Simantics: Night of the Zombie Pirates

Sleeping in Oasis Landing is always a performance — More so than in World Adventure worlds. I should do a time lapse of sims wandering in to watch, point at, and photograph Gamora all night as she sleeps.

I wanted to try out the dystopian bug-eating, but Gamora doesn’t eat. Then again, I don’t think she views bugs the same as human sims either!

Uh… Yum?

She likes it!

There’s clearly a lot of gameplay in the dystopian and utopian versions of Oasis Landing. It makes me thinking about running a challenge that is explicitly about living in the various futures. Alternately, I wonder if the various map tags and world identifiers could (or have been?) used to create custom worlds.

I wonder about, for example, messing with an EPIC challenge that starts in dystopia and advanced through normal and utopia as the generations advance. I don’t think I will ever do another 10 generation challenge if I ever finish this one, though, so I’ll need to develop an accelerated version for any future challenges.

I have so many game ideas that I will die or Sims 3 will cease to run on modern hardware before I’m done.

Maybe it would be better if the household sim who doesn’t eat should also NOT COOK.

Just an invisible sim talking under the floor. What’s your problem? (By the speech bubble, that’s Winston.)

Ewww. C’mon guys. She’s your grand… um, great-great-great-great grandmother!

Gamora and the magic mirror trade Evil secrets.

Leeeeroy Johnkins! Why did nobody tell me this sim exists in Barnacle Bay??

Barnacle Bay has some great sims. I always got the impression from the marketing that it was originally intended to be a vacation world to expand World Adventures, but then WA wasn’t successful enough to justify store content of this size for it. (I loved WA, btw. It looks like Sims4 has done some interesting stuff with quests/plotlines in some of their worlds — Strangerville?)

As it is, I’ve seen very few players ever used Barnacle Bay, which is too bad. If I ever get back to my ISBI, maybe they’ll move there next.

NRaas Traveler was not wild about Barnacle Bay, and it showed off pretty much all its glitches. The first time the family arrived there, it erased all the relationships. I didn’t notice until Victoria attempted a romantic social to Roderick, and he reacted like this.

I mean, he gave her the worst tongue-lashing. I’d never seen some of those angry animations.

I returned to be my pre-travel save and traveled again, and this time their relationships transferred. But then it did the same thing with the new relationships formed during the vacation. Thus the tragic end to Winston’s promising romance.

Not to be too critical or anything, but the animations that go with Irresistible socials are AWFUL. I mean, Rod looks cute here, but who wants their Irresistible sim to look like this?

Or this?

Finding a shot of, “Blow a kiss” that doesn’t look skeezy is a huge challenge. And don’t even get me started on “Wink.”

Way to fail, EA, seriously. With better animations, I’d have a ton more fun with Vickie’s Irresistibility.

And then… there was the full moon.

These terrifying monsters invaded the resort, ate at the buffet, and flirted offensively with the patrons.

I don’t think they attacked anyone.

We didn’t see much of Edmund in the post because I failed to give him much of a storyline. He was hard at work, though. He’s finishing up the last of his Magical Healer LTW.

First, he magically upgraded every toilet on the lot to finish out his spellcasting skill.

Then he transformed a few zombies back into humans.

Then he transformed more townies into frogs so that he could cure them.

Some of those townies found the entire experience incredibly hot.

And like being a frog more than they liked being human.

Frogs everywhere!


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