Simantics: Wedding Power

A few pics I picked up earlier but forgot to post:

Sim Fu is everywhere now. Vita Alto (the Leader of the Free World) shows off her moves while Charles and Veronica make eyes at each other.

Connor congratulates his great-granddaughter on graduation!

I love the way Ada’s hair ribbon accessory stuck with her graduation gown. It looks like she tied it to her mortarboard, which is totally what she would have done.

Veronica was apparently expecting a ring way before Charles was ready to give it to her!

The mysterious Sim quick-wardrobe-change caught on film!

Veronica thinks some wedding crasher is hilarious.

Fabian finishes his stepson’s wedding doing what he does best.

Charles freaks out at seeing his own wife naked.

I actually did the wedding three times too. The first time, I managed to put the chairs too close together, and people could only sit in the front row. Whoops. The second time, night fell during the vows, and even though there was lighting in the park, it wasn’t close enough to the wedding arch. Veronica’s dark skin just makes her fade into the darkness, and that made me grumpy. So I did it a third time with a whole bunch of extra lighting around the wedding arch. Hey, it was her special day. She should be able to see herself in the pictures!

0 thoughts on “Simantics: Wedding Power

  1. That first picture makes it look like Vita is about to take down her own dinner or something!

    I love that Charles freaked out about seeing Veronica naked. It's kind of fitting, though you'd think he'd be a little calmer given how much he got that reaction himself.

    Also, I love Ada.

  2. I love those pictures 😀 And it's nice that you redid the wedding so that both of them could be seen on their wedding pictures. You're right – they deserve it 😀

    How fun to see how Veronica thinking about marriage and the ring when Charles gave her that present… that picture is one of my favourites! 😀

  3. Lol! What have you done, imagine a world where Vita Alto is a simFu master! AHHH scary! lol. 🙂 I guess it'd be scarier if her husband had simFu, though.

    Sounds like 3rd time's the charm when it comes to parties. I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever decide to throw one…

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