Name it like it is

I took a look at my Blogger stats today, and here is a partial list of my referring sites. See if YOU can pick out the referral spam: 11 9 7 5 5 2 1 1 1

6 thoughts on “Name it like it is

  1. Hahahaha 😀
    Sorry.. just read through your list and was confused because every site seemed reputable. But found it then. On my other blogs there are a number of referrers just like these or similar ones – no connection to my blogs at all.
    Still, this gave me a good laugh 😀

  2. I actually looked this up. It's called referrer spam. Basically, it exists to show up on your stats list so that YOU, the blogger, will click the link. They're not page views of your site. The way spammers can do this is highly technical and not worth posting. Google (who owns Blogger and Blogspot apparently — why am I not surprised), is trying to filter it out like any other spam, but a lot still gets through.

    The moral is that you should not click weird links on your own stats list to see where they go, especially if they say anything about Viagra :).

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