1.2 Yay Married Life

Susie moved in with Connor and the honeymoon was on.

They just couldn’t get enough of each other.

Connor was putting in his time as a journalist for the paycheck, but his real dream was to be a fiction author. Since he enjoyed being alone, he would often come home from work only to spend hours at the computer writing.

Though Connor was not rich by Sim standards, life with him was a big step up for Susie. He lived in a lovely 2-bedroom cottage across the street from the beach. The view from the back deck was breathtaking.

There was just one little problem with this arrangement. Connor lived with his older brother Jared. And Jared was an asshole of the first degree.

The problem was that Connor was devoted to his brother. He and Susie had words about him continuing to live with them. I mean, seriously, did a married man need to share a place with his brother? Really? And yet somehow Jared never actually moved out. Connor might be quiet and shy, but he was no pushover. Susie ended up learning to live with him.

(I took a look at this guy’s personality traits and almost moved him out. But then it occurred to me that having an asshole NPC running around the house might be good for some fun. So I left Jared in the house, but I left him to the AI to control.)

12 thoughts on “1.2 Yay Married Life

  1. ISBI is the first quirky legacy challenge that has really grabbed me. I actually have designed a foundress and am idly browsing for what neighborhood I want to use. I don't know exactly when it will happen or if I'll lose momentum. I'm playing and blogging the Samples in a very high-effort way, and I have limited time to move forward.

  2. Wow! You went all the way back to the beginning!

    Jared really was entertaining, but I haven't been able to dedicate a character to autonomy in this legacy since then. Once I got through Generation 1, I never had a situation where there was an extra character hanging around in the household, and the sims in my bloodline are too precious to me :).

  3. I just started reading your blog last night. I read some of the most recent Gen 7 posts & decided to start from the beginning. Especially since the Founder will be a Rock Musician. I love your writing style! And I love that you’re still adding updates. <3

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