3.18 Charles Ages Up

Charles was growing into a fine little (transparent) man.

And he was still the most popular member of the Sample household.

Lancelot, who was usually a pretty sharp guy, showed some senility over his little grandbaby.

Layla once followed a rotten stink into Cycl0n3’s old room to discover that Lance had been making tons of baby food and then just leaving whatever Charles didn’t eat in there. Ewwwww.

Shanni found him frustrating sometimes.

I mean, why was this little guy, who crapped amazingly stinky diapers and woke them up in the middle of the night, getting more attention than she was?

But she did her best, and sometimes she really enjoyed his company.

The Samples took his ghostliness in stride, and he was completely sheltered from any idea that he might be different from anyone else. Even if he sometimes unnerved his family with his otherworldliness, they never let him know.

(I don’t know if this shot would be as creepy if he weren’t a ghost baby, but wow.)

But other than the few very unnerving moments, and well, his unnerving voice, he was a typical toddler.

At last his toddlerhood came to an end.

And he was ushered into childhood by his whole adoring family.

Including Grady Elfman, the maid on Kate’s days off, who grabbed a slice of cake right quick and disappeared into a corner where nobody could tell him to work.

Charles immediately unrolled a futon under his favorite old tree in the back yard. He said he preferred the whole of outdoors to an ordinary bedroom.

But he also picked up chess with his mother almost immediately.

He had no idea why she was so misty-eyed she could barely see the pieces.

(Sorry, guys. I took SO MANY cute ghost toddler pics, and I couldn’t resist throwing them all in. Sadly, without Generations, there’s very little for children to DO, so I won’t have a whole heck of a lot more to say about him until he becomes a teen — which is where I am now in gameplay, so even I don’t know what there will be to say about him then.)

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  1. Oh, even another chapter today! Wow!
    I really like Charles' new look. Not that it is significantly different from his old one, basically he is just a little..taller. Thanks for giving him that crazy hair again 😀

    I am a little worried about what you wrote in your comment to my comment to your last chapter – there is trouble coming up? Oh no… I like the family as it is. Well, I guess I just have to wait and see then.
    Oh, and by the way: all the toddler-pictures were not annyoing at all. Just really, really cute ♥

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the gratuitous toddler pics :). I like his hair, and I have it in toddler, child, teen, and adult, so it's probably not going anyplace for a while. I think Charles is a doll as a teenager. I'm going to try to keep posting faster to get him there on this blog :).

    Yeah, wait and see. Life has to have a little it of adventure in it.

  3. It turns out that ghost babies who are born ARE actually a little bit different than playable ghosts created by the science center. Charles has a personal teleport ability, which I'm sure that Cycl0n3 didn't have. He can literally teleport all over the world map. It's a hugely powerful ability, as will become clear later.

    OTOH, I'm finding that since half the fun of Sims is tinkering with your character's appearance, his monochrome ghostliness gets to be less fun after a while.

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