7.16 No time to waste

Dylan rose early, dressed in his tuxedo, and cleaned the house. He had to do something with all his proud energy. It was a very special day.

Edmund had to be called home from the fae caravan, where he spent most of his time these days, brooding on the magnitude of the magic he still needed to learn for his project.

Victoria, on the other hand, was eager to be distracted.

Her online dating options looked truly terrible. She wondered if she would ever find love or if she really cared to.

It was time to set aside all those distractions. It was graduation day!

Winston received his diploma from his cooking magnet school.

His talent for cooking more than made up for his lack of interest in most academic subjects.

Gamora was much less interested in the proceedings.

A diploma was only a scrap of paper, after all. The most important thing was that she was free to pursue her own projects.

After the ceremony, Andria and Dylan took a nice long bike ride home together. Sure, they weren’t exactly dressed for it, but they were too old to care much about appearances anyway.

Edmund stayed behind, engrossed in a book his fae mentors had loaned him.

He was so animated while he read that he attracted quite an audience.

Winston knew exactly what he wanted to do, and he wasted no time. He didn’t even bother going home to change.

“You’re Tyrone Batts, the premier acrobat in Avalon,” Winston said.

“Retired,” Tyrone said.

“I want to be your apprentice,” Winston finished.

“I wasn’t planning on taking on any more students,” Tyrone said thoughtfully.

“Please please please!” Winston said. “I’ll be the model student.”

“Perhaps on a probationary basis,” Tyrone said.

“Anything,” Winston pled.

“All right, you’ll start with mime,” Tyrone said.

“Great!” Winston exclaimed. “You won’t regret this. When should I –”

“First lesson is right now,” Tyrone said. “We begin with mime.”


“We have a lot to work on,” Tyrone said.

“Ooof,” Winston said.

Gamora, on the other hand, celebrated her graduation at the seaside, alone. In the rain.

She had a new invention to test out.

Here’s another one! Let’s see how long I can make it go!

A bit of the two characters who have gotten less attention recently. I’m trying to get all the spares to their LTWs, so you’ll need to hear more from them. Then again, I’ve never fully decided what Winston’s LTW should be. Cooking or acrobatics? Argh.

I should have notes for a Gossip Column someplace. I’ll see what I can do.

4 thoughts on “7.16 No time to waste

  1. Cooking and acrobatics, Winston has pretty diverse interests! And Most Likely to Rule the World sounds like Gamora for sure! I hope Victoria can find someone to love, eventually. Otherwise, as the heir, she’ll have to at least find someone to parent with, right?

  2. One of the things I love about your legacy challenge is that you dedicate some important on-screen time also to the heirs. Winston’s LTW is up to you to decide, but I’d really like to see him become an acrobat because the screenshots of him doing mimes were simply funny to watch at 🙂

    I cannot wait to see what Gamora’s up to. I believe her new invention has something to do with alternating the future?

    I wish all the luck to Vickie to finally find someone to love. I’m sure her offsprings will be adorable. She’s truly a beauty!

    P.S. I believe you’ve forgotten to replace the X with Tyrone’s name in one of the lines of his conversation with Winston 😉

    • Oops, I am catching up on your latest chapters and when I read this comment of mine I noticed a mistake: ”One of the things I love about your legacy challenge is that you dedicate some important on-screen time also to the heirs.” Naturally, I meant SPARES not HEIRS, haha!

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