1.7 Sometimes You Get a Second Chance

After his disastrous birthday party, Lancelot figured his best route was to stay as far away from Malika Williams as possible. There weren’t a lot of ways to recover from that kind of humiliation.

Then, out of the blue, she turned up at his locker and asked him if he’d like to come home with her after school to hang out. Hell yes!

They had a nice time playing catch in her yard, and after that they became friends.

Lance had no idea what he could possibly have done so right. He used to call her before, but she’d never have time to talk. Now he tried to call again, and she was eager to talk to him. It was almost as if his public humiliation was what had led Malika to notice him. He didn’t want to let the moment slip away.

He invited her over to his place as soon as he could come up with a good excuse. Both his parents were at work, and Uncle Jared was off being Uncle Jared, so he had the place to himself.

What would they do together? How could he impress her? Maybe she likes chess?

Or maybe foosball?

She kept smiling at him, and she seemed to enjoy anything he suggested. With all that encouragement, he was able to nerve himself and confess. He’d loved her since middle school.

Her eyes lit up. She loved him too.

Lance couldn’t believe it. He had a girlfriend. He had Malika as a girlfriend. Who could be more fortunate?

There was only one person in the world.

(This kiss was totally spontaneous. Clearly they were so crazy about each other that even the bathroom was fair game.)

Lance invited Malika to stay the night and even slept on the couch so that she could have his bed. (Wherein I discover that Sim teens are not allowed to sleep in the same bed.)

0 thoughts on “1.7 Sometimes You Get a Second Chance

  1. Sims are so strange sometimes!

    This was good though, I think Lynn Winslow can understand the Malika's draw to a man who wet himself in front of her… lol. 😀 (or at least I'm trying to get her to, lately she's been swooning over Leighton… still)

  2. He was trying to avoid her at all costs, and then as soon as she asks to hang out, he's like, definitely!

    Don't you know the bathroom is the most highly advertised kissing location in the house? It's also nice for prepping food, getting married, and giving birth.

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