5.34 Third and Final

Xia moved in without much fanfare. Dylan didn’t mind, and Abby was ecstatic to have her mum around more often. Now that she was there full-time, she picked up even more slack in the family routine and added a few extra embellishments. For one thing, she started reviving Hunter’s abandoned garden.

That reinforced Sky’s cooking efforts, which everyone admitted were getting better.

A lot of Xia’s spare time went into training for her flight program, so she was often found outside running at all hours and in all weather.

Riddle got a lot of benefit, since she enjoyed his company.
That was a very good thing because Riddle had an inflated sense of his territory and could be a real problem when he was bored.

Sky continued to perform and do Sing-A-Grams until her due date. Her fans loved her for it and spent a lot of time speculating on fan forums who the new baby’s mum might be.
Dylan won first place for a painting contest in school. Sky attended the ceremony alongside Leah. It didn’t hurt as much as when they saw each other at Leah’s wedding. Wounds did heal, if slowly.

Sky’s due date passed, and she began wishing for stronger contractions. At last they came. Xia rushed her to the hospital and stayed with her while Dylan and Abby visiting Hunter and Eliana. It was by far Sky’s most comfortable labor, and in due course Sawyer was born. Afterward, at her request, Dr. Sebastian Hodgins tied her tubes and ensured that this was the last child she would carry.

When she first laid eyes on him, Sky was pretty sure she knew who his mum was. He was silver-skinned like her, but his bright green eyes were distinctive. It was the come-hither look in Amy Winter’s identical bright green eyes that had caught Sky’s attention in the first place.

In between feedings and sleep, she and Xia had long, anxious conversations about what to do about Amy. Xia would not hear of Sky keeping the information from Amy the way she’d kept it from Xia. Finally, they agreed that Sky would call Amy and invite her over to tell the story and see what Amy thought.

It was a long, strange conversation. Sky held baby Sawyer in her arms for the entire time, and she mercifully slept for most of it. Amy was incredulous and said at least four times that if Sky intended to ask for child support, she’d want a parentage test to prove Sawyer was her child. Sky assured her that money was not an issue. They agreed at last that Sky would send Amy email reports on Sawyer’s development, and they would have the option to become involved in each other’s lives if Sawyer wanted it when he grew up.

“You know, I used to date her,” Xia said with a grimace as Amy left.

“The lesbian community in this town is just too small,” Sky said with a sigh. Amy was now living with February Callender, and February was carrying their child. I guess if Amy told February about her unexpected baby, February wouldn’t be able to get too angry, considering that she’d had her own fling with Sky.

Weeks later, February hired Sky to give Amy a Sing-A-Gram for her Elder birthday.

That was awkward, but it could have been worse.

Sawyer grew into a toddler reminiscent of both his mum and the grandfather he never met. Sky’s throat caught when she saw Charles’s hair.

But from the very beginning, there seemed to be something different about Sawyer. He didn’t respond well to being touched and was prone to nasty temper-tantrums for no apparent reason.

He was developmentally far enough behind Sky’s other two children that she and Xia decided to enroll him in speech therapy, and Sky spent hours sitting with him and working on his words.

The first word she could recognize was bug.

He was an exhausting toddler, and Sky and Xia tag-teamed his skills as much as possible.

As he approached Elementary School age, Sky with much trepidation took him for a psychiatric evaluation. The diagnosis was upsetting but not a complete surprise — Sawyer had a high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The diagnosis came with a list of support groups and special educational programs. It was a huge relief to Sky to know what kind of help to seek for her son. Still, it was clear that helping Sawyer socialize and get a full education was going to be a lot of work.


I scrounged up a decent number of pictures for this one. I’m pleased that I had the picture of Sawyer’s first word. The Sing-A-Gram to Amy was much later, but I thought it was worthwhile to get SOME picture of her in here.

Again, this would probably have been a couple of posts if there had been pictures. I guess this is advancing Sky’s story much faster than I’d have done on my own.

Missing pictures: The conversation between Sky and Amy about Sawyer did happen. Xia took Sky to the hospital, but for Amy was called also, and all three of them went home from the hospital together. Sky then stood in the front hall of the house and had a long talk with Amy while holding the newborn.

Also, Sky’s maternity Sing-A-Gram uniform was friggin’ adorable.

Sawyer was also born with the same pale, normal skintone. I also discovered that Abby didn’t have Xia’s eyes — she had the yellow preset color from CAS. Sawyer had the same eyes. His whole genetics were so in question that I just assigned all of them. The considered giving him Amy’s green skintone just so all three kids would have different skins, and now I’m kind of sorry I didn’t. But this glitch seems to happen when the game tries to assign Sky’s skintone, so I gave him silver. I just arbitrarily decided on Amy’s eyes and Charles’s hair because out of seven applicable kids at this point (including Hunter’s) NOBODY ever got it.

Sawyer rolled got a really rough set for his random traits, which is why I decided that he was Autism Spectrum. I’ll try not to write him too insensitively, but I don’t claim to actually know anyone who is Autistic since graduating from high school. I do have a friend with Asperger’s Syndrome.

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  1. What exactly are Sawyer's traits, then? I'm really intrigued by what kind of character he is going to be, since his symptoms are going to make him very special. So far, I would vote for him in a poll, only to see him grow up. We'll see. πŸ˜‰

  2. Since the first three traits are randomized and the fourth is Brave, I have a pretty good picture of what these kids are going to be at this point.

    Dylan: Artistic, Neat, Proper — clearly trying to be the opposite of his mom

    Abby: Snob, Star Quality, Perfectionist — inspired by Sky to be a performer

    Sawyer: Loser, Diva, Socially Awkward — someone prone to failure with bad social skills and an ego problem. Woo.

  3. Wow. All 3 kids are really interesting. This is going to be a fun roller coaster.

    I LOVED that the picture you used for Xia training was her running in a sundress and sandals. Bwa! Still, you work with what you got πŸ˜‰

  4. My three year old cousin is on the autistic spectrum. He didn't speak for the first two years and is very wary of strangers and definitely likes his set routine. He is very bright though and loves 'mechanical' things. It's an exhausting thing having an autistic child but you described Sawyer perfectly. His other mother is such a cow though!

  5. My firstborn son at two-and-a-half is currently in speech therapy, and is developmentally delayed in a few other "life skills" areas as well. So you definitely gave my heart strings a tug. But when Sawyer's first word was "bug," which just happens to be Matthew's nickname, I just started crying. But not in a bad way, so please don't feel guilty!

    Even better was my husband waking to find me in this state, and me trying to explain it… "What, you're playing the game in bed? Huh? You're reading about someone else playing the game? And they know Matthew?"

    Never mind, hun. Just roll over and go back to sleep. πŸ˜‰

  6. Wow. I'm honored.

    I'm intimidated to try and write an autistic character, even one with mild autism. But it is, after all, just a story, and I'll do my best.

    And your story about your husband really makes me laugh. I feel this every time I try to explain my hobby to other people. Yes, I um write stories about what happens in my video game about my virtual dollhouse….

  7. Thank you! I'll be honest that everything I mentioned here came from filling out evaluations of my daughter in her first year to screen for autism. She was also checked out at two months because she was exhibiting strange behavior that turned out to be due to her acid reflux. She very clearly does not have autism, though.

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