6.39 Sticks and Bones

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“What is it?” Victoria asked. She couldn’t keep the disgust out of her voice.

“I have no idea!” Edmund answered. “Isn’t it amazing? Connery dug up the pieces and brought them to me. I assembled it. I can’t guess how old it is, but I’ve never seen any living creature like this.”

“I’ve never seen a dead creature like that either,” Victoria sniffed.

The prehuman skeleton stayed in the living room until Andria made Edmund move it outside.

Dylan’s nectar-making skills were improving.

At least, he was pretty sure they were.

He hadn’t forgotten his painting. His masterpiece was a pastoral landscape.

It made him feel peaceful to look at it. He hung it in his nectar cellar to brighten it up.

Bonehilda still emerged from her casket to handle most of the housekeeping. She even took over the care of Dylan’s bees.

Since her wedding anniversary date, Andria had been distracted. Things were wonderful between her and Dylan, but she was still unsatisfied. 

When she thought no one would notice, she rehearsed conversations in front of the mirror.

“All this living in secret is pointless!” she told her reflection. 

“More magic is coming out in the world every day. There’s no reason to be afraid. Let’s just make an announcement and come out!”

Dylan told Victoria the family story of the two music boxes that had been passed down in the Sample family for generations.

Victoria’s great-grandfather Charles had presented great-grandmother Veronica with a ballerina music box on the day they’d confessed their love to each other.

Much later, she had presented him with a ninja music box. Apparently he’d been a martial artist or something, and a ninja suited him.

“I just can’t get over how romantic our ancestors were!” Victoria cooed. She listened to the music boxes play over and over, sometimes at the same time, which drove everyone else in the family crazy.

Meanwhile, Gamora wondered what exactly she was.
According to her father, she was the first of her kind. What did it mean to be a sentient plant? Or a plant-like sim? Or whatever she was?

Whatever the case, she was sick and tired of all the fluffy romantic stuff that Vickie was burbling about all the time. Those music boxes made terrible music.

“Take me to see my mom now,” Gamora told her father.

Sawyer scowled. “I don’t know what you expect to happen,” he said, “but it’s going to turn out badly. I thought I could get her to change her mind, and I was wrong. Your mother is obtuse and irrational.”

Gamora shrugged. “Take me anyway,” she said.

Sawyer owed her that much, so he looked up her address and took her there.

Manisha had moved around several times since arriving in Avalon. She was currently rooming with a man she met through work.

Sawyer felt his throat constrict as he approached the door. Blood was pounding in his ears. It was difficult to breathe.

He had to stop and watch Gamora playing in the yard for a few minutes to calm himself down enough to press the doorbell.

He hoped Manisha would not be the one to answer the door. He rehearsed a message in his head for him to leave with her roommate.

He wasn’t so lucky. Manisha opened the door herself. “Sawyer,” she said. “This is a surprise.” She didn’t sound like she was surprised, but Sawyer had no idea what she was actually feeling. He’d never been very good at that in the best of times.

Manisha invited him inside, and Gamora silently trailed after them.

“This is where I’m living now,” Manisha said. “Have you met my roommate Eloy? Eloy Berg, this is my boyfriend Sawyer Sample. Sawyer, Eloy.”

What had she called him?

He had a hundred questions, but all he could manage to say was, “I don’t understand.”

“Uh, yeah, I guess I should explain myself,” Manisha said, avoiding Sawyer’s eyes. “You gave me a lot of time to think about everything. I guess I was wondering–“

She broke off, stepped forward suddenly, and grabbed Sawyer by the shoulder to pull him close. He felt her lips on his. He had forgotten how wonderful a kiss could be.

Gamora slipped upstairs while her parents were doing adult stuff. This was going so much better than her father had said it would.

Now they could all come together and be a family at last.

She could start figuring out how to be normal.

Sawyer came up for breath. “What just happened?” he asked.

“I miss you,” Manisha admitted. “I guess I couldn’t help myself. I thought maybe we could talk this out.”
Sawyer missed her too, more than anything. But Gamora was looking at him. He had to make this right. “You made it very clear that you didn’t want talk anything out the last time I saw you. Since then, our daughter has grown up. I’m only here because of her.”

“Oh,” Manisha said. “Maybe that was a good thing.”

Sawyer stared at her, completely confused. There was nothing rational about this interview at all, and yet all he wanted was to grab her and kiss her again.

“This is Tiger Lily,” Eloy said. “She’s a sweet kitty. If you’re gentle, she’ll let you pet her.”

Gamora didn’t answer. Mr. Berg was a nice old man, and he was trying to make her feel at home. She didn’t want to feel at home. She wanted her mother to come home with her.

Her parents were smiling at each other. Things were going so well. Now was the time to join in the conversation.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Gamora. I brought my dad here to meet you.”

