Simantics: Bachelor(ette) Redux

It took three tries to get Charles’s bachelor party to work.

Bachelor Party Attempt #1: Nobody came. I have no idea what canceled the party.

Xander Clavell was the only guy in the pub.

Charles sat around for a while and had a drink before I reached the conclusion that nothing was going to happen.

Bachelor Party Attempt #2: This time I tried it at the Sample Estate.

Charles changed into goofy party clothes. So this time there really was a party!

Except that nobody would come into the house. They just stood on the front step, complained about the old newspapers, and did the pee-pee dance.

But hey, there’s Avid Voss! That guy never changes out of his hospital scrubs ever. But I think by current gameply he has actually made it to World Renowned Surgeon.

Bachelor Party Attempt #3: Success!

Sean Flynn REALLY needs to pee. I wonder where the bathroom is?

Bachelorette Party: This one worked on the first try. However, the game crashed as everyone was lining up to get into the club. I really need to delete that bouncer. Fortunately, I had just saved the game and only lost about a minute of progress.

However, Veronica had just changed into her party clothes, and when I reloaded, the game forgot to do it again. Here’s a shot of what she would have looked like.

Alberto Royale is mad that he can’t get into the ladies’ restroom.

See?? I wasn’t kidding when Ada said he was going to do that.

I’ve heard of “joined at the hip,” but this is ridiculous.

Townie/Cross-Pollination Update:

Darlene Branch and Arvid Voss are finally engaged! Their kid Christopher is now a teen.

Malcolm Landgraab and Beatriz Williams are also engaged. Beatriz just gave birth to a baby boy they named Darwin. She’s moved in with Malcolm at the Landgraab estate, but they haven’t bothered to schedule a wedding.

My two celebrity lookalike sims, Michelle Yo and Bill Cos-b started dating the moment I put them in the town. They now have two kids and decided to get married. However, they can’t seem to find a house for them both and the two kids. (Which is weird because Michelle’s current house should do it. I should check that out.)

In the tradition of sweet young sims marrying REALLY OLD ones, Lisette Williams married Gus Hart. During Charles’s party, I got a charming notification that Lisette was pregnant, and the coming baby had stayed the hand of the Grim Reaper when he came for Gus. Apparently Grim then forgot about him, because as of current gameplay, Gus is still around, and he and Lisette are expecting their second kid.

The Cagleys are around, but they haven’t done anything terribly interesting yet. They’ve moved houses twice, though the first one was because there were no houses available for starting funds, and I dumped them on an empty lot to see what they’d do. Morand is getting pretty good at tinkering, and Faith has been promoted.

Genvieve Goth is nemeses with half the town, and I’m not kidding. I don’t know what her traits are (other than Coward), but you don’t want them.

Mortimer and Emma Hatch Goth aren’t having a terribly happy marriage, though they haven’t actually split up. I guess Mortimer really is a jerk through and through.

Elton Hatch (Emma’s eldest son with the late Christopher Steel) is seeing Starr Ursine-Sample.

Beatrix and Jess Ursine-Hodgins are expecting their second child together.

Charmaine Ursine-Sample has gone through about three girlfriends and is currently seeing Latrice Hodgins (Trixi’s daughter with Xander). She recently aged up to Young Adult and moved out on her own.

That was convenient because Zelda Mae Ursine has passed on, leaving her child Valerie Ursine orphaned. Toya adopted her into her and Adjo’s family, so she is now raising a half-sister who is younger than her first three kids. Since Charmaine moving out meant that their house (the old Victorian that Lance and Layla lived in when Zahra was born) is still large enough for the family.

Hank Goddard and Pauline Wan have collectively bedded half of Sunset Valley. I believe Hank is currently dating the daughter of a previous girlfriend. Bella Bachelor has recently given birth to his love child. Pauline is also seeing someone young enough to be her son. I’m going to be sorry when Hank and Pauline finally kick the bucket.

Bella Bachelor’s taste in men is really suspect. Her first serious boyfriend was Xander Clavell. Then she dated Hank just long enough to get pregnant. Now she’s with VJ Alvi.

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  1. I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing for ages when looking at the pictures and your descriptions πŸ˜€ The three tries for Charles' bachelor party are simply hilarious!

    And thanks for the update on the Who-with-who in your game – it's nice to hear that Arvid seems to be on the right track now. And great if he actually made his lifetime wish πŸ™‚

    Did I mention how great this post was? I could read this a third time (yes,third by now, I missed stuff the first time^^) and start laughing all over again πŸ˜€
    *goes to bed while still laughing*

  2. Those party outtakes are great! I wonder why they get stuck on the porch so much. Poor Sean, so close and yet so far.

    I always love the cross-pollination updates.

  3. Aww,thanks πŸ™‚
    Well,that's because your chapters are really great and make me feel like commenting! πŸ™‚
    *checks comments for mistakes* *starts humming* You make me feel like dancing, I'm gonna dance the night away.. great,now that song is stuck in my head.

  4. Hey Susan,
    I kind of want to ask you for a favor… for quite some time now I've been searching for the composer of a certain song that we once sang in high school. The internet won't tell me who wrote it, or what its exact title is. All I know is the lyrics, which is why I wanted to check if you possibly knew that song!
    You can find the lyrics on my blog, here:
    Just ignore the first part of my post, as it is in German, the lyrics are the four paragraphs in the middle. I would be really happy if you happened to know that song! πŸ™‚

  5. Bleh. I swear, I'm not sure what the point of Yahoo! Answers is. I see more wrong or misguided answers there than true ones.

    With your permission, I'll post your query to Facebook. I have some friends who are passionate about music trivia and might know it.

  6. So, after an evening-long contest between my media-crazy friends, we might have a hit for you:

    Song: Goodbye, My Friend
    Series: Shawnee Press
    Publisher: Shawnee Press


    Composer: Don Besig
    Composer: Nancy Price

    (I don't even know what that's copy-pasted from. I asked, and I'll tell you :). )

  7. Thank you so much! This is really great. I searched for ages and couldn't find anything about it at all and you actually found it *does happy dance* Please tell your friends thanks,too! πŸ™‚

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