Snagged Dragon Valley!

$8 for Black Friday! Woot! Now I have shoulder dragons. I’m stalking the site to see if the Renaissance Fair will go on sale so I can get the black dragon unlock.

Now I am torn about whether the Samples will move to Monte Vista or Dragon Valley first. Any thoughts?
Into the Future is on sale for $20, but I think I’m so overloaded with cool stuff to play that I’m going to let that slide. In a few months out will be on permanent mark down, and I’m just not ready to install it yet. 
I don’t shop in person on Black Friday, but the online sales are awesome. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Snagged Dragon Valley!

  1. What's the special thing about Monte Vista? I've heard about Dragon Valley, of course, but never read about MV. TBH, I'm not that crazy about dragons, so I could live without them for a while. 😉

  2. I'm planning to make wherever they move another part of Avalon, so I was planning to use the ancient (Italian) city of Monte Vista. Now I have a world that is explicitly fantasy-themed. But I think I will probably try Monte Vista first still because it looks so pretty.

    I have mixed feelings about leaving this Avalon world. I was planning to move for Gen 6, but I may decide against it after all. Every time I decide I'll do it, I take a screenshot with the absolutely gorgeous fantasy wilderness in the background. That little island is a work of art. Bravo Bakafox. I need to go to her blog and say that to her directly :).

    And, eh, your mileage may vary on dragons. I'm not terribly excited about some of the bonus content. The Into the Future preregistration gift (a powersuit) didn't appeal to me, even though I like science fiction. But the most recent world has a roller coaster, and THAT appeals to me. 🙂

  3. I don't know if it will be the same for you, but I have terrible routing issues in Monte Vista. It's really gorgeous, and I'm sure overwatch would help it lag less. It doesn't come with a lot of community lots though, and I'm just too lazy to put them all in.

  4. I am afraid of that. Is it generating a lot of lag?

    ellaCharmed at ModtheSims has put up routing fixes for most of the expansion worlds, but she hasn't done much with the store worlds yet. In fact, while I was mulling this over, she posted fixes for Sunset Tides. I'm using that world for my Nothing is Free/High Cost of Living challenge, but I'm using a version someone already edited to add the dive lots from Island Paradise, so I probably can't do anything with those.

    I wish people would step it up and do their free work faster so I can have better game performance :-p

  5. Haha where would we be without modders and other non-ea sim geniuses?

    Monte Vista had a little lag for me, but not as bad as Isla Paradiso. The biggest problems with it were that my sims got lost a lot and it took them forever to get anywhere. I think one spent four sim hours getting to work.

  6. Sims got lost in Monte Vista or Isla Paradiso? I've heard that Isla Paradiso is hard to navigate because of all the islands. Also, if you move to some of the discovered islands and have a rabbithole job, you can be in for hours of commute.

    Monte Vista looks so gorgeous, but the premade residents of Dragon Valley would take almost no work to turn into Avalon elves, and they have interesting faces. The Wonderlands are going to move to Aurora Skies, and the sims there are so bland that I'm importing extra weird faces from other towns so that there will be some genetic diversity before Gen 3 starts mate-hunting.

  7. I’m really curious for which town you’ve decided in the end. As you know, my legacy challenge takes place in Monte Vista and I can tell you that I’ve never had any serious routing problems. I’m playing w/o mods and CC, but I’m not sure if it thanks to that… I’ve had a terrible lag when I expanded the house and had 5 Sims, a ghost, 3 horses and a dog living on the lot. Also, traveling to AL Simhara and Shang Simla didn’t really help it either… At the moment, I’m playing the 3rd Gen and my game fixed itself mysteriously. It runs really well, with loading time of max 10 minutes 🙂

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