Simantics: Oh No the Dojo!

There is a pile of random junk just off the dojo lot. There isn’t even a lot there anymore. I tried to put the junk yard there, but the terrain got badly squashed, and I moved it. Apparently, there is an EA bug that leaves the junk spawners even after you move the junk yard.

The lawn gnome plays dead better than Charles does.

Here’s just a random pic of the Sample house with the meteorite on display in the front yard.

Michelle Yo and VJ Alvi trained for four days straight at the dojo without going home. Charles wasn’t there because he was managing other bits of his personal life, so I’m guessing this is some kind of glitch involving a venue that the active household owns, but no member of the active household is actually there. It’s kind of neat that I can peek in and see who’s at the dojo when Charles isn’t there.

All of a sudden, after Charles returned from vacation, I got individual messages for each of 8 levels of Sim fu and 6 levels of Athletics for Michelle. I guess she’s now qualified to do some pretty scary movie stunts.

Creepy paparazzi running around in a hospital gown.

Can we say Silent Hill?

After seeing her in my pictures for about three straight incidents, I pulled her into Twallan’s MasterController and changed her to something less frightening.

Ada being a little bit crazy.

Charles visits the bookstore with a Bad Pet ghost shader. Bad Pet being next to Deghostify on the Twallan debug menu :).

And I close with Layla, who is the first Sample to actually use the video game system.

Glad someone is getting a good time out of it.

Townie and Cross-Pollination Update:

Harvey Ursine married Zelda Mae on his deathbed. Zelda inherited all of Harvey’s assets, and Toya and Jess got nothing. Zelda has produced a daughter named Valerie that she claims is Harvey’s, and we might as well believe her.

Toya finally made it to Congresswoman and has begun her own crooked political empire. She doesn’t need Daddy’s help anymore anyway. Twallan is keeping me up to date on all the campaign donations she has diverted to a private slush fund. She and Adjo have announced that they’re expecting their fourth kid.

Not to be outdone, Shanni has announced that she and Agnes are expecting again!

Malika Williams finally died of a very ripe old age.

Jess and Beatrix Ursine-Hodgins now have a son Harrison. Trixi successfully sued Xander Clavell for custody of their daughter. (Read as: Xander keeping Trixi’s kid in a world without random male pregnancy bugged me, so I moved her.)

Xander has since knocked up Bella Bachelor, and they’re actually in a relationship. In fact, I’ve been getting Twallan notices about how in love they are. Now that he’s an elder, could this menace to society finally be ready to have an honest romance? (Um, no. They just broke up.)

Malcolm Landgraab and Beatriz Williams (Malika’s younger daughter) are a hot item. So hot, in fact, that they have an unexpected bundle of joy headed their way. Malcolm hasn’t been in the story since his best friend Adjo left the household, but he turned out pretty sweet in my game. I hope he’s going to settle down.

Holly Alto married Michael Bachelor. The Altos now have a bun in the oven. They are crazy, head-over-heels in love, or so Twallan tells me.

Velvet Sharpe made an honest man of Arlo Bunch and married him.

Viola Sharpe never found out about Israel’s transgressions. He seems to have settled down, and they are generating a lot of Twallan notices about how sappily in love they are.

Mortimer Goth proved that he really does like older women. He married Emma Hatch, Christopher Steel Hatch’s widow (Christopher being one of the invisible-body sims that I had to terminate). Mortimer inherited three stepkids ranging from teen to toddler. They managed to have a baby boy of their own just before Emma became an elder. Mortimer’s sister Genvieve is also still living with him, bringing the household up to 7 sims. I added beds to Goth Manor so the whole his-hers-theirs collection could live under one roof. I’m sappy like that.

Darlene Branch has raised Arvid Voss’s love child to elementary age. Darlene and Arvid are still a couple, but they haven’t moved in together or talked marriage. Maybe Arvid is scared of being a daddy. (I double-checked, and she is Darlene BRANCH, same as Fabian. I checked her family tree, though, and she is in fact the daughter of Jack and Judy Bunch. I think she must have married Conrad Branch right before I axed him for the invisible body glitch.)

4 thoughts on “Simantics: Oh No the Dojo!

  1. The junk yard debris is weird and the hospital gown pap is creepy! But I loved seeing the dojo and hearing all the gossip.

    I still haven't figured out why I'm not getting Twallan notices anymore. It tells me that it recorded (random number) of things in story progression but will never tell me what they are! I might try uninstalling and re-download it.

  2. Herm. How customized is your StoryProgression? There are settings someplace on what notices you should get. One of them is "None." Maybe under General Options->Stories?

    Part of the reason I creep along on this legacy is probably the amount of fun I have tracking all the gossip :).

    Though, actually, the speed of Gen 4 seems to have picked up. I'm not sure why b/c I am obsessing just as much as usual. I think it is probably because Ada and Charles spend so much time together, so I'm not tracking so many separate things. They're branching off a bit more now, though.

  3. I'll check out the settings, but I know that I didn't change anything so it must have done something on its own. I hate it when they do that!

    I love how you follow everyone's stories. I don't have the patience to keep track of that many people so I'm super impressed with how you follow everyone.

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