2.22 Dead Things are Cool

With hard work and dedication, Zahra managed to find a kid as geeky as she was. Sure, she had to stalk him at school and track him down at a neighborhood cookout, but Fabian Branch was eager to talk about science when she got him cornered.

Especially space stuff.

But the truth was, ghosts were far more interesting. She started staying up late to catch her grandparents’ spirits when they decided to hang out.

She and Connor got along swimmingly.

He never seemed to tire of her geek talk.

(The Sim Gods decided to shave Connor’s beard *again* when he died, and now I have no way to fix it. *Sob*.)

She was incredibly excited to meet Susie, too. At last, after death, Susie could meet her granddaughter.

Sadly, they didn’t seem to find common ground.

Oh, well, some things are not meant to be. Maybe grandmotherhood wasn’t a big dream of Susie’s. Or maybe she just didn’t get geeks. She led a perfectly happy life with the goals and family she had.

(It’s impossible to get a screen shot of this, but Zahra does a little “this is awesome!” happy dance whenever she meets a new ghost. Other Sim reactions to ghosts are the kind of “talk to the hand” freak out that Cycl0n3 and Connor, amusingly, both do. There’s also the grimace of disgust. I’m sure this is related to personality traits. Oh, and Coward Sims faint. Good thing the family trait is Brave, which is the opposite of Coward.)

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  1. As I read this I try to pretend that I don't know who she ends up with… but I do know. Oh well! Still, it's really interesting to read!

    and actually quite entertainig. 🙂

  2. That's really interesting that the sims 3 sims have different reactions to ghosts depending on their traits– that is really cool! Reading your blog, there are so many things I am looking forward to experiencing in my little game. If I could ever find time to play it! So I'll just live vicariously through yours for a while!

    I'm glad Zahra found Fabian, and that she has Connor to talk to about "geeky" things.

  3. Believe me, I'm tempted to blog it. But I really need to just play for fun sometimes, too, and time-wise I can only handle the Sims 4 blog, which I am determined to keep at. If anything, I'd post occasional screenshots on tumblr.

  4. Tumblr is a lot quicker and easier to just pop pictures up to, but it's not as easy to go back and read in order later. I put my outtakes and extras from my blog there.

    Of course, blogging is fun too, but I mean I just need to enjoy playing without constantly thinking about camera angles sometimes! But when I was playing sims 3 today, I kept wanting to document a little bit of her life.

    So, I queued up a few pictures of Emily, my ts3 Sim, for Thursday afternoon 3/5, and evening. My tumblr is at: http://simdalerecorder.tumblr.com/ I haven't taken very many pictures so far, though.

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