3.20 Shanni Becomes a Woman

Adjo and Shanni’s birthday was fast approaching. Shanni kept good grades and would be graduating on the honor roll. (Yeah, Shanni’s always been a better student than Adjo, believe it or not.) But she was all-too-conscious that her twin had one thing she wanted terribly: someone to share it with.

She floated a family birthday to him, but he rejected it soundly. He had important plans with Toya. If she didn’t do something about it, Shanni would be aging up by herself.

She spent the last couple of days before graduation talking up guys, in search of a date for the important day.

But it didn’t go too well with VJ Alvi. Apparently, he wasn’t too thrilled with how things had gone with his brother.

Arrrgh! It wasn’t fair! How dare he reject her!

As the day approached, it was looking very much like Shanni would be ringing in her birthday alone. She couldn’t believe it. She worked so hard to be appealing to men, and here she was without someone who cared about her. Adjo, who always seemed to slouch through life, had what she wanted most in the world.

Then she remembered Mortimer Goth!

They’d hit it off so well when he came over to hang with Adjo, but nothing had really come of it. She grabbed the phone her birthday evening and gave him a ring. He was glad to come over.

He romanced her with stories of his family’s money, and Shanni hung on his every word. She imagined moonlit cruises in the Bahamas and sparkly, gem-incrusted gifts. It was good to have a boyfriend with money. Not that he was her boyfriend yet, exactly, but she was sure he would be soon.

Then it was time to celebrate her birthday.

“Oh,” Mortimer said. “I didn’t realize you were so much older than I am.”

“I really have to be, um, somewhere else right now. Sorry to bail so quick! I’ll call you.”

So Shanni aged up alone after all.

Also not a look she’s likely to keep.

When she’d dried her eyes from crying all night, she made a resolution to herself. She would never let a man make her feel like that again. Boys were for fun, and she’d have fun with them. The new adult Shanni was not going to be anyone’s booty call.

And here we have Shanni’s adult look:

Shanni Sample
Brave, Great Kisser, Neurotic, Mooch, Hopeless Romantic
Likes: Chinese Music, Key Lime Pie, Yellow (though red looks so good on her)
Lifetime Wish: Heartbreaker

6 thoughts on “3.20 Shanni Becomes a Woman

  1. Um, well… poor Shanni. It sure is not easy to grow up all alone (by the way I loved what you wrote about Mortimer's thoughts! Although it was not very nice..), but her becoming a real heartbreaker might not be the right way. After all, it is up to her (or you), so I am curious about how that way will work out for her.

  2. I don't know what it was with Mortimer. I didn't tell the whole thing in as excruciating a detail as I could have, but he actually walked out on her twice like that, as soon as she stopped talking to him. They had a pretty good relationship bar and everything. I'm not sure what was up, but it seems reasonable to infer that he wasn't very nice. Of course, I made up the reason, but it seemed like it fit with the moment.

    I'd actually kind of thought Mortimer would be the guy she settled down with, so this changed the my expectations of the story flow quite a bit.

    Shanni got the Heartbreaker wish when she was a teen, but it flowed pretty well in the story because guys have autonomously not treated her very well. But she's not really a mean-spirited character, so I don't think you need to brace yourself for her to make a whole lot of Sim boys miserable.

  3. Poor Shanni! That sucks that she has had terrible luck with guys. I can totally see Mortimer walking away like that. Rich snobs. =)

    I'm glad I'm all caught up! I enjoy reading the story, and I like your writing style a lot!!

  4. I'm so glad you like it!

    Shanni is turning out to be enormously fun to play. It's too easy to create perfect sims. In Gen 3, I'm collecting some pretty interesting flaws, and I think that is making for a lot more story.

  5. Yup Shanni's personality and genetics (haireyeskin colorscheme) totally works well with her blackred clothes scheme.

    It's like how Susan Wainwright's fave color is green, but orangered-y colors and grey fits her so well.

  6. I've really enjoyed your comments! You're talking like you have a legacy blog, but I clicked through to your G+ profile and couldn't find a link to one.

    Come to think of it, that's probably true for me, too. G+ can be a real pain.

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