2.20 Just a Game

Layla had one in the oven, and it was a good feeling.

Still, she wasn’t as thrilled to be on maternity leave. She missed the bistro. Most of all, she missed her boss Antonio. The two of them had become incredibly close working in the kitchen, and it seemed unfair that she should have to go a whole Sim-week without seeing him. Maybe she could get him to come visit. When she called him, he was delighted to hear her voice, and he came right over.

They stood out on the front deck in the sunlight and flirted.

Which didn’t go very well at all.

Lance shot Layla a heartwrenching look and reamed Antonio out for presuming things about his wife’s virtue.

“But it’s only a game!” Layla insisted. “We don’t mean anything by it. I’d never do anything ot hurt you.”

Antonio decided that discretion was the better part of valor and headed away. Lance, however, was not to be put off. He followed Antonio in hot pursuit.

The bicycle, as much as he loved it, was probably not the best choice of vehicles. Antonio was gone to work by the time Lance got to his his house.

He came home, hurt, sputtering, and humiliated, and set himself to venting his frustration.

Maybe the top branch could be Antonio’s head.

Layla set herself to calming his pride. Look, she was pretty obviously carrying his baby. Did he really think, even if she was so inclined, that she’d be stepping out on him in this condition?

The next day, when things had calmed down, she headed to Antonio’s place to apologize for the fiasco.

Antonio was thrilled to see her and the almost-baby.

And he mentioned, casually, that he’d just gotten married.

Had she met his lovely, um, incredibly young wife, Devin?

Antonio, you dog.

At least it was good to get some time to hang out together without the green-eyed monster looking over their shoulders.

Or maybe not.

Maybe there was no place for them to really spend time together except at work. Spouses just didn’t understand.

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  1. Well, Layla had the Flirty trait. I always imagined her as someone who flirted for fun but would never do anything. I've known people like that.

    I find it interesting that when I reported this storyline (most of it happened without any prompting in the game), I saw Lance as the inflexible one who was unwilling to trust his wife's playful personality even after she'd been faithful for years. But pretty much all my readers saw Layla as the bad guy. That says something, but I'm not sure what :).

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