Simantics: Gripes and Glitches

Starting with a picture I missed and should have included in a post:

I get all misty seeing Veronica and Charles now.
Also, a pick of Enigma teaching her puppies that I should have used.

In the inappropriate heart-farts department, Leah discovers at her wedding that her new wife’s sister is really hot.

Connor looks after his pouty great-great-great grandson. (I counted that out.)

Here’s the creepy shot of Veronica drowning in the grass beside the fish pond after the game reset her for route fails in the swimming pool. I could have legitimately interceded  because this was clearly a glitch, but as I said, she was 105 and got to be a cool ghost.

The art museum’s basement is glitched. I think this is also a result of Island Paradise. Here, Plum tries to run down the stairs to the bathroom but instead walks out into midair and throws up down two stories.

I wondered what it looked like inside the motive mobile. Now I know. That’s sky and February if you’re curious.

Also, I accidentally ended up with my camera inside the bistro, and here’s what it looks like.

Pretty nifty and detailed for something you’re only supposed to see through the doors when someone enters and exits.

Poor Alice Bookabet’s everyday outfit.

I fixed it.

Sean Flynn stayed out too late in the sun, then staked himself with a tree trunk.

But Sky revived him with a Sing-A-Gram.

Who knew Sing-A-Grams were so powerful for creatures of the night.


Sky DIDN’T GET her lifetime wish. I looked this one up and knew it was finicky, so I was very careful in how I did it. She had:

1. Leah in the sarcophagus on the Utopia steampunk home lot. I then didn’t count any activity on a home lot, even though there were two more houses.

2. Xia in the photo booth at the Sports Bar (which is how The Garden Gnome pub is classified).

3. Amie in the wardrobe at the Local Watering Hole (Honeydukes’)

4. February in the all-in-one shower/toilet in the Coffeeshop (Coffee Under the Sea)

5. Amy in the elevator at the Gym.

That’s five different people in five different woohoo objects on five different lots.

I tried to change some things around with MasterController and gave up. I changed her LTW to Master of the Arts (Guitar and Painting), since it has the same number of happiness points. She maxed her guitar skill out a long time ago, and since she is the portrait artist for Gens 5 and 6, she is about to max her painting as well. I’m giving her credit for Master Romancer because the whole character was built around that LTW goddammit.

Avalon Gossip Column:

Dragonwife Bard Wu gets the crazy cat lady award for this game. She has adopted cats Lisa, Mackie, Minnie, and Misty. She also has a horse Buffy, but that’s my fault. (Nobody was adopting horses, even when I added horse stalls to the lots, so I added a horse to the household of every Animal Lover or Equestrian in town.)

Leah and Plum Marmalade had a baby boy named Stephan, then immediately a girl named Devon. Leah and Plum are madly in love with each other, and since the Marmalades are incredibly rich, they spread their money around. Leah is now sending her parents an allowance.

Lynn Sword and Sebastian Hodgins got married. Sebastian took Lynn’s name. Shortly after, Lynn passed on. Sebastian Sword now lives with his adult son Cliffton Hodgins from his first marriage and his child daughter Adria Sword.

Adam Bookabet took up writing. Arya Crumplebottom is fishing and writing best-selling science fiction novels.

Alberto and Faith Cagley committed fidelity to each other, saving the town from a creepy old man rampage. But not before Alberto left behind a trail of broken hearts.

Alberto grew old and feeble. He found a new home for his elderly cat Jeremiah and even a foster home for son Tomas, who was a day or two away from adulthood. Then he adopted a new puppy named Viola before he died. Not sure what happened to that puppy.

Alice and Asriel Bookabet had a huge falling out. Alice moved in with her best friend, Emma Voss-Lorien, and her husband. Shortly after, Ignatio Butterfield-Callender asked her to marry him, and she said yes.

Amy Winter and February Callender broke up (big surprise). Amy kicked February out of the house and kept custody of their daughter Rosie. Amy started dating Charlotte Stemple (Charles’s immaculately conceived love child from China). I’m not sure who is raising February’s son by Spock Leonard.

There was some kind of nasty shakeup in the Saunders-Pierce household! Beatrice and William never did get married. Suddenly, they had a big fight. William moved in with Ariel and Puzzle Hodgins and started dating Ariel. After a few days of heavy romance, he proposed!

After the death of her beloved David Doctor, Zuzu Weaver is now in a serious relationship with none other than Asriel Bookabet.

3 thoughts on “Simantics: Gripes and Glitches

  1. The picture of Sean Flynn staking himself is hilarious! Two many late nights out burying the sims he has murdered I'm guessing.

    It makes sense that the sims named after book characters are successful novelists in your neighbourhood and I love that Arya, who is named after two characters from fantasy novels is writing sci-fi novels. Adam is so much more 'arty' in your game. 🙂

    From a time-lord to an evil md scientist … your sim-self has a peculiar taste in men. I really hope that this one sticks!

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