2.21 Two for the Price of One

Layla had a textbook pregnancy. Whe she wasn’t enraging spouses, she spent her maternity leave working in the garden. In due time, she went into labor.

It’s a boy! Adjo Sample was born at 12:04 AM.

And, um, it’s a girl too! Shanni Sample was born at 12:06 AM.

Lancelot spent both of Layla’s pregnancies pining for girls, so he was delighted at the second arrival. Not that he didn’t think Adjo was delightful. He just seemed to have fantasies about raising princesses.

Since they’d only planned for one child, there really was no place for two cribs. In desperation, Lance and Layla booted Cycl0n3 out of Jared’s old room to make a dedicated nursery. The ghost moved a bed to the attic and started sleeping there.

Time to do a lot of things in twos.

Time to get half as much sleep.

Good thing babies aren’t babies for long.

(OK, truth is that Layla has had Fertility Treatment since before she got pregnant with Zahra. So it was a surprise to Lance and Layla, but not so much for me.)

0 thoughts on “2.21 Two for the Price of One

  1. Hopefully the twins won't put too much strain on their marriage.

    I keep meaning to mention this, but I think Zahra is really cute (even if she wasn't in this chapter). I really wonder what Adjo and Shanni will look like!

  2. Twins! Twin toddlers will be a handful! Welcome little Adjo and Shanni. Cycl0n3 moved to the attic, that was obliging of him! Sims 2 ghosts got more enraged and difficult if their bed was moved or other favorite objects. In my main sims 2 legacy (that only got to Gen 4) I designed the house to never have to move grandparents' beds.

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