6.38 Weekend Plans

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Edmund knew that he lived in a bubble of luxury as the scion of an old monied Avalon family. He hated it. If he allowed it, his family connections would make everything easy. He would never need to work hard for anything. Money would mean nothing.

Edmund did not want to be that person. Once he graduated from school, he intended to live on what he earned and nothing more.

He took an after school job at Avalon Memorial Gardens as an assistant undertaker. He knew he couldn’t yet earn enough to cover his room and board, but it was a good start. He could learn the value of labor while he while he was still in school.

Many sims might hesitate to work at a cemetery, but it was the perfect job for Edmund. His work was filled with reminders of mortality, but also the spirits that lingered beyond death. It was a perfect place for magic.

At the cemetery, he was first inspired to experiment with his own magic.

Edmund fought a migraine for the rest of the day. His first experiment could have gone better.

Gamora was a force for chaos in the Sample household. Sawyer was the only sim in the house unfazed by her moods.

Not only did she dislike other children, she went out of her way to cause them trouble.

Out of everyone in the home, she seemed to get along best with Connery.

Other than her father, the human sim she seemed to do best with Victoria. She seemed to like Victoria in spite of herself. Everyone liked Victoria.

Or maybe Gamora just found it useful for them to get along. They shared a bedroom, after all.

Fall came to Avalon, bringing with it falling leaves and colder breezes.

When the weekend came, it was tool cool to go to the beach. Instead, Victoria persuaded Gamora to go with her to Persephone Hot Springs.

Gamora was much more interested in the hot springs than she was in the beach anyway. The springs were fresh water. Salt water made her sick.

“Come in!” Victoria shouted. “Whoever makes the biggest splash wins!”

She made a splash that would be hard to beat.

“Splashing isn’t really my thing,” Gamora said. “I like the water, though.”

Victoria paddled around in the crystal clear water.

Gamora treaded water until she’d soaked enough in through her skin, then lay in the sun to photosynthesize.
Almost immediately, the clouds moved in, and the skies opened up.

“Vickie!” Gamora shouted. “It’s raining!”

“It’s what?” Victoria called back from the waterfall.

“It’s raining!” Gamora said. “I’m going home!”

Victoria watched the water splash over her hands under the water, feeling baffled. Why did it even matter if it was raining?

Winston had big plans for the weekend himself. He’d been perfecting his baking skills for days, and now he was ready to show it to the world.

He prepared as  best he could that morning.

The baking report was encouraging.

Then he ran to the town market as soon as Mom and Dad would let him out of the house.

At first, he set up shop in the old theater, Magical Moving Pictures. He thought it would be a great idea to offer an alternative to the movie concessions, but the result was disappointing. Nobody seemed to notice him. Perhaps that they were just too much competition.

He even tried outside the theater. It was out in the sunlight where he could get burned or bitten by bugs or all sorts of nastiness, but in theory it ought to increase his visibility. Still, he couldn’t attract a single sale.

Winston knew he was a good baker. Why weren’t other sims giving him a chance? Were his prices too high? Was it because he was a kid?

Finally, as the sun was beginning to set on a frustrating day, he moved his table inside the bookstore.

And that location turned out to be the jackpot.

There was no coffee stand in the bookstore, and apparently everyone was desperate for refreshments.

His muffins and cookies received lots of compliments. 

When it was finally time to fold up shop and head home, he eagerly counted his simoleons.

Selling treats was not as profitable as he’d thought it would be.


Here’s a little snapshot of all the Generation 7 heirs.

I’m rolling all four traits for the Gen 7 kids, just to see how it goes. The bit with Edmund wanting to earn his own money is the Frugal trait he picked up as a teen.

