Simfail: Not My Portraits!

Ada just finished a replacement portrait for Fabian, and I went to hang it on the wall, and ALL THE LEGACY PORTRAITS ARE GONE! What the heck? I don’t even know when that happened or what glitch might have caused it. Ada’s paintings from the last two vacations were fine.

I’m terribly grumpy about this. I think I’m going to at least try to reload an old backup and see if the paintings are there. If they are, I’m not quite sure how I could get them into my current save. I think I would need to generate a sim, put all the paintings in his inventory, then export him as a household. Would that work?

Arrrgh. I’d rather play. But three generations of portraits! Grrrr.

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  1. After I discovered that the portraits disappeared, the whole game went on the fritz. And then I accidentally updated to the Showtime patch when I wasn't ready to by clicking "Yes" when I thought I was clicking "No." And then game REALLY went on the fritz and started crashing regularly. I get lag, but almost never crashes.

    After removing all my mods, rebooting the game, moving the family to a new house, then reinstalling the mods, I think I have things in a promising state. But don't say that too loud.

    DragonWife: For your troubles, I recommend removing StoryProgression, booting the game and playing for like 5 sim-minutes, saving to a new save file, and then reinstalling a freshly-downloaded copy. It looks like everything starts over from scratch with the default settings. I don't know where or how Twallan stores his mod settings, so all that might not be required to reset everything, but that's what I did, and it worked. Oh, and if you didn't say YES to the question about homeless management before, do that. Apparently homeless sims are a major source of lag and game issues.

    On the plus side, there might be babies! But I won't say for sure 🙂 :).

  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely try that. I had no idea that homeless sims would cause lag… why are they homeless? This game is so weird. Some of my townies have got to start reproducing soon or there won't be anyone for my heirs to date!

    Good luck with your fixes!

  3. I think homeless sims are just excess town population that the game produces but doesn't actually assign to a house in town. I'm not sure how it stores them. They're not the same as role sims, like Mixologists at the bars and whatnot. I'm really not sure that the deal is with them.

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