4.14 Vows Beneath the Trees

Charles insisted on an outdoor wedding. Veronica, however, drew the line at his first choice of location, which was a woodland campsite at the end of a five-mile hiking trail. “Save it for the honeymoon, my love,” she said. “I’d like a few guests to come.”

They compromised on a small park at the edge of town with a huge, lovely canopy of old trees and a fishing pond.

Shanni had just given birth, but Agnes insisted she come anyway. Agnes stayed home to watch new baby Garry while Shanni came with Jeanette.

Adjo was the sharp and sophisticated family man.

He and Toya brought with them their ever-growing clan.




Toya looked ready to give birth to baby number four at the wedding. Everyone eyed her a little nervously, but she made it through the festivities. Charles and Veronica received word that she’d gone into labor on a few hours later and given birth to a little girl they named Brenna.

And then there were friends and well-wishers.

Arvid Voss

Zhan Wu

And of course the best man Jabari

with his wife Latisha Langerak Keaton

(“She looked like a tramp,” Ada confided to Charles later.)

Ada arrived early so she could be sure to find a seat in the front row.

Charles and Veronica watched the guests arrive from a park bench. “I guess we’re committed now,” Veronica said.

“Yeah,” Charles agreed. “Let’s do this thing.”

“I can’t figure out how I got here,” Veronica murmured as they walked together to the wedding arch. “You know, I’m not really the marrying type.”

“I guess I am just incredibly persuasive,” Charles replied.

Veronica laughed softly. “I guess you are.”

“I, Charles Babbage Sample, promise to love and cherish you as I do our Mother Earth from the birds in the trees to the fish and the ocean.

“I pledge to cherish and protect our marriage as I do the world we live in.”

“I, Veronica Krane, pledge to love and cherish you

“And help you get out of your own head and have a good time once in a while.”

And so Veronica became Veronica Krane Sample.

You may kiss the bride.

When the cake was finished, Veronica grabbed Charles by the hand and pulled him to the lakeside, where she had set up an MP3 player. “Now it’s time to dance!”

“I’ve never really danced before,” Charles admitted as he tried to follow her lead.

“Don’t worry about it. This is a fun skill to teach too.”


This was my first Generations wedding, and I have to say I vastly prefer it this way, with the wedding arch allowing me to pick where the vows take place, guests sitting in chairs, and wedding cake!

I missed getting a dedicated shot of Shanni and Toya, but you can see them in the group scenes. Since Shanni got pregnant this time, the game keeps wanting to change her hairstyle. I changed it back for the bachelorette party, and then again for the wedding. It just seems like any other hairstyle is not Shanni.

I also wish I’d gotten a pic of the whole park. It was just sitting in my lot bin and might have come with the game or one of its expansions. It’s a cute park.

Zhan Wu is so adorable I just can’t stand it. It’s a tragedy I have no way to bring his genes into this legacy.

I don’t know what made Jabari Keaton stand up and take that position just as the vows were ending, but it was so sweet and appropriate!

7 thoughts on “4.14 Vows Beneath the Trees

  1. Wow, this chapter and the entire wedding are so cute! I love that Charles finally found the right woman for him. And their wedding ceremony seemed just perfect for the both of them.
    Now we are waiting for babies… πŸ˜‰

    By the way: I love that Arvid didn't even change out of his hospital dress for the ceremony πŸ˜€

  2. What a lovely wedding! It looks like everyone had a good time and I love Ada's wedding attire. She has the best outfits! Then again, Arvid in his scrubs was pretty great, too.

    I agree that Zhan Wu is adorable. Maybe he can father the next generation's spouse?

    I can't wait to see the babies!

  3. You know, I hadn't thought along these lines. I like my sims to find their own mates, but I could add Wu to the town and maybe make him the single father of an appropriately-aged child. Then at least his genes would be floating around.

    Wu's currently still a resident of China. He was conveniently in Sunset Valley on vacation during the bachelor party and wedding, but he's gone home now. Through the power of Twallan, though, I can change that. Perhaps for story purposes he would just have a lot of business in Sunset Valley, since I like the idea of him living in China.

    In theory, Wu is older than Charles and should be an elder soon. Since he's a foreigner, though, you never know how the game is actually aging him. At first I thought you said he could BE the spouse of the next generation, and I thought "Wow! That's really robbing the cradle!"

  4. Yeah, I'm serious that I have NEVER seen Arvid in any outfit other than his hospital scrubs. What a workaholic! He was a party crasher, though. None of the Samples actually knows him. So I guess he didn't dress up.

  5. Aww, the wedding ceremony was so nice. I must admit I never thought Charles would get married, but they're cute together. πŸ™‚

    Arvid sounds like the kind of guy that would be hard to get to know (as he's working all the time) but maybe fun, too? After all, a guy that dedicated to his uniform might make a loyal friend… just sayin.

  6. I like your attention to each member of the Samples. As the family grows bigger it becomes difficult to follow everyone’s story. You’re doing a pretty good job with your legacy! It’s really awesome πŸ™‚

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