Oh, The Possibilities!

OK, informal poll. The last couple of sessions have been surprisingly fruitful in Charles’s life. I think Charles kind of told me who he wants, but I’m curious. Knowing no context, who catches your fancy as a mate for him?

Good Sense of Humor, Eccentric, Daredevil, Athletic, Dramatic
LTW: Paranormal Profiteer

Good Sense of Humor, Brave, Clumsy, Athletic, Charismatic
LTW: Firefighter Superhero

One of them is technically against Pinstar rules, and I’m trying to decide if I care :).

0 thoughts on “Oh, The Possibilities!

  1. Hmmm…. Well they are both attractive. Though I'm drawn more to Veronica. I think it's because of her LTW. Getting involved with a ghost would be perfect for someone who's interested in the paranormal.

  2. Yep, I vote Veronica too! I think her LTW fits with Charles' special circumstances and the daredevil trait would help her keep up with his adventures.

    I'm just thrilled that he has options!

  3. Wow, so it's pretty unanimous!

    Brave and Daredevil sims are the only ones who don't freak out when they meet a ghost, so his mate was bound to have one trait or the other. That made his mate hunt really challenging, let me tell you! Challenging is fun, though.

    I'll tell you why I asked as the story unfolds :). I think I'm running about four posts behind gameplay.

  4. Veronica's traits would be the most interesting to pair up with Charles…however, I'm a sucker for redheads and, since she's bound to lose anyway, I'll throw a vote in Berthe's direction. 🙂

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