed, particularly for Victoria and Winston.

Someone sabotaged Winston’s jack-in-the-box.

Nobody found out for sure who did it, but the prank had Gamora’s name all over it.

Edmund was in the after school Artist Club. His new passion was sculpting. He had never been able to truly express the darkness in his soul with paint on canvass. He hoped he would be able to do more with hammer and chisel.

So far he’d made an end table.

Winston’s favorite time of the week was still dance practice.

He jumped at any chance to perform.

He was even pretty good at it. Mom and Dad couldn’t be prouder.

Schoolwork, on the other hand, didn’t come naturally to him. He persuaded some of his classmates to form a study group. At least then he could be social while he struggled with his math homework.

He was also starting to show affinity for magic, the same as Edmund and Victoria.

While the children were in school, Andria spent hours in the musty stacks of Monmouth Archive, pouring over forgotten books of fae lore.

She wanted to free her people from hiding, start a new chapter in the history of the fae of Avalon.

To do that, she needed to gain the favor of the Fae Council. Old tomes contained rites that might, if she was lucky, might encourage them to take her seriously.

She set about gathering the ingredients of the most challenging elixir she had ever brewed.

Study Club met at Percival’s Provisions Cafe to review for the history test.

“You know, Winston,” Gamora scoffed, “reading your homework would be a whole lot easier if you’d just wear your glasses.”

“I forgot them at school after basketball practice,” Winston admitted. “I’ll manage.”

The sound of shouting filled the courtyard.

“What is going on?” Mason cried.

Gamora lit up. “Fight! Fight! Fight!” she shouted. She jumped up and ran to get a better look.

“That was awesome!” Gamora cheered. “Kick her butt!”

“I don’t think I want him to notice me,” Mason said.

“Gamora, who founded the Duchy of Avalon Island?” Winston asked.

“Come on, Gamora,” Mason said, grabbing her arm. “Just turn and walk away slowly.”

“Oh, come on,” Gamora protested. “I want to see if she hits him back.”

One evening after dinner, Andria called her children to the back yard.

“I want to see you in your natural forms,” she told them. “We don’t have to hide tonight.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen everyone in doll form at the same time!” Victoria said.

“I’ve been consulting with the Fae Council,” Andria said. “They agree that we have been hiding ourselves too deeply. Our people have lost track of who we are.”

Three doll faces watched her intently.

“I want to begin by telling you some of the history of our race,” Andria began. “Some of it was told to me by my fae father, Sebastian Hodgins. A lot of what I’m going to tell you is information I learned from the Fae Council just this week. We owe it to ourselves not to erase our nature because we are afraid of how normals will treat us.”

“A lot of what I’m going to tell you isn’t pretty, but it’s part of who we are.”

“Tells us,” Edmund said. “I want to know everything.”

Andria talked all night.

The children listened.

By the end of the evening, they looked at the world and their place in it very differently.


I wanted to come up with more text for Andria’s lecture on fae history, but the important thing was really that the kids were learning about it. So I left the pictures to speak for themselves.

Also, I love the ghost story interaction so hard.

I don’t seem to have saved the popup, but Andria threw some invigorating elixirs on her kids so that they all had enough energy to interact at the same time, and those completed her Alchemy Artisan LTW. I believe only Sawyer is left, and he’s one promotion away.

I have played until all the kids are teens! I love them all! I now can’t proceed with gameplay until I hold an heir poll (PLEASE no three-way tie like the last one). But these guys are so interesting, and they have done SO MUCH STUFF. I am trying to get through the final posts as quickly as I can. Right. We’ll see how that goes.

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  1. I wonder if Edmund felt that the end table expressed a little bit of the darkness in his soul??

    I'm looking forward to the heir poll; I'd be happy with any of them but I already am leaning towards one of them.

    Having never played the dolls in Sims 3 to the point that one became a person, I am pretty clueless about Andria and the other children's life state, abilities, or anything to do with it. But I'm very curious to see how her decision to encourage them to be more open about who they are will affect them, the family, and the story.

  2. Heh. I've done a lot of story stuff with Andria being an Imaginary Friend, but the truth is that the life state doesn't have much to it. You can transform into a doll, and you have a funny walk — either in human form or doll form. The rest of what I have done is actually from Andria's alchemy. She used elixirs to make her children witches. So they all have magical abilities, which I'm attributing to them being "fae," but really that's from the witch life state.

    Just attribute it to artistic license :).

  3. OK, so here I thought it was just to jump right in and read your latest and I would instantly understand what is going on. Silly me. You have obviously woven a very intriguing story here! Good job! Whichforces me to return once more to the beginning. Not a real terrible burden tbh. I miss being able to play around with colours and different life states tbh. Wonder if that will come back in Sims 4?

  4. Bwahaha! I'm glad you're still plugging along! You're welcome to read the "story so far" page, which will give you the overview until this generation. Generation 6 is very close to done, though, and I haven't written it up for the overview page yet.

    The trick with a legacy that's in its second half is that it gets LONG. I don't push anyone to read all of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really appreciate you reading and commenting!

  5. Wow, I love that the kids finally got in touch with their history. There surely is nobody better than Andria to explain to them what they needed to hear. And you also did a good job not telling us too much about it at the same time. After all, it's their history, not ours. In my head this connected with the history and religiously relevant sites of Aborigines in Australia, particularly at the Uluru – they cannot be passed on to outsiders, but only between family members. Your sims have a sacred existence, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Apart from them: the study group is beyond adorable!

  6. Oh, I love that image of the fae past!

    I didn't want to dump a whole bunch of text about fae into this post. I have some idea how it will build out into the Generation 7 stories, but it seemed like better storytelling to talk about it then. The important part is that Andria is teaching them.

    Thanks so much for coming to catch up! I know your life is really crazy right now.

  7. Nah, just a bit ๐Ÿ˜› I really felt like I had to catch up before the heir poll, because I wanted to get to know the children a bit better. Also, I just missed the Simples in general ๐Ÿ™‚

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