2.4 She’s the Girl for Me

Lance got on the phone that very afternoon and called Layla long-distance. He persuaded her to come on vacation to the States with the thinly-veiled promise of free crash space.

Come, Layla, see Lancelot’s etchings.

Lance talks up his physical prowess.

Layla agrees that she likes what she sees.

Better get that mother introduction out of the way.

Oooooh. Yowza.

Did I mention that Layla’s also a Great Kisser? Remember the last Great Kisser to befall the Sample family? Oh, yeah, Lancelot is her willing love slave. All the way to the logical conclusion.

Layla doesn’t need much encouragement to stay the night.

Considering how amazing she is in bed, she has a few odd prudish turns. Turns out that her fifth personality trait is Never Nude.

In the morning, Lance makes breakfast. And they make small talk about the grossness of meat.

The thing is, she won’t let him bring up the subject of commitment at all. She dodges the subject almost before he can bring it up. The afternoon is a cat-and-mouse game of not letting him ask her to be his girlfriend. And yet, she eagerly accepts his invitation to stay the night a second time. Lance is the marrying type. He can’t let her leave without some assurance of her affection.

On the third day, he realizes that maybe he’s laying it on just a bit too thick. He stops hovering around Layla so much. She and Connor discover their mutual love of gardening.

So, seeing how well she gets along with both of his parents, why not try moving in on a trial basis, no strings attached? If she doesn’t like life here in the States, she can go back any time, no questions asked. To his surprise, she agrees.

Hey, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Who’s he kidding? This cow is a great investment.

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  1. Lol, always buy the cow- even if you can get the milk for free.

    But still- I can't wait to see their kids- I'm sure they'll be adorable.

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