2.3 Time to Face the Music

Once Lancelot had a (literal) taste of Layla Lufti, his thoughts cleared up about Malika. It was just going to have to end.

He went to her house this time. Jogging, because that paunch was starting to show again.

She was still living in her parents house.

She met him with unsuspicious joy. Despite the fact that he hadn’t talked to her for about a week, Sim time, her relationship meter was near the top. In her eyes, Lance walked on water.

That made this all the harder.

He tried to soften the blow. Tell her it was him, not her.

But it didn’t go over well at all.

She didn’t want to be friends after he’d betrayed her. Their friendship, which had shown such a high meter a minute ago, dropped through the floor. She kicked him out of the house immediately.

At least he was free now.

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