6.0 Passing the Torch to Dylan

Sky’s solo career continue to rise. She was recognized more and more often. People stopped her on the street, in restaurants, and at the bookstore to ask for her autograph.

Her popularity got inconvenient and added time to everything she did outside of her own home, but Sky had to admit that the thrill of celebrity never died. She knew that for every fan, there was some other gossip columnist mocking her behind her back, but in the end, both her fans and her detractors were interested in what happened to her. Sky’s broken marriage and sex life had already been the subject of gossip, and she was over being embarrassed. Even negative interest was a form of fandom.

This was her state of mind when she rented out the Mirror Mirror Art Museum for Dylan’s birthday party.

Everyone turned out. Much to Sky’s surprise, even Sawyer’s biological mum, Amy Winter and her daughter Rosie who was almost the same age as Sawyer.

Sky was not at all sure how this would go. Sawyer knew of Amy, but he had never shown any interest in meeting her. Moreover, Amy had offered financial support but had never taken any initiative to communicate with him herself.

And, of course, Leah wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Life was so complicated.

Dylan and Andria arrived together, arm in arm. They’d been inseparable for days.

“Pardon me for being so forward, but this is my last chance for a while,” Dylan said. Then he stepped in to close the distance between them.

Andria sighed, her eyes alight. “I was wondering when you would be ready to do that,” she said.

“But wait! What do you mean by ‘last chance’?”

But the crowd was already here.

It was time for Dylan to cut the cake.

Uncle Hunter needed a shower again.

In the crush of guests, Dylan found himself sitting with Amy Winter rather than Andria after the cake cutting.

It wasn’t a total loss. She seemed interested in talking about the post-impressionist paintings on the second floor.

Then his own mum found him. “Thank you so much for coming,” he said. “I know it isn’t easy to get away from the rest of your family.”

“Don’t ever think I would miss something this important. You *are* my family, Dylan. I don’t love anyone more than you.”

Dylan couldn’t help but blush. Leah was busy, and and Plum were raising four children — three half-siblings of Dylan’s and one half-brother of Abby’s. She never made him think she forgot about him, but it was still good to hear it.

Xia’s brother Jian showed up ready to party.

He and Xia started cutting up the floor by the kitchenette.

Abby cranked up the charm on her half-brother Stanley.

And Sawyer and Amy found their way to each other through the crowd — drawn together in spite of reluctance on both sides. 

Sawyer made the first move. “Hello,” he said. “It’s time that we met. I understand that you provided the other half of my genetic makeup.”

“Um, I guess you could say it that way,” Amy replied uncomfortably.

“My mom, Sky Sample for clarity, gave me some pictures of you,” he went on to explain. “That’s how I knew who you were when I saw you. I assume she sent you some pictures of me.”

“Yes… she did,” Amy said awkwardly.

“But hey,” she continued. “Did the lights just go out?”

It turned out that Gina Sample-Baerwyn had decided to take center stage.

Amy headed off to listen, and Sawyer followed. He didn’t stay very long, however. Ghost stories weren’t his thing.

Most of the rest of the party was spent telling stories.

Andria waved as she headed home. “We’ll talk soon!”

“Absolutely,” Dylan replied. “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Now wasn’t the time to get Dylan to explain what he meant by “last chance” to kiss her, but she intended to have answers soon.


And now the 6th generation has begun.

WTH is with Hunter, anyway?

7 thoughts on “6.0 Passing the Torch to Dylan

  1. I know, right?

    I'm not sure it's an exaggeration to say that the Sample clan, as a whole, is currently related to half the town. Leah and Xia both come from huge families, and Leah went on to have a pretty big one. Ferreting out who is actually safe spouse material for each Gen 6 kid takes some work.

    For a while, I was getting spammed every day with attraction noticed from Xia's youngest sister to Dylan — said sister is only a couple of days older than he is. That's genetically safe; it just seemed creepy :).

  2. Wow, this birthday was just so emotional! Everybody getting together to celebrate Dylan's birthday. And now he is a Young Adult, ready to conquer the world.

    The encounter between Amy and Sawyer was adorable!

  3. I always get absurdly emotional when I move on to a new generation.

    I didn't invite Amy and Rosie Winter. They crashed the party. But it was an interesting event.

    I haven't mentioned it, but I think Rosie Winter is beautiful. I think she's the kid of Amy and February Callender.

    Oh, and I think Andria has 3-4 days before she ages up, so Dylan does have a bit to wait.

  4. Eep, thought I commented here! Oh well, here I am. I love how awkward Sawyer's other mother is, and I approve of February Callender babies! Rosie really is beautiful.

    Dylan aging up bald….bwa! Oh EA…

  5. Dylan is one handsome sim. Wow! Talk about good genetics. He's adorably old fashioned and Andria seems like a modern girl. This will be fun ….

    Poor Amy. Talk about a baptism of fire! Maybe if she hadn't stayed away for the majority of her sons life, she would understand him more.

  6. Such a great way to start a new generation! Party time everyone!!! And yes, I like the contrast between Dylan’s and Andria’s personalities. The Proper train looks really fun. And oh, what’s wrong with you Hunter? (I think it’s a glitch because it happens in my game as well… Sims just seem to like walking around in their underwear all blown up. LOL)

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