I suppose now is the time to admit that Gamora’s traits are…. problematic. I suppose she’s her father’s daughter. Sawyer’s Forbidden Fruit plant surprised me when it grew to Horrifying quality. I did everything I could come up with to try to raise its quality. I even moved it into the greenhouse and had Sawyer talk to it with the megaphone. No good. I could have had him harvest the fruit and let Andria plant another one with all her bonuses, but those plants take FOREVER to grow, even with fertilizer, and the resulting baby would have been a good week younger than the Gamora we have. So I let him pick her, and she came with Evil and Dislikes Children locked in. Then when I rolled her child trait, she got Hotheaded. I’ve already played the Evil sociopath in Forest, so I intend to do something different with Gamora. Gamora is going to express her Evil trait in a much milder way, more chaotic than sadistic. I’m still waiting to see how Hotheaded plays out — she hasn’t had a single Hotheaded wish yet.

Woo, those baker’s stands are really persnickety. I spent the whole day trying to figure out how to to get Winston to sell some of his baked goods. It turned out there was was some kind of glitch in the bookstore rabbithole that was causing routing problems on the lot. When I found and fixed that, suddenly Winston had customers. But I tried to have him set up that stand two other times, and nobody noticed it. I even dropped the prices for his goods very low. It’s a bummer because it seemed like just the thing Winston would want to do.

Hey, Persephone Hot Springs is still up for download, for those who might be interested. It’s the prettiest community pool lot that I’ve ever seen, and I like the idea that there’s a story excuse for using an outdoor pool in cold weather. As I was writing this, I got the impulse to learn how to use a fog emitter so that I could add some steam around the water. I’ll see how that goes. The only downside I see is that I can’t come up with a good way to add a slide.

I looked again at the traits that came with Island Paradise, and there *is* a Loves to Swim trait, which would be the opposite of Hydrophobic. I guess I’m playing Victoria as a combination of Sailor (the trait she has) and Loves to Swim. There’s just not a whole lot to sailing by itself. She doesn’t get a moodlet for being on houseboats, and the only activity you seem to be able to do from regular boats is fish. I think of Victoria as having the imaginary trait Loves the Sea, but she’ll take freshwater if that’s the best she can do.

Oh, and I finally did it. I played to all four kids are teens. Now I just have to catch up on posting so I can get the heir poll going. Can you believe it?

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  1. I was thinking, "I really like Edmund," and the frugal trait makes sense with the way you described his concern with the value of money. I wondered what was up with Gamora; I didn't realize she had such a negative combination of traits, but the hot-headed and Evil (with Dislikes Children) does sound chaotic, since Hot-Headed means she would be so impulsive. Interesting you haven't really seen that yet in game, though.

    Those springs look so beautiful! I had forgotten about Victoria's Sailor trait when she said she didn't see why they needed to leave due to the rain. That shot of fall in Avalon is so beautiful.

    And I didn't know they could set up shop with the baked goods in a community lot; that's so cool! I'm glad Winston finally got some business.

    It's going to be very difficult to pick who to vote for! Right now I'd have to say I'm leaning towards Edmund.

  2. What a wonderful family you have created here! I really do like Edmund as well. But please let him know not to experiment too much with magick on his own, less he turn into a toad! 😀
    /Anna – Granite Legacy

  3. I'm really crazy about this batch of kids. Edmund and Winston have really developed. I didn't really get a handle on Victoria while she was a child, but she's had an interesting teenagerhood so far. I had to close the game down about a sim-hour after Gamora aged to a teen, so all I really have is her childhood so far, but she's also going in some interesting directions.

    I think I would be delighted to have any of them as heir. I usually keep the spares around long enough to get their LTW, but I don't think that's going to be possible with four of them. It's going to break my heart to move one of them out.

  4. Haha! I haven't gotten to really play with magic yet, so I'm excited to see wherever Edmund goes! I hope he can find a way to turn his toad head back when he gets one :).

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting! It means a lot.

  5. Evil and Hotheaded? Holy moly, that's quite a handful. I'm finding Gamora more and more interesting, particularly because she has become such a challenge for the household.

  6. Gamora is going to be a real challenge to play. Then again, so was her father, and he was the popular favorite in the last heir poll. Unlike Forest, I'm not going to veto her as heir, since I don't plan to make her a sociopath. She just has… problems. Which, when you think about it, is easy to understand. Her mom rejected her, her father is on the Autism Spectrum, and she's a plant-human hybrid. That certainly gives her a few issues to work through.

    Thanks, as always, for reading and commenting.

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