Simantics: Zombie vs Aliens

Been a while since we had one of these, eh? I lost track of my funny stuff in the move to Avalon 2.0. But these are too good not to share. The full moon is just golden.

First of all, Zombie Dragonwife decided to come in to Vetinari’s to taste the wine.

Then she sits down with the (beautiful) nectar merchant to sample the fare. The nectar merchant didn’t take it well.

Zombie attack on Clifton Hodgins, who was fishing in our pond for some reason.

Clifton thinks it’s hilarious.

The zombie didn’t expect that reaction.

Random shot of Abby using the Routine Machine toilet. The animations for that thing are hilarious.

Oh noes! It’s the aliens!

Coming for Andria.

Now, THIS alien has his punk on.

Avalon Gossip Column:

Oh so much to say. Where were we anyway?

Asriel Weaver-Bookabet and Anita Bookabet have declared themselves enemies. Asriel took his son Timothy, who he had with his dear departed wife Zuzu Weaver, and moved into Chateau Crumplebottom with his sister Arya.

February Callendar passed on, leaving the sum of her estate to her daughter with Spock, Sharon Leonard. This means she disinherited her daughter Rosie Winter. We can only guess what’s up with that.

Maybe February was doing Rosie a favor, since it turned out her household was deeply in debt. Maybe she didn’t like Sharon.

Alice Bookabet has become the town handywoman.

Jian and Dragonwife Wu had a late-in-life son named Bryant.

Sean Flynn was promoted to Con Artist. Huh? Apparently he really was kicked out of the criminal biz altogether and has started working his way up the ranks from the bottom.

Clifton Hodgins and Arma Mentary-Hodgins had a falling out. Clifton moved in Ali Bookabet-Mentary. That left Andria Sword alone in the household with Arma, as mentioned in the previous post. The chain of half-siblinghoods makes my head hurt, but Arma and Andria are not related by blood. They probably ARE legally related, though, since Arma’s mother was married to Andria’s father.

Forest shocked the heck out of me and married Echo Weaver, who was still not dead! They became the Sample-Weavers. Echo and baby Rosalie moved into the vampire manor with him. Then Sean Flynn married Lionel Ursine-Langerak, who took his name, and Lionel moved into the vampire manor.

When Echo finally died, I went to check on vampire manor. Sean and Lionel had managed to have FOUR CHILDREN while I wasn’t looking. I finally turned off fertility for Sean and Forest, changed Forest’s name back to Sample, changed Rosalie’s name to Weaver, and moved her in with her adult cousins. She’ll be safer there. Forest took the whole thing in stride and just refuses to pay his child support payments. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the Flynn family. Sean and Lionel’s little girl looks like she might make a good vampire heiress.

I close with Sky sharing some hot gossip with her fan Sam Pistachio:

4 thoughts on “Simantics: Zombie vs Aliens

  1. Oh my gosh, really? The writing skill?? That's scandalous!

    Lol, the things sims consider gossip…

    I always love your updates. It's extremely funny to read how the sims from the different legacies interact with each other!

    On a side note, that zombie attacking Clifton looks a bit like Michael Jackson.

  2. Haha! I hadn't thought about Michael Jackson, but I see the resemblance!

    The popups from the gossip social are always hilariously mundane. Almost always that someone is filthy rich. You'd think that nothing ever happens in Sim lives.

    I didn't even remember Xia had the writing skill. She never used it. She must have joined the household with it. So maybe that is gossip :).

    BTW: Not sure if you noticed that there was a story post before this one.

  3. Crap, I forgot to comment again, sorry…. yes, I saw the post and read it on my phone, but I planned to write something on the computer the next time I was online. Oopsie. I'm off to the post now o:-)

    And you're right, "XY is extremely rich!" often happens. The most exciting thing I occasionally read is "XY and YZ are having a rough time in their relationship". But it doesn't get more scandalous than that. Never. Boooo.

  4. Those poor children! At least Rosalie got removed from that situation! It must be awkward in that household with Sean/Lionel/Forest, but knowing Sean and Forest, I wouldn't be surprised if they had some kind of kinky three-way going on. There's an image …

    It seems Asriel is a good father, although he seems to be falling out with each of his siblings in turn. I'm not surprised that he has a good relationship with Arya though.

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