2.23 Ghost-Boy Helps Out

Cycl0n3 was just a babies kind of guy. He doted on Adjo and Shanni the same way he had doted on Zahra when she was that size. He dashed in to care for them ahead of their parents.

He cuddled and snuggled them whenever he could, which didn’t always please Lance and Layla.

And sometimes he flubbed it up.

When they kicked him out of the nursery, he tried to help them in other ways, like making sure there was food around the house when the parents didn’t have time to make it. The problem was, he was a lousy cook.

One day, he tried to make waffles for breakfast and produced cinders. So he decided to try for mac and cheese.

And set fire to the stove. At least that was marginally less stupid than birthday candles setting fire to the dishwasher.

And here they learned something about the maid, Kyra, who they’d hired when they got overwhelmed by childchare.

She’s a pretty good gal to know in a pinch. She and Lance made a pretty good team.

Of course, that didn’t help the poor stove much.

Man, the Sims and their cooking fires.

0 thoughts on “2.23 Ghost-Boy Helps Out

  1. One of my gen 3 (ts4) sims who was a great dad in life, does the same thing as a ghost – he cares for the great grandbabies. It is so sweet.

    I'm glad the maid is working out, lol. Being handy in a crisis is more helpful than many S3 maids I've had.

  2. TS4 ghosts seem pretty different from TS3 ghosts. I'm curious to get to know Sims 4 ghosts better.

    That was an awesome maid. I wish I'd done more with her. This was before I realized that if you didn't move a role sim into town, you'd lose them with no warning. These days, I use NRaas Mastercontroller to move a sim into town if they become important.

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