4.7 Ada Lovelace Day

Fabian’s little girl was becoming a woman. He wanted to give her the world, but he had to settle for a really big birthday party. He asked her where she wanted to celebrate, but that was just a gesture of affection. Everyone knew it would be at the art museum, of course.

Charles arrived early to set everything up before the guests arrived.

First was Adjo and Toya, with their eldest daughter Charmaine.

Charmaine insisted on bringing her new girlfriend, Jenna Yo.

Shanni, lovely as ever.

Agnes, rocking her fresh status as a respected elder.

And there was Veronica! She came after all!

She even brought her former roommate Trixi Ursine-Hodgins, who needed to get out with her newborn son Harrison. Trixi was Toya’s sister-in-law, and they exchanged a bit of family gossip.

“I’m so glad you came,” Charles said awkwardly to Veronica. “I know it’s kind of weird to come to a birthday party of someone you don’t know.”

Veronica laughed. “There will be cake and dancing, right? How could I say no?”

Everyone crowded around the birthday girl.

“Blow out the candles! Make a wish!”

Ada Lovelace, now a young adult. Her traits are: Artistic, Brave, Born Saleswoman, Easily Impressed, Insane.

“Now it’s time to party!”

“So,” Adjo said, “If you have a minute, could we talk about your intentions toward my daughter?”

“Jabari was so great when he tutored me in English. Do you think he would think I’m too weird to dance with?” Ada asked Charles in a whisper. “If that’s not too many ‘thinks’?”

“Jabari’s a great guy,” Charles said. “Go ask.”

“Wish me luck!”

“Are you having a good time?” Charles shouted over the music.

“Cake and dancing!” Veronica shouted back. “Just what I came for!”

They danced and laughed and visited until dawn, then they helped pick up the dirty dishes and clean the place up for the museum opening. By then, it felt like Veronica was one of the family herself.

Charles decided it was time to make his move. “I’d really like to see you again,” he said, reaching for her hand.

Veronica’s eyes went wide, and she shrank away. “I’m so sorry I gave you the wrong impression,” she said. “I have a boyfriend. Willem Yo. I think he works with your dad.”

Charles was so crushed he almost forgot to say anything. “Fabian’s my stepdad,” he said at last, quietly. “I’m glad you had a nice time.”


Every eligible woman in this bloody town appears to be in a relationship except Genvieve Goth, who is a Coward and not feasible no matter what her personality is!

On the positive side, Charmaine and Jenna have the honor of being our first progression-generated same-sex couple. I thought that StoryProgression was set to give sims a 30% chance of being gay. It turned out that 3 was, ahem, 3%. Whoops. I fixed it.

Man the entryway of the art museum has NO LIGHTS. I need to fix that.

Jabari Keaton did in fact come over and do homework with Ada, but I somehow failed to take screen shots. His aging seems to be delayed as well, because he reached adulthood only a couple of sim-days before Ada did.

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  1. Trixi!

    I love party scenes where you get to catch up with everyone, but I can never get them to gather around the cake like that.

    Too bad that Veronica is involved… any chance Charles can break them up?

  2. Don't tempt me to spoil the story, or I will. I'm trying to speed up my posting schedule so I can talk about where the plot went πŸ™‚ :).

    I threw a party recently where everyone stood on the doorstep, some of them doing the peepee dance, and never came inside. This is apparently a really common glitch, but it's the first time it's showed up in my game. Usually I do just fine with everyone gathering at the birthday cake, though sometimes it takes like two Sim-hours for everyone to get into position, and sometimes the cake catches on fire while they're waiting!

    Actually, it also kind of happened for Adjo's wedding. I had the whole wedding buffet table set up in the back yard, but if you look at the pictures, you'll see it was only the active household who actually used it. All the townie guests stayed in the front yard and eventually drifted into the front room.

    I have heard reports that the standing-on-the-doorstep problem isn't so bad if you have the party outside your home.

  3. Loved the new chapter πŸ™‚
    I feel so bad for Charles πŸ™ I think he just needs to wow Veronica with his personality.

    It seems like almost 50% of my Sims are gay and I don't think I messed with any of the story progression settings. Hmmm…

  4. I've had lots of doorstep parties, even when I have them outside! I didn't know it was an actual glitch… I just figured that it was weird sims. Maybe I'll try a destination party again sometime. The last one I tried was a wedding and the groom refused to go!

    I'm so curious to see who Charles ends up with!!!

  5. You've GOT to be kidding! Veronica and Charles are so great together and now she has a boyfriend? Not fair! I really hope that something not so nice happens to her relationship, so that she is free again. She and Charles would be such a nice couple. You need to make that happen! πŸ™

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