4.13 A Girl’s Last Night of Freedom


“While the boys are away, the girls will play!” Veronica cried. “Paaartay!”

She rented out The Queen disco club and turned the music up until the beat vibrated the walls.

“Don’t TELL me you’re related to Shanni Crumplebottom!” Veronica had said while they were filling out wedding invitations. “She’s a buddy of mine from way back! She does my hair!”

Shanni was the closest friend Veronica was able to invite to the party, but when Veronica asked her to be Matron of Honor, she had to kindly refuse. “I’ll be at the wedding if I can, but this baby is going to come any day now.”

Not to be outdone, Toya was due with her and Adjo’s fourth child only a few days after Shanni.

“Let’s get down!” screamed Darlene Branch, a coworker of Veronica’s from the military. She’d already had more than enough to drink.

“I don’t think you’re drinking enough!” Veronica declared to Zahra. “LET ME GET YOU SOME NECTAR!”

“Attention! It’s time to drill your sergeant!”

“Look at the pecs on that guy!”

“I’m not sure. I think I need a CLOSER INSPECTION!”

After the dancer finished his act, Velvet Sharpe and Genvieve Goth got into a bit of a catfight over who would dance with him first.

The dancer, meanwhile, headed out into the entrance hall to cool down.

“Um, you’re about to walk into the ladies’ restroom,” Ada said politely.

“I’m what?” the dancer said absently. “Oh! God! Thank you for warning me.”

“I’m Ada,” Ada said. “I’m really weird. Everyone says so.”

The dancer gave her a charming smile. “I’m Alberto Royale.”

“That’s a great stage name. Are you allowed to give me your real name?”

Alberto Royale frowned. “Am I supposed to have a stage name?”

They turned out to have a lot in common. Alberto was saving up his dancing tips so that he could do some traveling, and he was fascinated by Ada’s vacation stories.

“You seem like a really nice guy,” Ada said after they had been talking a while. “Is it weird to ask for your phone number?”

“Totally not!” Alberto said. “But, um, I hope you have something to write on because I can’t keep anything in this costume.”

At that moment, Agnes burst from the ladies’ room.

“Ada, you’re not smiling! Let me help you with that!”

Not long after, Veronica kicked everyone out to go home and sleep it off. She was not going to have a hangover on her wedding day.


So, for story purposes these happened on the same night b/c that would be logical. In fact, I could never have handled two bachelor parties at the same time. Charles slept in so long from his dusk-to-dawn bachelor party that there wasn’t really time to do a wedding the way I was planning without waking him up and leaving him exhausted. So I gave them an extra day and let Veronica have the (shorter) bachelorette party she was wishing so hard for. Bachelor parties are really more her style anyway :).

In an attempt to follow the great party tutorials, I had Veronica bring a key lime pie, but I couldn’t get the “call to meal” menu option to appear at the dance club. I did, however, make sure Veronica was home by midnight, and her party was a “modest success.”

I was surprised to look at Veronica’s relationship bar and discover that she and Shanni were already good friends. I wanted Veronica to ask her to give a speech, but for some reason the menu option wouldn’t come up. I have no idea why. It wasn’t because she was pregnant, because the option was available for Toya. However, Shanni was quite a bit more pregnant than Toya, so maybe that was it?

I have no idea why Zahra changed into a slip before leaving. That’s not even her sleepwear. Hilarious! What happens at the bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party, I guess.

As far as I can tell, Alberto Royale didn’t actually dance. He just posed under the lights, and the whole group of ladies gathered around to cheer him on. Somehow I missed photographing the crowd, and now I’m sorry. But they really did have a great time watching him. The dancer at Charles’s party didn’t even pose under the lights. I think the first floor of the pub was laid out poorly for her to do her thing, but there was a whole cute second floor of that building with a dance floor that nobody used.

Ada and Alberto get along like a house on fire! What a sweet surprise!

9 thoughts on “4.13 A Girl’s Last Night of Freedom

  1. Ada makes me think a little of (prepare for another nerd moment here…) River from Firefly, even though in my head she sort of talks like Amy from Futurama. It's hilarious that she would comment on how weird -she- is while a guest is conspicuously and enigmatically walking around in a slip. I have a feeling this wedding is going to be unforgettable! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Squee! You know, there might be some subconscious influence there. I am kind of playing her as the same style of crazy.

    Unfortunately, I've never seen Futurama. ๐Ÿ™

    I looked up Alberto's traits. He's Adventurous, and — get this — Clumsy! A Clumsy party dancer! I swear these two are made for each other.

  3. I'm glad that Veronica's party was a success. It's probably a good thing that she sent everyone home since you game is apparently populated by super party people. Also, I wondered what happened to Zahra's clothes!

    I love that Ada and Alberto had such a great connection. She's so sweet.

  4. I love that Veronica had a bachelor party as well – and that you showed it to us! It makes the entire story even more realistic, with both to-be-weds (is that a word?) enjoying their last night of freedom, just like you wrote it in the title.
    Ada and Alberto getting along this great is something I really enjoyed to see. Ada is such a sweet character (stole "sweet" from DragonWife,but it's perfectly true!) and deserves to find somebody.

  5. Futurama is a much smarter show than it pretends to be; I sort of get the idea that you would like it. Haha, a Clumsy dancer! It's like it's written in the stars! I foresee many…colorful!…babies in their future! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Futurama was made by the same creators as the Simpsons, right? That's a very smart show in the guise of a stupid one. I never watched much of it (it=Simpsons) because it relies heavily on mocking media, and I never felt on top of pop culture enough to follow it. Somehow I missed Futurama entirely, though a lot of my friends like it.

    I'm a fan of South Park though, because *it* mocks politics and current events, and I'm pretty on top of those :).

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