1.3 And Along Comes Baby

Susie’s career was really taking off. She climbed her way through the ranks of musical hangers-on until somebody finally noticed her, and she started playing guitar in a band.

But eventually, she had to make time for family. Considering how she and Connor couldn’t keep their hands off each other, they didn’t get around to having kids for quite a while. But eventually Susie’s biological clock started ticking. Connor was long past ready to be a father. He just waited in his patient way for Susie to want to be a mother.

And then there was little Lancelot, heir to the hoped-for Sample empire.

He was born Athletic and Good (the latter passed down from Daddy). He could have been a male clone of Susie, except he had his father’s eyes.

Connor was big on the intellectual side of being a parent.

Susie was an enthusiastic cheerleader.

And, of course, Susie’s inner child gave her a unique perspective on parenthood. She could have almost as much fun with Lance’s toys and he could.

Neither of them, however, bothered to put much time into potty-training him. When his birthday rolled around, he was still in diapers, and that wasn’t such a great thing for his development. He ended up developing an allergy to meat and became a Vegetarian.

4 thoughts on “1.3 And Along Comes Baby

  1. It took me FOREVER to figure out that you needed to click on the potty chair to potty train the toddler. The other two skills are taught by clicking the child. It's funny to remember how hard it was to learn some of the most common actions!

  2. "and that wasn't such a great thing for his development. He ended up developing an allergy to meat and became a Vegetarian." LOL that was great. Well… not so great for Lancelot but for us readers it was very entertaining.

    And I think I'll call it a night with this chapter. Love it so far. Definitely will read a little more tomorrow.

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