7.17 Something in the air

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Winston’s first performance in the park gained him an audience of one.

Since she was the only person yet to put anything in his tip jar, he had no room to complain.

“Hello, sailor,” she said with a wink as he finished up. “Are you doing anything tonight?”

Winston had committed his entire evening to training with Tyrone.

Somehow, what came out of his mouth was, “Nothing much. Ever been to Steamshock? It’s a club not far from here with some great dancing.”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” she demanded.

“Well, yes, I thought that’s where this conversation was going.”

“Absolutely! Let’s go!”


Meanwhile, Gamora tested out her invention in other locations around town. She tried to make sure they weren’t very populated.

Afterward, she stopped by the nearby pub for a drink. She couldn’t appreciate the food of the flesh-folk, but she could drink juice and nectar, and it turned out she really liked them.

But then she looked up at the clock and realized she’d lost track of time. It looked like she’d missed an important appointment…

Emit Relevart wandered out of Gamora’s lab, wondering why she had missed their rendezvous.

“Ah!” he said to himself, “The perfect specimen of a 21-century raspberry! I must record its genome!”

Then he looked up to find something even more interesting. Dylan and Andria had sneaked out for some time alone.

“Excuse me!” Emit said. “I hate to interrupt, but I just have to know. How do two sims of such advanced age manage to keep such amazing drama in your relationship?”

“Who are you?” Andria asked, “and what are you doing in my greenhouse?”

Now that Edmund had persuaded the Fae Council to help him, at least a little bit, in his research to save Marisela, he had so much more research to do. That evening, he arrived at Monmouth Archive to consult the secret texts of the fae.

As he descended to the stacks, where the hidden entrance to the fae library was hidden,

he was unaware that someone else had decided to spend the evening reading old historical texts of a nonmagical variety.

“Hello, Edmund!” Joy said she descended the stairs into the stacks, “I didn’t expect to see you here!”

Edmund jumped. “Oh! Usually there’s nobody down here.”

“I’m working on a historical treatise on Medieval Avalon,” Joy said. “You know, the stuff most folks think is boring. I’m just fascinated.”

“Do you come down here a lot?” Edmund asked, feeling suddenly self-conscious.

“All the time,” Joy said. “Usually there’s nobody in the stacks. I love being down here, all alone, with just books for company.”

“Me too,” Edmund said. “I’m surprised we haven’t run into each other before now.”

Her eyes were such a luminescent aqua. It spoke of generations in her ancestry born on the magical soil of Avalon. Edmund couldn’t help feeling drawn closer…

He yanked his eyes away. He was sure he was being creepy.

“What are you researching?” Joy asked.

“Me, ah, just some esoteric details of the undead,” he said uneasily. “You probably wouldn’t find it very interesting.”

Joy sensed something in his voice and stiffened. “Don’t let me get in your way,” she said. “I’m sure you’re busy.”

“No,” Edmund said helplessly. I don’t mean –!”

At that moment, Edmund’s fire dragon flew to his arm and squawked for attention.


“What IS that?” Joy exclaimed.

“This is Kalai. She’s a fire dragonling,” Edmund said. “They’re supposed to be extinct, but I was able to track down an egg while my family was vacationing in France.”

“She’s amazing,” Joy breathed. “May I touch her?”

“I– I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Edmund said, drawing back. “She spits fire when she’s nervous.”

“Oh,” Joy said, clearly disappointed.

Kalai, annoyed at Edmund’s sudden movement, fluttered back into the air. Joy watched her circle around and land on the chandelier, watching them.

Edmund felt like he wasn’t striking the right tone in the conversation. “It’s really remarkable that we ran into each other like this. “Perhaps we can arrange to be in the stacks at the same time… more often?”

Joy smiled, and Edmund relaxed a little. “This place has so many secrets,” she said. “There are stories of supernatural events around Monmouth archive going back generations. I’d love to learn more about it.”

Edmund thought of the fae archive just beyond the secret door in the bookcase that Joy was standing. Should he tell her about it? His mother had laid so much groundwork to bring the fae out into the open, but would he jeopardize their help in his research?

How had he managed to move so close to her? Or had she moved close to him?

Edmund’s head was swimming. The next thing he knew, he was falling toward her, his mouth desperately seeking hers.

Joy jerked her head back. “Edmund? What are you doing??”

His throat clogged with humiliation. “I’m so sorry!” he gasped. “I didn’t mean to take liberties! I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s all right,” Joy said. “You just… you just took me by surprise.”

Edmund looked to the floor. “I’m sorry,” he said again.

“Really,” she said, “it’s fine. But I — I think I have to go home now.”

Joy turned and hurried up the stairs out of the stacks.

Edmund found himself alone in the stacks again.

