3.19 Adjo Becomes a Man

Adjo’s birthday was coming up. Becoming an adult was a frightening prospect. What did he want to be when he grew up? He was a mediocre student, and nothing had ever really jumped out at him in his studies.

He called Toya as soon as they got home from school.

“Wanna go on a date?”

“Sure! Where should we meet?”

“It’s a surprise. You’ll see.”

He picked her up and took her to the French Bistro for a high end romantic dinner. She was surprised. No one had ever tried to do something so extravagant for her.

“Wow! I’m not even dressed right!”

“We can take a few minutes and change.”

“So, I want you to know that I’m going to wait for you,” Adjo said. “By the time you graduate, I’ll be making enough of a living for the two of us.”

Toya raised her eyebrow. “You know, Daddy….”

“It’s OK,” he said firmly. “I want to do this on my own.”

As she got off work, Layla caught sight of her son pouring his soul out to his girlfriend. She shook her head ruefully, but stayed out of sight. Toya was a sweet enough girl, but she hoped Adjo knew what he was getting into. It’s not like anyone could talk sense into a youngster in love. She’d moved across the world to be with Lancelot because he had honest eyes and big biceps.

They changed into their formal clothes in that magical Sims way we won’t discuss here.

Adjo headed toward the bistro, but turned back to gaze meaningfully at Toya. “Will you wait for me too?”

Toya beamed at him. “Of course I will silly.”

(Adjo ain’t got the style gene. I have no memory of laying out this outfit for him. But Toya surprisingly didn’t do too badly.)

Everything went perfectly.

Now he just had to make something of himself.

A piece of cake.

Um, right.

And not a bad age transition, all told, but here’s how he ended up:

Adjo Sample
Brave, Charismatic, Family Oriented, Friendly, Over Emotional
Likes: French Music, Key Lime Pie, Lilac
Lifetime Wish: Super Popular

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  1. So Adjo is finally a grown up! Let's see what the future, or you, have in mind for him. I think he and Toya make a cute couple – even though her family is a bit…difficult.
    By the way, I like his new style (clothes basically, as the hair did not change THAT much)!

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