2.18 Off to School for You

Zahra’s birthday came around just as Layla returned from her trip to Egypt. Layla, now the family socialite in the absence of Susie, threw a big party.

The Ursines were invited. Rachel was married again. Her first husband, Pablo, had been about thirty Sim-days her senior and had died of old age right after they were married, though they’d managed to produce a son, Jess, on their wedding night. Now she was married again to Harvey Jean, a fellow a good 20 Sim-days her junior. I guess that balanced the scales. Rachel, her brother Julian, and Jess, where all invited. So was Antonio, Layla’s boss with whom she got along almost too well.

Layla didn’t have quite the social-fu that Susie had. The guests all lingered out on the front deck, chatting, and didn’t give little Zahra much mind.

There was also a rather large influx of people nobody had ever met before. And they spent a lot of time thanking Lance for inviting them. Hmmmmm.

Zahra aged up!

She almost immediately developed an aversion to the art around the house. With a rock star grandmother, a grandfather who was a successful author, and a father who wanted to be the next Renoir, enough was enough. She demanded that the art be removed from her bedroom.

She turned to math and science, burying her nose in books about logic, astronomy, and geometry.

And Cylcl0n3 won a chess partner.

Layla, OTOH, finally capitulated to Lance’s meaningful glances.

One more child. Just one.

At least the baby-making is lots of fun.

3 thoughts on “2.18 Off to School for You

  1. ooooh, the drama! How will Zahra be happy in a world of no art?

    Can an art-hater really ever achieve a measure of happiness? :-

    Just kidding- I just wanted to label it dramatic- because being an art lover myself- I imagine hating art is only condusive to unhappiness.

  2. Zahra is taking a lot after her mother! It's good that Layla and Lance decided to have another baby. Zahra will have someone to play with… but Cylcl0n3 will not be probably happy that much, now that he found himself a chess partner. LOL

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