“Thanks,” Manisha replied. “I wanted to talk to him, but I didn’t know where to start.”

“Now that everything’s all right,” Gamora said, “maybe you can come home with us. You’re going to really enjoy being my mom.”

Manisha caught her breath. “Oh,” she said weakly, “about that.”

“Look,” Manisha continued, “Sawyer’s a wonderful guy, and he’s a great scientist, but he didn’t tell you the truth. I’m not your mother, and I don’t want to be. He’s not really your father either. You’re an experiment that didn’t work out the way we expected.”

“Stop it!” Sawyer screeched. “Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!”

“How dare you talk to Gamora like that! You are stupid, irrational, and obtuse! She doesn’t have to listen to you! I won’t allow it!”

“We talked about this before!” Manisha shouted back. “Stop trying to make me something I’m not!”

Sawyer took a deep breath. “I came here against my better judgment. It will never happen again. Gamora is a person, and you are not. We are going home. Stay away from us.”

Gamora did not cry as he escorted her out of the house. She turned baleful yellow eyes on Manisha. “You’ll pay,” she said quietly.

Sawyer didn’t hear her, but Manisha did, and something in the look on Gamora’s face made her turn pale.


Poor Gamora. I decided that if Sawyer had a Midlife Crisis AND he rolled no romantic wishes for Manisha, then he would go and break up with her. Otherwise, he would go work hard to patch it up. The date with Emily Doctor sealed the deal.

I figured that since Gamora was upset with Sawyer for cheating on Manisha, she’d be the one who wanted to go visit her. I let the interview run on autonomy, and it turned out pretty much the opposite of what I expected. Instead of immediately ending up in a fight, Manisha was all over Sawyer. She flirted with and kissed him autonomously. I sent Gamora to talk to her, though, and that was a big flop. So that was the end of that. Sawyer broke up with her.

Oh, and I am madly in love with My Friend Fred, which is one of the sculptures that dogs can find. Ha!

I have been on vacation for a week, and EVERYONE appears to have posted. I am slowly catching up. I haven’t forgotten about you.

7 thoughts on “6.39 Sticks and Bones

  1. You are so good at weaving together a theme, and the title of this one goes great for it. So the skeleton is My Friend Fred?? That's pretty awesome. And I can see Edmund being interested in it. It was fun seeing Victoria enjoying the ancestors' music boxes. Your blog always makes me want to play Sims 3 but it is too hard keeping my legacy going and playing Sims 3. Most weeks, there just isn't enough time.

    I was so surprised by the twists and turns with Sawyer and Manisha. First, she wants to get back together, and then she is so hateful to Gamora. I understand where she's coming from, but such hurtful things to say to Gamora. Poor Sawyer, he was confused by the conversation but he wanted to kiss her again.

    The sims 3 midlife crisis gives a lot of scope for story, it seems. You really make the most of it.

    I hope you had a nice vacation. I posted three or four times last week, but won't be posting again till at least Monday the 20th, so don't worry about getting further behind on mine.

  2. oh!! That was an unexpected turn of events. I wouldn't have thought that Manisha wanted to give their relationship a second try. If she had been able to be a real mom, this surely would have been good for Gamora. But she obviously still has trouble with what and who Gamora is, and I'm glad she won't be around her "daughter" now. Gamora needs stability to find herself.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful comments!

    So one of the things that dogs can scavenge are pieces of sculptures. Most of them have pretty descriptive names, like "Concrete Fire Hydrant" (snerk). There was this one called, "My Friend Fred," though, that I was very curious about. It took Connery forever to find the final piece. That's what it turned out to be! I love it.

    Manisha and Sawyer were just forever in the opposite mood with each other. I don't think Manisha is mature enough to handle Sawyer, even if Gamora weren't in the picture. At least he got to have the final word.

    I like Midlife Crises, but like a lot of game features, I think they happen a bit too often. They hit 3 of the 4 sims this generation.

  4. I didn't expect Manisha to be so flirty either! She always surprised me.

    Gamora definitely needs some steadfast support in her life. She's not taking this stuff with Manisha very well at all.

  5. Wow, poor Gamora, I really feel for her. Manisha better watches out for this little girl, something unpleasant could happen, haha. I loved Gamora’s last line! As for the weirdness between Sawyer and Manisha – I hope they finally figured themselves out.

    I had no idea dogs could collect pieces of creepy statues! My friend Fred is awesome!!! 😀

    • You are so awesome. Thank you for reading!

      Yeah, things didn’t go so well with Gamora in the beginning. I guess it’s not surprising exactly, considering that Sawyer and Manisha are both pretty low on the social skills.

  6. Ugh, I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Manisha. She needs to just step off. Gamora is going to GET her, and she isn’t good enough for our Sawyer anyway. He needs to go get Dr. Doctor and make more plant babies.

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