Now, suddenly, the isolation he normally enjoyed felt oppressive. Lonely.

He’d come for a reason, hadn’t he? His hand found the latch in the secret door, and he stepped into the fae archives.

Research, that was it. He wanted to do research.

Generation 7 spares and their romantic encounters.


After that bizarre date, where Joy happily traded romantic socials with Edmund and then rejected his first kiss, not once but actually twice, this is what the game had to say:

Edmund’s not a very romantic person. He has attraction notifications for both Joy and Marisela, and I was curious to see if any of them would turn into romances. He has now rolled a wish for a first kiss with Joy. And Joy appears to like him just fine, but she rejects his advances.

I believe she’s Unflirty, which means Edmund is probably going to have to be dedicated to win her heart.

Half of the interaction was autonomous, during which time Edmund brought out his dragon to show her. It was kind of a nonsequitur, but I thought I’d include it anyway :).


Winston’s date won’t go anywhere. She’s some service sim who showed up and flirted with him. He took her out on a date that lasted about two minutes before she got tired and went home. I didn’t bother to look up her name. She looks to be the first of many in Winston’s life….

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  1. I was so excited to see Joy in the Sample’s game! And if I remember correctly, I made her unflirty because at that age, Joy was like that. At first I couldn’t figure out why she was responding so favorably but turning him down for a kiss, until reading your comments and I remembered. You wrote it in really well, though!

    Emit didn’t seem to mind at all killing time enjoying learning about the plants while waiting on Gamora. They may be quite well suited as well.

    I am curious what Edmund’s going to find in the archives.

    • I was hoping you’d come over and see the post! It seems like Joy is a notable sim in this generation. I’m nearly caught up to gameplay, so I don’t know any more about their story than I wrote here.

      I think you just have to be in the “Irresistible” conversation status to be able to initiate a change to Romantic Interest status with Unflirty sims. Edmund was almost certainly not in the right conversation status because I didn’t realize he was Unflirty. So we’ll see what happens next. There will definitely be another chapter with Joy in it :).

      I have a problem with Emit. Gamora is definitely interested in him in the story — I don’t know if “romantic” is the word, because I’m not sure she ever feels romantic — but you can’t do romantic socials with the Time Traveler. I’m baffled as to why they did that. It’s understandable that the Time Traveler can’t breed — his occult status apparently does wonky things if inherited by offspring. But romance doesn’t have to produce offspring. Heck, woohoo doesn’t have to produce offspring. Also, wouldn’t it be possible to just set Time Traveler to be an occult status that can’t be inherited. I need to do more research on what hacks there might be for romance with the Time Traveler…

  2. Thanks for explaining about Emit being the Time Traveller. I either didn’t know that or had forgotten, and didn’t realize the Time Traveller can’t produce offspring. It will be fun to see what you dig up for that in the way of mods and story telling. The Sims 3 romance conversation statuses are something I really like about the game; it lends a really nice realism to the progression of being able to woo someone which I thought was even better than the purely relationship-based one in Sims 2. (Attraction is really well hashed out in Sims 2, but once two sims have the relationship status and the attraction it is pretty static except for relationship decay.)

  3. So excited!! I just got Sims 3 and Into the Future pack (I wish I could play this masterpiece game earlier anyway), I was searching about Emit but I found better, the Sample Legacy. I’m amazed how you made all these unique family members and continued the legacy for years. It’s so cool *-* thank you for sharing this great story with us, and please keep posting <3

      • I really enjoyed this chapter! Winston looks very nice in the acrobat make-up! Does that mean you’ve decided for his LTW?

        Gamora’s braid is so pretty! I wonder where you found it. It isn’t from the Store, is it? I had no idea Sims couldn’t have romantic relationship with Emit Relevart. That’s too bad. Gamora would be a perfect match for him, I think! The scene in the greenhouse was too funny 😀

        I hope that Edmund and Joy will eventually find a way to become romantically involved. i really love her eyes. So unique! And the baby dragon is so cute!

        • Huh. I searched my email and found the notification of your comment, and it’s marked read, but I swear I didn’t see it. Argh :).

          Thank you for reading!

          I currently am planning to stick with Winston’s LTW to learn all the recipes, but I’m also playing him as an Acrobat. Getting all the way to the end of the Acrobat career will take a lot more time than maxxing his cooking skill and learning all the recipes, or at least I think so, and I do need him to move out eventually.

          I haven’t played a lot further than this post, so I don’t know what happens with Edmund and Joy, but I really hope it works out for them too!

          • Oh, I have no idea what happened, Susan! Anyway, you already know it but I am truly loving your legacy so no matter what LTW you chose for Winston, I will anyway read his story! 🙂

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