2.19 Not Quite Right

So, Cycl0n3 wasn’t dead, and he wasn’t alive either. Before his death, he and Sandi French had been a hot item. They’d never tied the knot for some reason he couldn’t really remember now. What would she think of him now that he was back?

Sandi was married, that’s what. They’d been together for years and never really even talked about it. It hadn’t taken her long to get over him. But for all that, Cycl0n3 couldn’t seem to feel hurt. He was glad she was happy. But whatever had been between them was just a memory.

Eventually, he couldn’t resist the tug of his ghost nature.

Zahra, on the other hand, was finding socializing at elementary school harder than she’d thought it would be. She came home and called everyone she knew at school to play with her, but nobody wanted to come.

Eventually she played by herself.

At least she had one best friend.

3 thoughts on “2.19 Not Quite Right

  1. Zahra's probably having a hard time because the other kids just don't understand her art-hating.

    Poor Zahra, though. At least Cyclon3 is also weird and different and they can understand each other.

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